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Factory Show Site

We originally set up in Jamacia Street, Liverpool, L10AH in early 2005  over the years we developed our outdoor show area in adjacent Norfolk Street.

With over 20 full-sized buildings on show in real life for you to touch feel and so how they weather in the real world.

Because the area had become so busy we were finding loading and unloading large trucks nearly impossible.

Between  2017/18 we started moving to our new premises listed below as we had outgrown that site and wanted to start work on a new small business centre we had been granted planning permission for some years previous.

The intention is to use our ex-show site to site shipping containers and log cabins to rent out to a small business.

A good way of also showing of our home offices

Timber Log Cabins – Garden Sheds – Summer Houses – Garden Rooms – Bespoke Timber Buildings

We use only FSC or PEFC certified timber from sustainable sources within Europe. City Centre Sheds is Liverpool’s largest manufacturer of Timber Garden Buildings Garden Sheds Workshops and Log Cabins

We have moved

Our out Door show site is next to our main factory in Jamaica Street off Parliament Street, near the Famous Cain’s Brewery.

All Prices quoted on our site are for delivery within the Merseyside and North West Area up to 30 miles of L1 0AH –  However, we do deliver nationwide with our There will be an additional delivery charge outside this Area of approx. 100p a mile.

We only charge one way – so-on some of the smaller cheaper buildings, you will find it cheaper to buy local even if the basic price is more expensive. But in some areas, we have regular weekly deliveries and can do deals on transport to you.

show site
First View of our Show site in 43 Jamacia Street Liverpool

Jamacia Street Show Site 

We usually have a selection of at least 15 Full-sized Sheds / Summerhouses / Cabins and other Odd timber Buildings  on our show at any one time ranging from a basic Tool Store up to a 20ft Home Office / Timber Workshops / Dog Kennels / Log Cabins and even the odd Wendy House.

 You are welcome to visit at any time when we are open 8 till 5 Monday – Friday and 10 am till 2 pm Sat we are closed on Sundays.

Over the years more and more people are simply using the internet to buy online but there is still a certain element who like to do their shopping the old fashioned way, come down and see for your self, touch and feel the products.

If there is something your not sure about please either phone or send an email and we will respond usually within 24 hours.

  • We must point out we are NOT in the Cheap and Nasty end of the marketplace you should try the likes eBay and the other sites for that sort of low-grade stuff!
  • We simply do not want to get involved at that end of the market place as there are far too many complaints and repairs that have to be made.
  • Yes we are fully aware there are some people who just want a Quick Fix a cheap temporary job then eBay and the likes is the place for you.
  • There are lots of so-called great deals ( cheap deals ) on the internet nowadays, but be careful most of these “Cyber Traders” are only in it for a quick killing.
  • We have been around actually manufacturing for over 35 years now so are a bit long in the tooth for all these get rich quick scams and schemes we are increasingly seeing.
  • You see a web site offering what looks like a fantastic deal, is it really when you start looking into the spec of the building.

Thin FrameWork, Chip Board in Roof and Floor and many other Tricks they use to make their building to look cheaper. Tricks like the floor is an Extra and lots more sly tricks.

Have They Got A Factory

Ask can you see their Factory or Show site and listen to them stutter, because most just work from either Home of Small Office in a Back Street and have never made a building in their lives – 10 % men we call them.

What sort of backup do you think they could ever offer you? Can they make any small alterations for you, change the side the hinges are on, add an extra window! Most probably not

It is these people who really spoil the job for everyone, you the client as well because ultimately you will lose out paying for low-grade products you will have to replace sooner than you thought.

  • The only thing they do is – put silly prices in peoples minds, so when searching online it effectively puts you in a false starting position.
  • You see an artificially low price you end up buying the product twice because you have to replace it.
  • Competition is Healthy for everyone, but we all have to make money to survive I am sure you will agree.
  • We feel we offer the most competitive deals with a personal service something you will not find with these Cyber Traders.
  • Just try talking to them and asking any sort of tech question and you will be met with silence !!!!

If you do find a similar product for sale, please let us know the best price you have offered by sending a copy of the Quote.

We will try to beat it on a likes for likes basis, when we say likes for like it is no good saying – I have seen an 8×6 Apex Shed online for say £220 when ours is £399.

Without even looking I could 100% say it will be a much lower grade building to ours.

So it needs to be constructed to the same spec.

Garden Sheds in General

  • Garden sheds are an inventive solution for any aspiring gardener, homeowner or hobbyist.
  • Garden sheds are practical and versatile and they are built to maximize space by fitting into any garden perfectly.
  • Garden sheds are a solution to the recurring contemporary problem of lack of space.

High-density urban areas and the year on year increase in the population size has resulted in houses being built that are smaller and completely inadequate in terms of storage and space solutions.

It is well known that in an economic downturn there is always a migration of people from the countryside to the cities where there are more jobs available and the cumulative effect is less and less space.

Garden sheds are a cost-effective solution. For the hobbyists who need to get out of a house where they constantly find themselves falling over the children’s toys while trying to master their kung fu moves, garden sheds are a must.

For the homeowner who has moved from a much larger property and suddenly finds that they have no space to store that priceless lamp that they bought at a boot sale, a garden shed is a must.

To the aspiring gardener who has a range of garden implements and books on every variety of mint plant available in England, a garden shed is a must!

  • Garden sheds are available in a variety of sizes that serve a multitude of uses.
  • Smaller garden sheds can fit nicely into that little nook in the garden and serve simply to store the portable trampoline that has been used once and is gathering nothing but leaves.
  • What about the barbecue that is outside rusting because the summer is so fraught with rain that the coal has not even been lit yet?
  • Garden sheds are hugely popular in England where the weather specifically needs to be considered when storing anything outside.

Larger Garden Sheds and Workshops are also available that offer space able to store anything from lawn mowers to mopeds and depending on what storage solution they are being used for, garden sheds come with a solid sheet or groove floors.

  • Garden sheds should enhance any garden space and whether they are used for storage or used as a space to practise a hobby, they should remain aesthetically pleasing.
  • Garden sheds are made to withstand the elements and the recently reported increase in the sale of garden sheds illustrates their success as multi-functional buildings.
  • Garden sheds can come pre-assembled or they can be manufactured to bespoke specifications.

The key features of garden sheds can include anything from no windows to provide extra security or many windows to facilitate light in a space that will be an extension to a home or become a small office space.

Garden sheds are also a gardener’s dream as potting, storing and studying plants can be done in solitude and peace.

New Address: Update

Unit 3 Behind Mikes Roofing, Dunning’s Bridge Road, Netherton. Liverpool, Merseyside, L30 6TA Between Park Hotel & McDonalds A5036 Heading Towards M57 / M58

0151 345 6639

we are open for viewing

Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Saturday 9.30am to 2.30pm

Closed Sunday unless by appointment for larger building and cabins