Wooden Shed Maintenance

Wood Shed Maintenance

Sheds tend to be factory primed against infestations, as well as decay and rot, but there are techniques that allow you to ensure your shed is safe from harm. There are however some techniques that need to be used to ensure you have an easier time doing so and keeping the building safe from any extreme weather out there:

Painting A shed is extremely important

All wood sheds need to be painted at least within no more than two months after installation is completed. Make sure you prime all exterior wood with a good, high-quality primer before you move on to painting the surfaces. Nail holes and any small holes on the said surface will need to be filled out with specific wood putty before priming.

Something else worth keeping in mind is that you will need to caulk around the windows and other fixtures of the shed. The usual factory primed siding and trimming will need to be painted with a good 100% acrylic latex paint with a semi-gloss finish for excellent results.

Make sure you paint all exposed edges of the siding and the bottom edge, as well as all sides, doors included. Do a good job and you won’t have to worry about it in the long run.

Painting steel workshop doors

Pre-primed steel doors straight out of the factory will need to be painted within no more than sixty days as well, following a few rules that result in a far easier job. If you want to make your painting easier, as well as to ensure good adhesion, you should carefully sand the pre-primed surface with 360 grit sandpaper.

The flat surfaces can be done that way, as well as using steel wool on any embossed surfaces. You can also clean the surfaces with xylene wash or its equivalent, following up by drying them with a lint-free towel.

You should also make sure you use acrylic paint like the previous example, following the application procedures given by the manufacturer as a recommendation.

You should also paint all sides of the door like in the previous example, even repainting them if need be, depending on the weather and the paint quality you’re working with.

What other types of maintenance should you go with?
Just like many other possessions, your new shed will need to have some periodic maintenance done if you want to ensure you will use it safely for many years to come. One thing you need to keep in mind is to keep it safe while painting, but also to keep it clean as much as possible.

Floor cleaning and upholstery cleaning if there is any furniture inside need to become a norm, as well as cleaning the area around it to lower the chance of damage from insects and other pests. Since sheds are built upon a wooden floor, you will need to make sure ground moisture will not be a problem.

This type of issue can be avoided with a strong foundation, as well as keeping things flawlessly clean in one way or another.

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