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Heavy Duty Sheds

Supper Strong Sheds in a wide selection of  sizes or  custom made building made in the UK you have found the best place to buy a heavy-duty strong shed

This heavy-duty sheds range is made to a standard and not a price, it is a blend of our basic Garden Shed Range and our Heavy Duty Workshop Range.

It has the same 12mm Thick T+G Cladding as all our standard sheds. However, these strong garden buildings consist of a 3″ x 2″ Framework seen within our garden workshops range.

A Standard Duty Workshop rather than a Heavy Duty version

This is considerably more substantial framing than used in most heavy-duty sheds found across the internet.

These long-lasting sheds have also been increased in overall height from the basic 5ft 6in to a much more spacious height of 6ft 4in.

All these upgrades allow for a much more substantial shed.

If you call into our show site in Liverpool we have a great selection of all our range set up for you to compare buildings side by side .

You will not need to have great knowledge to clearly see the extra quality and overall value for money this range offers.

You simply cannot get a quality timber building like this on the cheap!

Heavy Duty Shed Workshops

You may see adverts claiming ‘cheap heavy duty sheds’, but 99% of the time these are only words designed to get your attention.

You need to check out exactly what you are getting for your money – Not all timber buildings are the same we can assure you.

Unfortunately, most of us only see the pound signs and think every building is the same, well they are NOT.

It is a bit like saying every 4 door car is the same which we all know is not the case.

A heavy-duty shed should be what is says – heavy-duty, no more and no less.

Do not be fooled

With misleading online adverts, pick up the phone and talk to someone who knows about these things.

You will find a lot of these so-called discount heavy duty sheds web sites have call centers where the people do not know the first thing about what they are selling.

Most are commission-based sales teams who will be calling you to sell gas and electricity sometime soon!

These High-Quality Durable Sheds are built to last and must not be compared with the sort of cheap and nasty stuff you see elsewhere online.

We offer real value for money and a great range of sizes and designs

Heavy Duty Sheds – Options

There are many options available. Our basic model has the door situated within one of the apex ends, however, entrances can also be included within the sides of this shed, due to the added height of the building.

You then have the option of the windows being situated on either the right or left-hand side as you walk through the door.

You can also opt to have no windows for security reasons at no additional cost.

Additional options are to have the Door sited in the Longwalls (The Eves ) on either the

  • Left Front
  • Right Front
  • Centre Front

The above models would normally have windows next to the door and depending on the size of the shed, more windows as required.

Free Delivery – Fitting

We are very flexible with our premium range buildings, so can custom make the door and window positions to suit your exact needs

All the prices quoted below include FREE delivery ( within 30 miles of Liverpool )

Installation Service

The installation will only take place if you provide a solid level base which should be ready before we arrive.  Check out our Base Page  

If you require us to provide the base, then please read our shed bases page for available options. Full nationwide delivery – delivery / erecting services available at extra cost, please send your postcode for a full quote.

All in all, we are confident that we offer the very best value overall compared with any other manufacturer selling timber heavy duty garden sheds and buildings in the UK.

You need to look past your first thoughts when you see a cheap price online, you need to start comparing what each shed is made from.

  • Framing thickness,
  • Cladding and other factors.

If you want your new shed to be long-lasting it is not worth cutting corners, buy cheap and you buy twice when you need to replace it.

Questions we get asked

What is the difference between a normal shed and a heavy-duty shed?

Well, there are a few factors, the main one with our range is the framing thickness.

We use 75 x 50mm or 3×2 for us older people!

This extra-thick framing really beefs up the building generally, the minute you walk into the shed you can clearly see and most certainly  feel the difference

What do I get included in the price you quote?

The price quoted on this web site includes FREE delivery and erecting within our * FREE Erecting area – outside this area, there will be a small fee depending on the millage

So you will need to provide your postcode so we can price correctly.

The heavy-duty shed will be fully glazed with horticultural glass and the roof covered with heavy-duty 40kg green mineral roofing felt.

Is this range only available in an Apex roof style?

No, it is also available in a Pent Roof – Single sloping roof style at no extra charge.

The standard heavy-duty shed will always have an apex roof, with the door positioned in the center of the narrowest section, which will be the apex or pointed part of the building.

But as quoted above because the side ( eves ) of these buildings is over 6ft tall you may have the door anywhere around the structure.

Do you have a selection of roof coverings?

With a pent – single sloping roof shed you will need to take care that a really good quality roofing felt is used. As the roof on a pent roof has a shallow angle compared to that of an Apex roof.

This shallow angle allows water to hold and at certain time sod the year with heavy winds unless correctly sealed will allow wage rot to be blown under the joints

The only correct way to solve this is to use a polyester torch on commercial roofing felt, which is 3 times thicker and far more durable than any other shed roofing felt.

This does come at an extra cost but well worth the investment in the long term

Do I get glass in the windows?

Yes, all our buildings come with standard been house grade glass, this can be upgraded to toughened / laminated. The other option is to have no windows at all.

A great advantage for security and allows for extra storage, this and any other matters can be discussed over the phone – 0151 345 6649

Is the Building Treated?

Your new building will be pressure treated before they are constructed.

With any pressure treated product, you will still need to fully weatherproof it by using some form of quality spirit or water-based water repellent.

You will need to give your new building a coat of a quality spirit-based treatment with 14 days of delivery to be able to take advantage of our 10-year guarantee

Is the Base Included?

We include a solid timber floor with all our heavy-duty sheds.

We do NOT include the main base itself, this is your responsibility to provide a solid and level area suitable to take the size building you have ordered.

Check out our base page here

We have no way of knowing what your garden or Yard looks like it will be your responsibility to sort this.

However, if you are unsure, email us an image of the  area so we may offer you our free advice

Have a look at our images

Heavy Duty 12mm Sheds

Length Feet5 Foot Wide6 Foot Wide8 Foot Wide10 Foot Wide12 Foot Wide
6ft Long
8ft Long
10ft Long£943£1253£14661748
12ft Long£1144£1408£1748£2093
14ft Long£1236£1638£2035£2438
16ft Long£1403£1868£2323£2784
18ft Long£1575£2098£2616£3132
20ft Long£1748£2328£2903£3480
22ft Long£1920£2553£3185£3828
24ft Long£2102£2804£3492£4190
26ft Long£2271£3026£3783£4539
28ft Long£2444£3259£4074£4888
30ft Long£2619£3492£4365£5238
12mm Cladding - 3x2 ( 75 x 50mm ) Framework bulldog garden workshops
To Give Us an idea of Traveling Time and Transport Costs Outside Our Free Delivery And Fitting Area
Leave a brief description of what you are looking for if it is not a standard building