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With over 35 years of hands-on manufacturing experience, City Centre Sheds Liverpool knows this trade inside out.

Our experience in manufacturing  Custom made sectional timber garden and commercial buildings are vast.

No matter what your ideas are large or small and within the bounds of Practicability, we will make what you need –

Obviously as long as you have the money to pay for it !!!

The next step selecting your custom timber building

Simply send us as much detail as you can and include a photo of the area you intend to site the building so we can get a better idea of your needs ! as we may well have a better solution for you?

Remember all our Custom Timber Buildings are made in a selection of Timber Thickness and Qualities so and the idea of your overall budget will help us to speed up the process, as it is no good us prices for some all singing and dancing Bespoke Building at say £3000 when you only have £1000 to spend.

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General price guide for custom timber buildings

As a very general guide you can expect to pay at least 20% and more for a Custom Timber Building that the nearest equivalent sized basic Building

A lot simply depends on the complexity of the overall structure and the quality of the Doors and Windows you will require in that building as well as the timber thicknesses.

  • Lined – Insulated
  • Sky Lights
  • Double Glazing
  • Roof Covering Options
  • Power Lighting

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