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Here at City Centre Sheds Liverpool we are constantly upgrading our show sites, replacing and renewing Garden Sheds / Summer Houses and other Timber Structures to keep our show site looking fresh and updated with any new models or designs we have developed.

With this in mind we can offer certain buildings to you at a good discount .

Most are in first class condition and our Price will include dismantling / re treating / re felting delivery and erecting ( provided you have a solid level base ready before we arrive ) to your house .

We also now and again get odd made or damaged sections which we have made up into some sort of Shed or Structure and will be sold off as seen and inspected at the site. Because the manufacturing process includes us making Bespoke / Custom Made building inevitably we will make mistakes and miss make sections or panels.

So as this happens we store the sections until we get a number of them which will assess and patch up into some sort of structure. They may have odd-sized windows or doors, some will have double glazed units leftover from our Log Cabins. So a real mix and match some times !


But unless you get your self down here and have a look you will never know.

city sheds show buildings
one of garden office


This is another range we are able to offer on the odd occasion .

There are some times when we remove old Garden Sheds or Workshops from clients homes that are in a condition where they just need a few boards or the likes to be replaced, if this is the case then the building will be patched up , retreated and offered for sale at a reduced price in an as you see its condition.

The biggest problem nowadays are business overheads, trucks, rent, rates and staff so there are some times when it becomes uneconomical for us to offer certain buildings for sale that we would normally deliver and erect. In this case, we will see off the individual sections for you to complete yourself at home when you have collected them from our factory. 

This building ex display sheds are strictly bought as seen and are not covered under our New Garden Shed 10 Year Warrantee.

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show site
First View of our Show site in 43 Jamacia Street Liverpool


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