Wood Working Tips

Wood Working Tips

Great Woodworking Tips

Wood is an amazing material to create items from. Woodworking can result in creative items, from tables to simple bookshelves. Knowing how to work with wood is important. Keep reading to learn how to become a more successful woodworker.

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Select the correct wood to complete your project properly. Some wood is stronger than others, while other woods need to be soft for what it is you’re doing. If you are unsure of how each type of wood will react to what you are trying to accomplish, you should spend some time learning about them first.

TIP! One good product to use if you are staining your project is a conditioner, to be used before staining. By using these products, you are likely to avoid blotching or imperfections in the final product.

Do some dry fitting before applying glue and then piece the wooden pieces together. If you try adjusting things post-glueing, there’s a big chance that you’ll damage something. Dry-fits help you see what components go in what locations.

Look around your neighbourhood and workplace for sources of free wood. Some business have excess wood pallets lying around and will give them away if you’ll collect them. Look online for some more ideas.

Use more than just tape measures. Story sticks can help you out and it’s wise to slowly work up to the cut you want.

Practice First

Practising on scraps first is a great way to try various fittings. Having more than one way to approach a cut keeps things fresh and interesting, avoiding boredom and accidents from mental lapses.

TIP! Stair gauges may be just the ticket for crosscut guides. Clamp them on the carpenter’s square and be sure they match up.

Start out by using kits. These kits contain pre-cut wood to ensure your project is a success. That lets you focus on getting a handle on woodworking. This will save money too because you won’t make as many mistakes.

Try to keep an eye out for furniture others are getting rid of. These pieces will often have useful pieces of wood you can use yourself. Stop to think about other prospects before pushing aside what you’re seeing. If the dresser is not useful, do something with the drawers.

Something can always fly toward your eyes and cause damage. Wearing goggles can save your vision. Purchase a pair of goggles that fit on your head comfortably.


Are you aware that your workbench height is essential for having successful woodworking projects? It should hit at your midline. This is how tall your bench should be.

Hand tools

Several hand tools should be a part of your arsenal. The first tool you get needs to be a hammer. A claw hammer is the best type for woodworking. Select one that feels comfortable in your hand. You certainly don’t want a tool that’s too heavy to lift.

Working Area

Your woodworking area should be well-lit. Whenever you are working with wood, you need bright light. That way, you can spot the areas that need more sanding. Also, extra lights will allow you to see that the stain is being applied evenly.

Check the wood stain out that you’re using on a spot that’s inconspicuous first. The stain may not look as you expect, or you may have problems applying the stain that you didn’t foresee. By looking at the stain beforehand on a spot you aren’t too worried about, you can make some changes if you have to. This technique will save you a lot of work and headaches in the end.


When renting tools that you are unfamiliar with, speak with the company about getting a lesson on how to use it. Many times the people who work there will give you a quick demonstration on how to correctly use the tool.

It is important to be patient. Many people begin woodworking projects but become frustrated when it takes so much time to finish them. Keep in mind that your finished project is somewhere inside that piece of wood. Patience will help you be successful at woodworking. Soon enough that project you’re working on will be finished!

Prep your wood for stain. You can do this by using the pre-staining conditioner. These wood conditioners soak into the wood’s grain and help it to evenly soak up the stain. Lastly, after your stain is on, use a rag to remove excess product.

Write down your measurements to get them right every time. Do this on both sides. If you can’t read your markings, use an address label.

TIP! A golf tee can fix loose door hinges. Take the door from the frame than then tap in the tee into the screw holes.

Rent tools instead of buying. Renting a tool that you’re using just once or twice will help you to figure out if it’s something you really need. The renter will also demonstrate how to use the tool in a safe and proper manner.

Most folks lack the ability to see all of the wonderful things a plain block of wood can be transformed into. If you are unlike those people, then you will enjoy the information contained here. These tips will help you enjoy woodworking.