Work Sheds UK – Work From Home

Work Sheds UK 

These buildings fall into same category as Timber Workshops.

Strong robust timber buildings ideal for home hobbies or the self employed.

Self Employed

With the high cost of commercial buildings , more and more self employed are electing to have a Large Work Shed erected in their Garden or Grounds to keep overheads to a minimum .

You can have up to 25m sq before you need to apply for planning consent .

Work Sheds UK

Workshop Sheds UK

Generally working from home can be very rewarding both metaly and finacially.

Turning a hobby into a business has seen some of the UKs best known brands being developed .

Dyson – The Electric Hover designer started of in his Garage Workshop using a wheelbarrow wheel as his first prototype . He however failed at launching an electric car .

May be his home work-shed was not large enough ?

So if you are looking for Work Sheds UK then city centre sheds Liverpool can make you a building to suite your individual needs .

A Suitable Bases

As with any building , you will need a suitably designed strong base and sometimes and out side area for you to load and unload any heavy items into your new Workshop Shed .