We offer* FREE Delivery*  and *FREE  Erecting* on all Shed / Summerhouse / Workshop prices quoted on this site if you live within a 30 Mile of our Factory in Liverpool L1 0AH.

Outside this free area the charge will be £1.5 per mile we have to travel – we only charge one way. For example you live in London 200 miles away so it will be £300 simple.

So as you can see smaller low priced items are better purchased closer to your self even though they may well be more expensive at first .

Log Cabins are Priced for Delivered ONLY any where in mainland UK within 150 miles  with optional erecting charge if required. Cabin deliveries will depend on the buildings size and your location so please enquire before placing an order.

Most of our timber buildings are available for delivery nationwide in mainland UK .Please provide us with your post code so we can quote you and extra fee for this delivery service.

Do You Have Clear Acsess ! Yes or NO 

You MUST have Clear Level Access to where the building is to be erected with a clear level walk of no more than 20 m  We do NOT Include lifting Heavy Sections over Garage Roofs or up Steep Gradients,  Up or Down Steps or through your Home it self, we will need to know in advance if extra staff are required to assist and there will be an additional charge for this service and must be paid in advance. Unfortunitly we are NOT mindreaders you need to let us know of any issues before we arrive please !

You will allow us full access to your drive way or access road . If you have block paving or pressed concrete driveway and do not wish our truck to drive over this you will need to pay for an extra member of staff to assist with the extra carrying of any heavy bulky sections . There is a minium fee for £60 for this service .

What Time Do You Deliver – More Delivery Information here 


Our offer of FREE Erecting includes a max of 30 mins on site, slightly longer on larger buildings.

As we have only allocated a small amount of time for this service, around 30 mins worth of labour time which we have absorbed into our cost . You are NOT paying for this at all.

You will only be getting the basic erecting service . See paid for fitting services below –

For this FREE service we will carry the building in and assemble it to a standard WE CONCIDER to be satisfactory standard as we are the ones who have the many years of hands on experience doing job and know . It has been the case on the odd ocation were certain indeviduals expect more than they are actually paying for , but this is the day and age we live in . 

You simply can not expect a 100% first class joinery garde finsh on a shed erecting service when if fact we do it for FREE . ( or should say have allowed a very small allowance withing our budget for this service) 

It will be left in a water tight and useable condition . The issue is now days people expectations out weigh what they are prepared to spend and this is especially Ture with a timber building . 

Increasingly we are seeing a new ” bread of know it alls “who try and use lope holes in legislation , minor faults or items that do not meet THEIR expectations , to obtain discount , money off or not pay . Our terms are very simple what you see is what you get . If you dont like it then we will leave the building for you to erect your self to a standard you will be happy with .

If you have concerns about , splinters , uneven surfaces ( especially with Children’s play houses or the likes ) you are advised NOT to let the child enter that building until YOU the building owner have made safe any items you deem to be un safe for your child to use . We will NOT carry out that work – see below

We DO NOT construct or finish any Children’s playhouse to HSE standards we will only erect the shell of the building for you the owner to make the building safe enough for your child to use.

If you think this is could cause you an issue to you then please do not place an order.

Paid For Fitting Services 

If you are looking for a higher quality of finish then our team will need to spend more time on site . This will cost you more money . This extra service is NOT included in prices quoted on our web sites .

We have a minimum charge of 20% of building cost with a min £80 feeto spend more time finishing and touching up beading , sealing and so on. If you are an ex engineer or the likes who is used to working in fine tolerances, you must understand we are dealing with Timber which is a natural product and NOT a man made one, so tolerances and miss matches will happen – that simple. If you can not live with these facts then we can only suggest to buy a plastic or metal building that has been engineered to finer tolerances.

Children’s Play Houses

This extra service is NOT available on children’s play houses what so ever . We will gladly supply a building and erect the shell of that building for you to safely complete your self as there are simply to many HSE issues a certain group of people are trying to take advantage of now days .

Common Sense

You just need to use a bit of common sense when considering the size of building you want . There may well be a be case when it is totally impractical to get the size building you want due to restricted access issues. Like taking through a house and trying to turn tight corners with long , tall , heavy sections .

In this case it may be possible for the building to be made in smaller sections but there will be an extra charge dependent on the size of building and the complexity of its structure . It is always better and stronger for the building to be made in a large a sections as possibleWhat We DO NOT DO FREE

We have NOT priced for our buildings to be lifted over Garages / Tall Walls or Other Obstructions . If you feel you your self could not lift one of our sections say the size of a large Fencing panel , but many times it weight , then it is likely that you will require a special delivery service which will involve providing extra staff and at an extra charge. We have a minimum charge of £80 to cover that extra time and labour taking a member of staff out the factory and away from other work they could be doing

We must also point out that if the walk from where the truck can unload , to the place where you intend to site your new building is any more than 40m , there once again may be an extra charge simply due to the amount of extra time the staff will need to spend on site . When we price a job is done on an average ,it is impossible for us to know what your access is like or how far away it is from where our Truck can park unless you tell us in advance . The lads are very good at their jobs and are strong and helpful – fearless in fact when it comes to sheds and workshops . I over heard one delivery team saying there is no obstruction or site we can not deliver to providing we have been bribed enough !!!! ( beer Tokens )

Note as standard our floor bears will run the length of any building so if you are intending to place you new shed or workshop on additional bearers/ sleepers then they must run the narrow direction . If you are not sure in any way please contact us for advise . We need to know this fact before we make the building and load the truck , if you have laid any additional bears in the long direction so we can make our floor with beams going opposite way . There is no extra charge for this service .

