Timber Workshop & Furnishing It

Your New Timber Workshop & Furnishing It

A timber workshop is often the pride and joy of any individual who works regularly with wood.

The precise tools and equipment you require are dependent upon your trade.

However, there are several items which are essential within all timber workshops. Getting the set up of your timber workshop is important in order to allow yourself to work efficiently and quickly.

Wood storage/ sawing area in Your Timber Workshop

This is an essential area within any Timber Workshop. Although the size of wood you are cutting and manipulating will vary, anyone working within timber needs some space to store their wood and cut it to size.

This area is often most efficient if kept separate from the rest of the tools and workbenches in the workshop. This means you can easily get in and cut wood to a size no matter what you are working on in other parts of the workshop.

Whether you use a band saw, a circular saw or a hand saw, make sure to leave plenty of space around this area so you can manipulate multiple cuts of wood. Have a separate space for uncut wood, woodcut to size and offcuts.

Seating in your Timber Workshop Most timber workers assume that seating is unnecessary as most of their work is done standing up. However there are always a few jobs one can complete sat at a stool or chair which will provide an important respite from your regular work.

This will also help prevent back problems in the long term. Small simple stools are easy to move around and do not get in the way and also have multiple other uses.

If you have a large workshop with extra space, a comfy chair or sofa from www.forrestfurnishing.co.uk won`t go a miss, an ideal spot for a tea break or to survey your masterwork.

Make sure it`s something that you don`t mind getting covered in dust.


Timber Workshop should have at least two workbenches, one which is a plain regular table style work bench which is left clear and with plenty of place to manipulate your timber.

Secondly, if you require a more technical workmate style workbench, place this on the other side. Then you have two workspaces which allow you to carry out multiple tasks at the same time.


This is arguably the most important thing to think about in any Timber Workshop. The best workshops function when tools and equipment are stored efficiently and safely.

Make sure regularly used tools are easily accessible and to hand. Open plan storage is best in this respect as you can see exactly what you are looking for. It also encourages the user to return tools back to their correct space.

Large power tools should each have their own box stored out of the way with all their components included. Be meticulous with the storage of small tools and collections of nuts, bolts, nails and washers.

If you can keep these under control and make it easy to find the things you are looking for, the workshop will be an undeniably pleasant place.

Lighting Your Workshop

One simple rule: make sure all areas are well lit. There is nothing worse than straining your eyes looking for a tool or piece of wood.

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