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Invest in Red Cedar Wood Sheds for Timeless Quality and long lasting properties

There are various garden sheds on the market that are usually mass produced, these usually will not offer you good quality and are plain to look at.

When investing in a garden shed you should look at a product that will last you a long time and at the same time offer you quality such as a Red Cedar sheds.

cedar wood sheds
8ft x 10 Cedar Pent Shed

Canadian Red Cedar

Cedar Sheds 

Cedar Wood Is not only attractive but has a reputation for durability, you could use this timber for constructing a shed or any other type of garden buildings.

Red Cedar Sheds will offer you the following aspects:
  • The red cedar timber is extremely durable to decay and resistant.
  • It is a good timber to choose from for insulation purposes.
  • Red Cedar is a species of timber that offers all the aspects you would want in strength and durability.
  • It is great for a silky, smooth finish.
  • It holds and takes stain well.
  • The color is attractive on its own and ranges from almost white, light straw to a reddish-brown as each individual batch of timber may change due to its natural nature.
  • It has the ability to not shrink, warp or swell when exposed to outdoor elements such as rain, sun, and wind. This is not the same with softwoods which can due  its inherent nature develop, Cracks, Splits, Warp, Shacks, Knot Holes.
  • The timber has a pleasant aroma and is a natural repellent to pests such as vermin and wood-eating insects.
  • You will not need to treat your timber as it contains natural oils that preserve the wood. But it is always advisable to do so in the long term due to the massive climate differences we encounter here in the UK

The Various Uses of Red Cedar Wood :

This timber has said to encompass spiritual significance in the aboriginal cultures. These coastal people used every part of the tree to build items such as: canoes, bentwood boxes, and house planks. 

Tools were made out of wood such as arrow shafts, paddles, and masks. The bark found in the inner part of the tree was used for clothing, ropes, and baskets. Even the branches were used to be twisted into baskets and rope.

Other parts of the tree were used for medicinal purposes.

Nowadays the red cedar is used due to its lightweight and durability aspects. It is commonly used for interior paneling, house siding, fencing and decking and outdoor furniture or buildings such as red cedar sheds. 

Even after a red cedar has fallen it still remains resistant to any type of decay or damage caused by the elements or insects for many years. It has even been reported that this wood can withstand the elements for more than 100 years.

Reasons why you should Use Red Cedar Sheds for your Garden:

Red Cedar is beautiful in scent and sight, the wood has a natural luster and the natural aroma is additionally an appealing factor.

The resistance to deterioration has made this timber a popular choice for interior and exterior uses in the home. 

Cedar contains fibers known as thujaplicins that preserve the wood and make it last for much longer than other types of wood.

Even under extremely harsh environments, this cedar has been known to stand the test of time. 

The timber displays an even grain that is perfect to use for your red cedar sheds, once it is laid it remains straight. It will not warp or swell as other woods do over time.

This ensures the wood retains its appearance and adds quality to the look of your home. The wood is easy to saw, glue, nail, and cut which makes it a pleasure to work with.  You can choose from a wide selection of finishes as the wood is susceptible to nearly every type of staining or painting that you may want to use.

Redwood cedar looks just as good on its own.  Red cedar wood is a great insulator that will retain warmth in the winter and keep buildings cool in the hot summer months. It is due to the low density of the wood that increases the insulation aspects. 

When used in exterior siding or interior paneling the low density of the wood is an acoustical barrier that blocks out noises providing superior quality in these applications. When choosing red cedar wood for the use of paneling or siding in your home. You are ensured of durability, insulation, value and stability.

This indeed makes this type of wood a premier type selection. In paneling you are offered with wood that accepts staining easily, dampens vibrations and confines noises in the home. The timber is so versatile it could be used in commercial, industrial or residential structures. 

Red Cedar Decking

Red cedar is an excellent choice for outdoor decking as it is naturally stable and durable. It remains flat and can withstand all sorts of external elements. If you are looking for a more natural look you could let your deck age naturally over time.

 Red cedar wood is produced in various patterns and sizes so you will be sure to find wood for your specific needs. You can use this timber for your shed, fencing, lattices, gazebos, decorative accessories, and many other types of uses.

Woodcarvers love red cedar wood for its workability and beauty in the wood. Long ago these trees were known as the tree of life by Native Americans and provided many benefits to users all over the world. The wood offers unmatched versatility and durability along with superior quality.

Bespoke Cedar Wood Sheds

Choosing red cedar wood for your sheds will leave your home looking that much more special. The wood is known for its long-lasting abilities so you will save money on this type of investment in the long run. Cedarwood requires virtually no maintenance and is greatly resistant to rotting or decay. You won’t have to worry about pesky pests destroying the wood either. 

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