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Timber Garages For Storage

A Timber Garage is a very useful space to have on your property. Of course, you can use it to store your car and keep it shielded from the elements, but garages have many other uses as well. They can be used for storage, as a workshop, or even as a home office.

If you are thinking of replacing your old, worn-out garage, or if you do not have a garage and want to add one to your property, you have several decisions to make. One of the most important decisions is the type of material you will use.

Many people automatically assume that a garage must be made from concrete or brick, but timber garages are an excellent choice as well.

One advantage that these garages have over other building materials is that they are much more attractive than concrete or even brick.

The rustic look of natural timber is very attractive and blends in easily with the rest of your landscaping. You do not have to do any extra work to make your garage look appealing from the outside.

Custom Made Timber Garages

Garages made from timber are also very flexible. Since they are built from the ground up, you can plan them to fit whatever space you have available. Whether you have a large lot with a great deal of room, or a smaller lot with a limited amount of space, you can build a garage that will fit neatly onto your property.

A Timber Garage is a permanent structure, of course, and as such will need a solid concrete foundation. One consideration when choosing a site for your garage is the ground. The area where you want your garage to be built will have to be cleared away, and if there is a slope, it must be made level. If you can, choose the most level patch of ground on your lot for your garage.

Before building a garage, you also need to make sure that you are in compliance with all local regulations. Building a structure of the size of a timber garage is quite a task, and you may require approval from your local planning board.

Check to find out what the rules are in your area before you start construction so that you do not run into any problems later on.

Wide Timber Garages

Most timber garages can be constructed quite quickly with a minimum of disruption. They often go up much more easily than garages made from other materials.

If you like to work with your hands, you can even buy kits that you can assemble yourself. However, it is often better to hire professionals to do the job. After all, they have a great deal of experience building garages of all shapes and sizes.

If you choose high-quality timber for your garage, it will last for many years. Be sure to choose wood that has been pressure treated and coated with a weather-resistant finish. This will protect your garage from the elements and prevent the wood from rot and decay. You should also treat the wood so that it is resistant to mold, fungus, or other organisms that could damage it.

A garage made from timber provides natural insulation so that the interior remains comfortable year-round. Since the material is breathable, the air circulation is much better than in a brick or concrete garage.

Helping to prevent condensation and moisture from accumulating, which can damage your car or anything else stored in your garage.

However, if your climate tends to be chilly in the winter, it can still be a good idea to install heating. This way, you can stay warm in your garage, no matter what the temperature may be outside. Adding extra insulation can also help keep the temperature moderate inside your garage.

Timber Garage Bases

Look for timber that has been sustainably farmed. Most timber used in garages is carbon-neutral and grown on sustainable farms. This way, you can know that your timber garage is not hurting the environment.

Once you have finished building your timber garage, it is time to start organizing it. The first thing that you need to decide is what use you plan it to. Are you primarily just going to store your car in your garage? Do you want to use it for storage as well? What about having an area for a workshop?

Many of these questions should have been answered during the planning stage, but once the actual structure is complete, you may change your mind about some of your answers. If so, you may need to be more flexible about your plans.

Building a garage that is a bit bigger than you need can be a good idea since this gives you more wiggle room to work with.

Adding shelving to the walls of your garage gives you more storage space, even if you keep your car in the garage most of the time. Built-in shelving can be used to store tools, supplies, gardening equipment, and anything else you can think of. Make sure that the shelves are adjustable so that you can move them about as needed.

Do not neglect the upper part of your garage.

The rafters can be an ideal place to store lighter objects that you do not need to have access to very often. For example, the rafters are the ideal place to store spare mattresses, boxes of blankets, or old children’s toys.

A built-in ladder can supply easy access when you need to get something down.

Installing a workbench makes it easy to use your garage as a workshop. If space is limited, you can choose a workbench that can be folded down and out of the way when you are not using it. If you have more room, you can make the bench a permanent fixture.

Timber Garages are a great choice when you are in need of more storage space on your property. They are durable, attractive, and will provide you with many years of use.

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