Strong Garden Workshops

All Our Timber Workshops Are Pressure Treated

Heavy Duty Workshops

All our Garden Workshops are made by hand and available in a selection of shapes , sizes and qualities depending on your needs and your budget.

Made To Measure Workshops

We can manufacture a Timber Garden Workshop any size or shape to suit your needs . Simply send a sketch or drawing and the only thing that will limit you is your Imagination and the space you have  !

What Our Customers say about our Workshops

small duch barn
Small Dutch Barn Workshop

Excellent Services , nothing was too much trouble for the lads when they arrived on site they just got on with the job . No huffing or Puffing or Moaning .

Len Thompson

heavy duty workshop barn
Bespoke Garden Workshop

I ordered a 20 by 12 bespoke workshop with sky lights the whole works. Very pleased real value for money

Mike Hutchings

All Our Heavy Duty Workshops Are Full Pressure Treated

Check Out our price guide below the prices are supplied and fitted * within 50 miles of L30 - Nation wide service avalible

Strong Garden Workshops For Sale

  • Large Wooden Workshop Sheds
  • Pent or Apex Roof Workshops
  • Workrooms

Strong Heavy Duty Timber Garden Workshops For Sale 

22 or 28mm Thick T+G Timbers

Custom made to any size the strongest wooden timber workshops, buildings available in the UK. Hand made large strong sheds and garden workshops made using contemporary manufacturing methods.

All of our garden workshop doors have heavy duty cast T hinges as standard. 100% solid T+G NO chip board of low grade materials used in any workshops.

Free delivery and erecting ~ within 40 miles of L1 0AH . We do deliver and install nationwide at a small  extra cost just to cover fuel depending on your post code. See delivery details here

Do Not Be Fooled – By Online adverts trying to sell you a shed and calling it a Workshop !

Made to Measure.

Our timber garden workshops offer plenty of height with the eaves (6ft 4in) and makes these timber workshops  fully planning compliant ready to use .

No Need To Applying For Planning Consent.

Because they are under 2.5m (8ft) high.

This is a very important factor as there are lots of manufactures who have over produced buildings that do not meet these requirements and as such are discounting them and not telling you that they may require planning permission.

Roof Covering

As standard all our Garden Workshops have a Heavy Duty Green Mineral Roof covering .
In addition to this we offer a wide variety of optional roof upgrades such as :
  • Polyester Torch on Roofing Felt 
  • Felt Shingles
  • Corrugated Sheets
  • Full Tile Effect
  • Onduline

Apex or Pent ( single sloping ) Roofs are supplied at the same cost in our Timber Workshops Range so working out a price will be much more simple .

Just select from our list of most popular sizes below and you can place the door and windows where you want ( within reason ) at no extra cost.


For a Wooden Workshop Additional internal lining and Insulating upgrades are available throughout our whole range of Timber Garden Workshops.
We also offer full turnkey solutions which includes Electric’s, Plumbing, please ask our experienced staff for a quotation.
The price for this can change considerably depending on the level of finish you require – see notes at bottom of page.

How Thick Is The Cladding 

We have a selection of Timber Cladding thickness available on our Garden Workshop Range but the 22mm(ex 25mm) Thick T+G utilising Solid 3×2 frame work.
There are then 3 further options for thicker 28mm (ex32mm) / 44mm (ex48mm)
We then offer thinner budget 12mm (ex16mm) which allows flexibility of budget – we list these as Heavy Duty Sheds on our website this range still allows you to get the size building you need but at a slightly lower price.
The Heavy Duty Sheds still come with the extra strong 3 x 2 framework.

The Eaves / Ridge Height On Our Garden Workshops

Workshop Eaves Height at sides is 6ft 4in The Ridge height will change accordingly, depending on the width of garden workshops you choose.
 Doors –
All our garden workshops are supplied with a single 30 inch wide door as standard.
Some of our pictures may show double doors but these are optional extras and we also have pictures of individual workshops where a client has requested double or bespoke sized doors to suit individual needs

Workshop Designs Available

If the size or design of the Garden Workshops you are looking for is not on the site, please email us with full details of your requirements including a postcode for delivery area and we will quote you by return.
We are able to bespoke any of our garden workshops to your exact requirements at a small extra cost.
We do NOT charge for small alterations such as positional changes to windows, these are all included in our price.
You can have as many or as few windows as you want – we take the rough with the smooth and keep things simple.
Many garden workshop suppliers over charge for some of the most simple changes that don’t actually cost anything !
Even if you simply want some advice for a project you have in mind later on please feel free to contact us.

