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Wooden Garages

Custom Made Wooden Garages

A wooden garage supplied and fitted by our selves will be a long term investment. 12mm 22mm 288 or 44mm thick timber

If you are considering building a new garage, then you may want to consider a wooden / timber garage. They are a lot more affordable than an equivalent brick version and are far faster easier to construct, requiring lighter foundations.

This a brick or concrete type garage you will normally need deeper foundations and thicker concrete slab to be used to hold the additional weight of those structures.

This all adds a lot more cost and time to your project, the money you could be using elsewhere.

Wooden Garages

Double Timber Garage nearly erected

Building a Wooden Garage Workshop in brick will need to be inspected by your local council building inspector, again at an extra cost to you.

But have a garage built from wood/timber is a far more simple and straight forward process. You slab or base can be much thinner, even possible to use paving slabs, thus saving you on expensive concrete and digging out all that spoil that will need to go in a skip!

Built from solid timber, no chipboard or low-grade OSB used in any of our wooden garages, they can withstand all the British weather can throw at them. With various sizes available from 8ft wide, 10ft wide, 12ft wide they are not only big enough for most average cars nowadays, but also offer a lot of storage.

The flexibility of wooden / timber garages means that they can be placed almost anywhere, and best of all, they look a lot more welcoming and attractive if treated well.

There are three main types of timber – wooden garages, all of which have their own pros and cons, and it is recommended that you go through them in detail to ensure you get the one which fits your needs the best.

If you are not totally sure what size you want, then plan for the future and buy bigger than what you think you need if you have the space available. You may have a small compact car you need garaging right now, so what about when you get a motorbike/scooter. Or the kids move back home along with all their STUFF ! will you store it?

Sectional Wooden Garages

This range of sectional wooden garages are by far the easiest to construct and are the biggest sellers in the UK. The wood cladding is available in three thicknesses; 12mm, 22mm, and 28mm. You need to decide what and when you will be using the garage when deciding on the thickness of the wood.

If it is something that you will just be parking the car in the odd occasion, then the 12mm version of this garage will usually do. A lightweight timber garage.

However, if you intend to be working in the garage over the colder months, then 28mm will help keep in the heat much better, but you may also wish to insulate and line the inside of the 12mm or any thickness, in fact, to make the building practical for all year round use. Our wooden car garages are designed so it is straight forward for you to insulate that building at a later date.

We have 3 popular stock widths of Wooden Garage they being the 8ft Wide the 10ft Wide or The 12ft Wide as well as custom made widths and lengths.

You also need to take into account what you will be using the garage for. If you are likely to be installing electrics or having all kinds of shelving on the walls, then the sturdier 28mm is much better, and safer.

The most overlooked factor is people who buy a wooden garage and use it as a workshop, they neglect to realize there is NO wooden floor. The cold and damp that is naturally created with a concrete slab will make the building cold and damp. So some consideration will be needed if you need to have an internal timber floor.

We can make you a timber garage with a strong floor if needed.

We can offer you the option of insulated timber walls, which may be a better option for people who are intending on spending a lot of time in the garage during the colder months. The price you will start from around £400 upwards. To be a safe bank on prices of 50% of the cost of the basic building, it is a time consuming and fiddly job

As mentioned earlier, you need to make sure what you want the garage for. If it is not for parking a car in, then a timber workshop may be the best option. Sectional wooden garages are also the easiest if you wish to make any alterations, this is another reason that makes them so popular. Chopping and cutting into brickwork can be a major task.

Interlocking Wooden Garages

Unlike our sectional Wooden Garages, interlocking garages are constructed in a completely different way, and it is difficult to make alterations to them once machined but not impossible.

Interlocking garages will take a lot longer to build, and if you struggle with basic DIY, then these are not for you. We do however offer our erecting service at an extra fee which will be priced on an individual basis

These Interlocking Wooden Garages include many features only found on premium buildings! They tend to be of a much thicker and higher timber grade than the sectional garages.

The 44mm thick timbers are now very popular in both garden cabins and timber garages alike giving an extremely robust and long-lasting structure

Bespoke Timber / wooden garage

Bespoke wooden garages will be built to order and may take between 6 and 8 weeks to have delivered because our main sawmill that produces this range of interlocking timber buildings is based in Lithuania. You need to understand because each individual log has to be cut to length then notched at each end to meet up with the log that overlaps it in the oppressive direction, it all takes time.

As we all know time is money! These automated notching machines cost over £250,000 each so are really designed for making lots of the same thing.

The time stopping that process and entre bespoke measurements for your garage are what you are paying for not as some people seem to think the amount of timber being used, as it may well be the case that a smaller yet custom made garage may cost you considerably more than larger stock size.

As a very general idea you can add around 25% on the nearest stock size garage, but once we have your details a full quote will be offered

These wooden garages, also come with the option of steel up and over doors, as well as manual or electric doors. The biggest issue is the overall height of the Garage as if it is a planning compliant version under 2.5m max height, then you will struggle to get any door to fit so could only have the standard double opening traditional wooden doors.

Wooden Garage Roof Covering Options

We can offer you different roofing covering products, such as felt, rubber sheeting and tiles are also options available.

Wooden Garages are probably the quickest, and most cost efficient way of having somewhere to store your car or general items  and the bonus is that many insurance companies will decrease the cost of the policy if the vehicle is secured in any sort of garage  So, over a number of years, the garage will be actually saving you money.

Just try looking at your next insurance quote – with and without a garage?

City Centre Sheds Liverpool can offer you the Largest selection of Wooden Garages and Garage Workshops anywhere in the UK. And Ireland From a range of Stock Buildings to our full bespoke made to measure service.

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