April 2, 2020

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UK Made Log Cabin

UK Made Log Cabin

18 x 13 Uk Made Log Cabin

The building was ordered by Mrs khan in Wolverhampton.

She first approached us in 2019 via a telephone call. We then proceeded to resume our conversation through continuous emails, originally Mrs. Khan was interested in our workshop as she had seen some photos online and liked the design she also needed a side storage facility to be added to store away some garden supplies.

She’s a mother of 3 and was desperate to have some alone time from her stressful life as a mother and wife and thought that making this purchase would allow her to escape her busy family life and sit back and relax with a book.

She pondered on the decision for a while as it was a lot of money too spare but was ecstatic with the results and regretted not making the purchase sooner.

UK made log cabin Installation

We showed her our many recent projects that were made out of our log effect timber and she immediately reconsidered her previous decision of wanting a workshop.

Our log effect cladding is 38mm thick and stands on a strong 3in x 2in framework which is all 100% pressure treated and tanalised.

This was a bespoke job due to the unusual shape of her garden as it was slanted at one side, as a result, one side of the shed is 4 m whilst the other is 3m.

This was an in-house design fitted with double glazed PVC black boarder doors and windows giving a very modern feel as well as added security.

Although PVC doors and windows are a little more on the expensive end we always feel that they add a more homely feel to a lot of our bespoke log cabins. This particular customer also wanted electricity fitted in her building which has become a common thing amongst log cabins. We got our in-house electrician to go on a site visit to fit an armored cable from her house to where the building would eventually be installed.

UK Made Log Cabin
UK Made Log Cabin

Base Laying Sevice

We can offer you a selection of bases suitable for your UK Made log Cabin check out our base page here

Full Turnkey Sevice

Our In-House electrician can do a range of things from outdoor/indoor lights to fan heaters. Overall this was a tricky job but we and our customers are very happy with the end result.

20x10 custom garden room