Custom Made 

Our Custom Timber Garden Workshops, made to measure service offers you the flexibility to have the building you need to fit the job you need it for .
Most of the time we do not charge for alterations so you are getting a custom made workshop and of the shelf prices.
No point in having a building that you can’t work in properly, too big, too small, door in wrong position.
This can all be sorted very simply. Email or Phone Your Requirements and we will quote you by return.
We are here to help no matter how trivial you think it is just ask us.
We will know the answer as all our staff have many years of hands on experience we are not a telephone sales center, we are an old fashioned factory ( you can usually hear the saws in the background )

Big Sheds 

You can call them what you want, but they really mean the same thing.
If you buy a Big Shed or Big Workshop from ourselves you can be assured you are getting the very best value for money pound for pound compared with most suppliers ….do not be fooled by fancy names and misleading descriptions.
If your not sure just pick up the phone and talk to someone who has actually made these buildings for a living .

Suitable Base For Your New Workshop

Whatever size timber garden workshops you eventually decide on, it will require a suitable solid and level base.

You have a number of options available to you. A timber frame base made from pressure treated timbers is a very popular option but requires a fair amount of preparation.

Second and most popular is a concert paving flagged based , laying a thin layer of sand on a prepared level area and then placing the paving flags on top generally gives a good well spread base allowing the full weight of the garden workshops to be spread more evenly over the base.

Pent Roof Timber Workshops

All our Quality Timber Workshops are available in both popular Apex and Pent – Single sloping roof versions for the same price.

These garden workshops have the very same heavy duty 3 x 2 framework and cladding as the popular apex timber workshops.

This Pent Roof timber workshop range are  made to order so you can have your door and windows sited any where on the building to suit your individual needs .

Roof covering options

As standard every workshop will be provided with a Heavy Duty Mineral type roof covering.

This covering is normally nailed or stapled to the timber surface within our normal fitting service .

Should you require it fitted in a different way or stuck down with adhesives you will need to discus this with us prior to delivery to pre arrange a mutually agreeable fee to cover any extra work involved.

The real way to cover a workshop roof is with either a rubber sheet , corrugated or tiled effect or  a commercial polyester torch on roofing felt .

This polyester felt is nearly double that of the Heavy Duty 40Kg.

It also has polyester stands woven into its construction and is fitted by melting a special layer of tar with a high pressure blow lamp as you can see in the small video next to this section.

Workshop Floors

We uses 22mm thick T+G boards nailed on to 75 x 50mm timbers .

Please Note the floor bears underneath our workshops and any of our timber buildings will always run the length unless you confirm via a dated email you wish them to run the short direction.


Useful Delivery Information 

Bull Dog Workshops

We have now created a new range of deluxe garden workshops we market under the name Bulldog Workshops. Basically the very same high quality workshops we have been supplying for over 30 years , but with a selection of additions included in the basic price. As a very rough price guide they are around 20% / 30% more expensive

They are clad with 28mm extra thick T+G timbers nailed on to the usual 75 x 50mm framework.

Extra thick capping on corners.

City Center Sheds are the market leaders for value heavy duty timber garden workshops with nationwide delivery and installation service.

We will beat any likes for like quote on timber workshops delivered and installed in the UK. Our garden workshops are built to a quality and not a price.

We are proud not to be the cheapest ! But offer the very Best value for money pound for pound!

Some questions we are regularly asked about our workshops 

Are your Workshops Sectional ?

Yes all are buildings are made in sections to make it easy for our fitters to carry in to your property before assembling.

The size of these sections will vary depending on the size of the workshop and the timber thickness being used.

The simple fact is these sections are very heavy and bulky to handle so getting the optimum size is important.

If you have a tight space or access issues we need to know about this in advance so the sections can be made to a size that will not only fit through that space but also be structurally sound enough to keep the building strong.

Most workshops will NOT fit through a standard domestic door way.

What makes a Heavy Duty Workshop different to a shed ?

A few factors really , it is not just the timber or the framing thickness but also how the building is constructed over all

A true workshop will have a lot more use than would a normal garden shed.

The hinges will need to be more of a commercial grade if the door is to be opened and closed many more times compared with your average garden shed

The same goes for the overall amount of framework we use in our workshops.

It is very easy to cut corners and leave very large gaps between the main uprights to save money , but we do NOT do that . We spread out the uprights to give a good solid feel to the building

Can you make me a made to measure Workshop

The simple answer to that is yes of course we can

You are only limited by two things? Your imagination and your budget !

