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Luxury Sheds 

If you’re looking for functionality with design, then Luxury Sheds are the ideal solution for your needs.

Built from the highest quality materials, your shed will make a statement simply by standing in your yard.

Designs These attractive sheds have a variety of distinctive designs from which you can select.

Built to your specifications these are built to last a lifetime and will remain dry inside regardless of the weather outside of your home.

Luxury Sheds – Not Your Average Shed

Your new shed won’t just be the average shed. Many will think you’ve built a small cabin on your property and are taking in a renter.

Functional yet practical, these sheds are designed with your comfort in mind. Gardening Ideal as a gardening shed these can easily house your plants and shelving units to pot plants up or simply do some transplants.

Posh Tool Sheds

You can store your garden tools in one area, potting accessories in another area of the shed. Tools and More These sheds are large enough to accommodate many great accessories such as tools, toys, extra storage, kids play area etc.

With Posh sheds, the sky is the limit as to how these can be used.

Accessories Our wide variety of accessories mean you can design the interior of your shed to your personal needs.

Do you need specific shelving to accommodate your equipment, we can add it.

If you need drawers to store things in, we can add those too. Windows allow light in and give you the illusion of a larger shed.

Wow Factor with your luxury shed

Why settle for an average, everyday, run of the mill type shed when you can have the shed that everyone in the neighborhood wants?

With these sheds, we can make your new shed can easily reflect your own p personality.

Why be a stereotype cookie cutter yard with a shed when you can have one of our design it like you like it, models? Bespoke Don’t like what you find in our selection? No problem. We love to hear customer ideas and make those a reality.

Give us a call and let us work with you to design the ideal shed for your own personal needs and situation.

Large Or Small

No job is too large or too small and all ideas are considered and we are happy to discuss them with our customers.

Colors We have a wide selection of colors available in our selections and are happy to paint your shed any color you wish. Our high-quality products ensure your shed will stay looking good for many years to come.

Odd Shapes Do you have a corner in your yard that requires some special touches or has an odd or unique shape?

Posh Sheds – Custom Made

We offer hexagonal shapes, Gothic style, half sheds, contemporary and more.

No design challenge is too much for us.

We love to accommodate our customers and their needs. So go ahead and plan that odd shaped corner and include one of our uniquely designed sheds.

Professional, We offer you the best experience in shed buying. From the moment you walk in the door, we want your experience to be a good one. Our small business offers you the customer many options that larger companies don’t have the time to offer.

Posh Shed Ideas

We love to hear your ideas and make your dreams a reality. We can remove your former shed and prepare the base for you as well as install your new shed in a timely fashion.

If you have any questions, our friendly professional staff will be here for you at any stage of your shed purchase. We offer knowledgeable employees who know what they’re doing and can answer your questions.

See. our shed images here

Maintenance of your Posh Sheds

Our sheds are very low maintenance. With durable construction materials made to resist the damp your shed will remain nice and dry.

As long as you remove debris such as leaves and any build up from the ground area your shed will remain nice and dry year round. You’ll want to oil your hinges periodically to keep them in good working order.

Our paint or outer finish will last and last in spite of weather changes through the years so you won’t have to paint or refinish your shed on an annual basis.

Planning and Permits Most of our sheds can be designed to meet all planning and building permit codes with ease. Some of our sheds are so ideal that they don’t require any permits at all.

Check with your local authority for the specific requirements for your area and we will gladly work with you to meet those requirements for your new shed.

Only Regular Maintenance Works

Guarantee Our high-quality products guarantee that your shed will last against rot and insect attack for at least 15 years. We guarantee against structural and design defects for up to 5 years.

Depending upon the composition of your roof, we can guarantee mineral and felt roofs for a period of up to five years.

We can guarantee a cedar shingle roof for up to ten years and we can guarantee a slate roof for up to 15 years.

Should you experience any maintenance problems or issues please contact us immediately so that we can quickly rectify your specific need.

We want your experience to be a positive one and we can’t help you if you don’t let us know the issue. Landscaping If you want a unique look for your landscaping, you’ve come to the right place.

We love to make your yard more beautiful and our sheds do just that.

If you have a landscape design in mind and need a shed, let us help you decide what will look best and where in your landscaping area.

Our Posh Sheds are designed for you to put together yourself, we also offer our highly trained staff to assist you or install it for you for a reasonable fee.

Please feel free to contact us for any quotes or questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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