Timber Summer Houses

Single or Double Doors

City Sheds offer by far the best range of value for money Timber Summerhouses in the UK.


We do not sell Cheap Summerhouses that have been built down to a price – By this, we mean using low-grade timbers and fixings, solely for the reason to try and say our buildings are the cheapest.

We are Proud NOT to be the cheapest – But Pound for Pound we offer the best value for your money.

Summerhouses for all year round

I well-constructed Summer house can be used all year round if you spend a little extra money either insulating it or installing some form of heating

Double Glazing

Even by using double glazing can afford a new Summer room to store that extra sunlight!

Insulated Summerhouses

We are able to offer you a range of insulating upgrades dependent upon the style and size building you select.

The cheapest is standard build rock wool, that can be simply shoved in between the timber framing. Unless this is covered it looks unsightly.

You will then have the additional cost of what sort of finish you are prepared to look at. Recladding the whole inside with tongue and groove is time-consuming and costly.

So it is worth considering all these issues when first placing your order.

Timber Summer Houses

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