Unusual Sheds UK made to​ Measure

Made to​ Measure Sheds


Not every house in the Uk has nice square corners or recesses to place a shed or workshop .

With the increasing way builders are cramming new houses into any and every space they have available to them.

It is likely you will have some stare and unusual areas within your garden or yard.

Unusual Sheds for Unusual Space

City Centre Sheds are one of the UK’s leading timber building manufactures our bespoke product factory is now being kept extremely busy.

Unusual Sheds UK​

We suggest you take a little time and fully measure the area you intend.

Take a few images and even a video !

Why you ask ?

So you can forward those images and video on to our selves .

This will allow us to get a much better idea of the area you are considering fitting an unusual shaped shed or workshop .

With our vast expericnce making bespoke custom made garden sheds / stores or workshops. Within seconds we will spot things that could potentially cause issues.

  • Overhanging Items
  • Different Ground Levels
  • Acsess issues
bad base area

Unusual Sheds in Uk

Over our 30 plus years in business, we like to think of our selves as the premium supplier of Unusual Sheds Uk .

As a small independent business, we rely on recommendations as the back bone of our enquires.

Spending the time to talk through your concerns and thoughts on the building you have in mind .

Refusing an order

Not being frightened to refuse an order if we think it is not the right thing for you.

To Give Us an idea of Traveling Time and Transport Costs Outside Our Free Delivery And Fitting Area
Leave a brief description of what you are looking for if it is not a standard building