Timber Issues

Timber is a Natural Product

Timber Issues

 As most people will know Timber / Wood is a Naturally occurring product and as such prone to all or any of the process below . If you were not aware the information below may assist in educating you to these facts.

All Softwood Timbers are prone to or likely to suffer from the following factors no matter who you purchase your building from.

  • Warping 
  • Shrinking 
  • Splitting 
  • Twisting
  • Shakes 
  • Knot Holes 

None of which we as a manufacture can control as it is a natural occurring process and beyond any human intervention without the timber undergoing expensive processes such as Laminating which will drastically increase the cost .

Although we always endeavour to select the best timbers during manufacturing the fast-growing nature of the Timbers / Wood nowadays these issues are inherent.

Where ever possible we will always offer FREE advise and guidance on how to deal with any issues listed above but generally just use a bit of commonence.

Most small common issues are known holes and small splits, these can be dealt with by using a quality wood filler available in most major DIY stores .

A Timber Product can NOT be guaranteed against Naturaly occurring events .  

If you feel you can not accept these facts we suggest you DO NOT buy a Softwood timber based product from us or any supplier and opt for a manmade product such as Plastic or Metal which can be fully controlled during its process.

As we only buy in our Timber cut and nail it on to the framework, we do not do any machining, planning or processing in any form.

Our Timber is purchased from a Timber merchant who in turn buys it from a Saw Mill in the Baltics so we have a chain of custody but none of this changes the fact because of its inherent nature timber will do what nature allows it to do. 

Therefor because of the reasons stated above will not carry our any Guarantee / Warranty Repair or replacement due to Naturally occuring material issues.

This note is esspecaily important to highly strung occurring of children who purchase a timber playhouse. It will be your ( the parents ) responsibility to ensure the buildings is safe for your child to use as per our T+Cs,  splinters and so on are like to aeries in the construction of such buildings even after all reasonable action has been taken by our selves.