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Pent Roof Garden Workshop

Flat Roof Timber Workshops

City Sheds based in Liverpool have been manufacturing , supplying and fitting a massive range of heavy duty garden workshops for over 30 years.

We have seen massive changes in the way people have changed the way they work ! 

By this we mean, rather than the traditional tradesman renting a small store or factory. 

Working from home is now becoming an increasingly popular option .

Benefits of a Home Workshop

The most obvious benefits of working from home is the traveling . Just think how much time you actually spend traveling to and from work each week.

Most people travel around 1 hour each way so this adds up to around 10 hours of your valuable time each week .

So if you are say charging say, £30 per hour for your services you could be easily losing £300 per week or £15,000 per year just on this lost time alone.

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The cost of a good quality heavy duty garden workshop can vary tremendously depending on your individual needs .

A general home garden workshop will cost you around £17 per square foot – 20ft x 10 ft = 200ft x £17 = £3400

But this price very easily double or treble in price depending on a range of optional extras we offer .

  • Insulating 
  • Lining the inside with ply wood 
  • Fitting electrics 
  • Additional doors and windows 
  • Upgrade cladding thickness 
  • Do you need us to supply the solid base for it to sit on .

Pent Roof Slope Direction 

The roof can be made so it slopes either toward your boundary or fence . Or reversed  so the water falls to the front of the building.

As we manufacture all our own timber buildings , making alterations to the hight of the side walls is not problem. Generally the front wall will be around 8ft tall sloping back to a 7ft wall giving a 1ft  general slope .

Depending on the depth of the workshop roof this may need to be changed . 

You need to consider that during the winter months your workshop roof may have to hold a lot of snow weight .

The internal roof spars will change depending upon these factors. Our staff can advise you on further on this matter when you get closer to ordering .

Roof Coverings

Depending on the location of your new workshop.

You will need to select the correct grade of roof covering that will suit that area.

If it is very exposed the we highly recommend up grains to a EPDM single sheet rubber covering. Very similar to Pond Liner

pent roof workshop
bespoke 20ft wide double door motor bike store
pent workshop
Doble 6ft wide doors set to the Left front of this 26 x10 Pent Roof Timber Workshop