Simply send by post or email a sketch or drawing of your ideas along with your budget and we will tell you within days if it is possible to provide that building within that budget .

At the very least offer you some sort of alternative or solution near to your budget

What is difference between a Workshop and a Heavy Duty Shed

Use this link to our heavy duty garden sheds web page , which explains the difference between the two buildings.

But simply in this case it is the cladding thickness. Our heavy duty sheds have the same extra strong 3×2 framework but clad with the thinner 12mm T+G boards to help reduce the cost overall

Do you supply Extra Large Workshops

Every ones idea of what would be classed as a large workshop differs depending on your situation really . If you only have a small or average garden or yard then having, say 14ft x 8ft workshop could be classed as a large workshop

But if you have larger premises or say you where a farmer then a 60ft x 12ft could be classed as a large workshop.

No matter what size we can provide it for you and at a price that will make you happy simply send your ideas .

Do i need planning permission for my new workshop ?

Not if you buy one from our selves, why is that? Because we make the vast majority of our buildings so they are planning compliant with max overall height of 2.5m which is what you are permitted to have if you intend to site the workshop within 2 meters of any boundary on your property.

The main reason for this is the shadow any such building may or may not cast over next door!

However if you intend to use your new wooden workshop for any sort of commercial reasons , it is likely you will need to obtain planning permision.

We do not make the rules only advise you of them it it advised to contact your local planning office if you have any concerns.

Any advise on this matter please contact us and we can advise on any issues you may be unsure about.

Do You Insulate your Timber Workshops

Not as standard for the prices quoted , but we do offer 2 services.

1- Straight forward insulating which includes under floor, the 4 walls and the roof .

We use a foil based bubble flexible insulation that is very light weight and offers a higher insulation value to that of 40mm foam based insulation.

The price guide for this is £5 per square , see notes below for working out sq footage. This will leave a foil based look on all walls and roof but still enable the main 3×2 structure exposed so you can eventually line the walls your self or simply leave them as is.

2- insulating as above but then lining the inside walls and roof with smooth plywood , we have a very approx price for this which is £12 per sq foot. This has been calculated so if you simply times the length and width of the building you are interested in say a 10 x 10 which will work at at 100 sq ft that building will cost you a total of £1200 to have it lined and insulated on site

This is just one of many options available and we will be more than pleased to discus your individual needs at more length.

Having you new Garden Workshop lined and insulated will make it into a much more practical building that can be used all year round , especially with our cold long winters the thought of going to work in a cold damp workshop can be a little off putting.

Do you supply Power to the Workshop

Once again not in our prices quoted on this site . Providing power to your new timber workshop will need some serious consideration as there are a few practical and safety factors you will need to look into.

How much power will you need ? If it just a few sockets and a light then usually there is not much of an issue , any thing more will depend on the spare power you have at your fuse box.

Remember when your house was built , usually no consideration would have been made to supply power outside and why should there have been !

Do you have a spare fuse at your house main fuse board ?

How are you going to get that power to the workshop ? It will usually need an armored ( strengthened ) cable buried under ground .

If you only have soft soil or turf then it wili be straight forward . But what if you have a paved area will you need to lift those paving flags to get cable through ?

None of this we are able to help you with at this stage as we simply can not see what is needed from our office .

We would recommend you send some pictures to give us a better idea of the overall situation and offer our advise.

Can you deliver workshop thought the House

No is the simple answer , as most of the sections are very large , bulky and simply to tall to fit thought a standard height house door way.

However in some cases it is possible to make the workshop in smaller sections enabling them to be carried thought a restricted door way .

This will usually add around 5% to 10 % of the buildings over all cost . It is not just the extra time and materials needed in the factory but the extra time we need to spend on site re assembling and strengthening the sections again .

So we would strongly advise you to send us some images or short video of the access issues you have so we can advise of the best way forward .

In some form or other we are usually capable of over coming most issues and will simply come down to you having to spend more money to achieve this !

Do you sell Second Hand Workshops

The simple answer is No – But we do now and a again change and renew some of our show buildings.

These ex show workshops are usually either 10 x 8 or 12 x 8 as we try and keep the same size and style on each show site, it would be very rear to have anything larger.

However we do get offered used buildings on the odd occasion.

We get enquiries from people who have moved into a property and have no use for a large workshop the previous owners once used .

We always ask them to email us a picture and details where the building is sited along with their contact details

We will be more than happy to pass on these details to you and can even quote for the dismantling and re fitting of that building.