Please pay special attention to the information below.

We will NOT deliver buildings if we have to pass close by to conservatories unless you agree that any possible damage that may be cause lifting our heavy section over or near that Conservatory will be your liability . We simply can not be expected to maneuver our heavy bulky sections in tight confined spaces . Just use this guide line – do you think you could you lift and move these heavy bulky sections your self in that tight space , then how can you expect us to do so ?

The onus is on you the clientt to inform us in advance of issues pointed out above and not to leave it until the time of delivery ? We are not mind readers , nor do we have any way of knowing the conditions we have to work in , so please , please give this some thought in advance as it all makes the whole process run more smoothly .

If we arrive to your site and you do not have a suitable level base ready , then we will simply deliver the building for you to erect it your self . If you require us to return there will be a minimum £60 charge payable in advance for local deliveries , any thing further a field may well cost you much more to cover fuel and all that labour charge while they are traveling to you and not working on other jobs.

If we arrive to your site and can not get the building in by normal means, you will have two options .

  1. We will just leave the building in your front Garden or Drive way for you to sort getting the building in your self . If you then require us to come back and erect it you will still be required to pay the call out fee, min £60 usually 20% of the building cost .
  2. You second option is to return the building for which there will be a minimum charge . This depends on the size of the building and wether or not it is a stock building or Custom made . If custom made there will be No Refund what so ever as this building has been made specially for you under your instructions and access issues are all clearly indicated in our T+Cs and general guidance / delivery pages . If it is a stock building you will be charged for our time and expenses delivering the building to you . Min £60 but may be more depending where we have to travel to.

We do try to be as helpful as possible , but we are running a business and not a charity . We have large over heads and our staff sat around waiting with clients expecting us to wait because they have not got things ready before we arrive is not being reasonable you will agree . The odd problems do occur and we all understand this , but please try and see our point of view there may well be other clients waiting for deliveries after you ! Imagine you where one of those clients

We do have some set Fees / Delivery Charges for Popular Delivery Areas.

These fees just cover the increasing cost of FULE alone , we do not make any money on our delivery fees . You are always more than welcome to come and collect any building your self if you fell it could save you money .

  • Cheshire Add £40 to £60
  • Manchester Add £30 to £50
  • Preston Add £40 to £60
  • North Wales Add £60 to £90
  • Birmingham Add £100 / £150
  • London Add £180 / £250

For all Other Areas us Details Below We will deliver anywhere in the country but remember we are based in Liverpool and therefore shipping to the Highlands or Cornwall for example would be pretty high. Collection of these items in flat pack form is more than welcome. Extra Delivery charges out side Merseyside / Cheshire / Wirral / North Wales- areas are as follows – We charge £1a mile , which is payable one way Only. We work charges by using our base postcode (L1) and the delivery postcode, For example you live in Birmingham Liverpool (L1) to Birmingham (B1) is 85 miles from Liverpool – so simply multiply 85 miles by £1 = £85 That is the Total Extra delivery Charge you will Pay.

As you can see on some of the small buildings it would be cheaper for you to Buy Locally even though, your Local supplier may appear more expensive.

The simple fact is some of the smaller cheaper buildings are simply not worth our while shipping out side the Liverpool area due low profit margins and high transport costs. 

It is not until you get to the Larger Buildings / Summer Houses / Cabins you can save money and we are more than happy to discuss arrangements to deliver to you. It is simply the ever increasing Fuel cost that put pressure on small businesses

For *FREE delivery* areas see map below.

We are reasonably flexible with our approach to deliveries so pick up the phone or send and email  and let us know about your concerns.

Our Deliveries are *FREE on the basis that you have clear unobstructed accesses to where the building is going and you are flexible to have the building delivered on the date that firstly suites our selves then secondly your self . What we mean by this is that we have a few regular areas we deliver to . The likes of the Wirral tends to be on a Friday  so if you live on the Wirral you will be offered Friday delivery date . Please note – it is IMPOSSIBLE to give a time for any timber building delivery due to the nature of our industry , large bulky items may take 20 mins or 2 hours to deliver depending on how helpful the clients before you have been ?

Previous clients can seriously delay things by expecting us to remove doors / fencing panel’s and generally not being prepared for our delivery. This is all beyond our control.

Payment Details

We are a Friendly Down To Earth small business that try,s to do business on recommendations and referrals . We are not one of those large faceless wonders we see and hear about so many times nowadays . Pick up the phone and Talk to us if you have any concerns don’t just leave it until the last minute .

All our staff have many years of hands on experience sow ill be able to deal with your enquiry using that knowledge.

More in depth information on our range available in selected popular areas

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