Timber Dog Kennels


Timber Dog Kennels

Wooden Dog Kennels and Runs manufactured in our factory in Liverpool Merseyside where we individually manufacture a great selection of timber sectional buildings including Timber Dog Kennels & Runs For Sale. Producing a number of wooden dog kennels for sale to any size, both bespoke and commercial. As well as dog runs that are great for the majority of dog handlers or dog owner’s demands, whether it is intended for full-time housing or perhaps periodic use. City Sheds make kennels of the best quality and also have a very good reputation.


Firstly we would like to point out the materials used in our Wooden Dog Kennels shown on this page are almost double the thickness you see advertised across the internet and on cheap sites like Ebay or 90% of other sites selling Timber Dog Kennels. We use 22mm (ex25mm) compared to12mm – Nearly double the thickness – but NOT double the price. Our wooden dog kennels for sale are like comparing a Ford Escort against a Range Rover – They’re simply not in the same league!

Heavy Duty Wooden Dog Kennels For Sale

So if you are looking for cheap wooden dog kennels for sale that will last you 12 months or less – then your on the wrong website ! Our kennels and runs are strong and built to be durable.

We are simply not prepared to reduce the quality and strength of our buildings to start getting involved with silly price wars, where eventually you the client, ends up losing out because the product has been reduced in quality so badly.

It is simply a bad decision to buy a Timber Dog Kennel so cheap you are going to need to replace it in a few months !

Custom Made Wooden Dog Kennels For Sale Full Bespoke / Made to Measure Wooden Dog Kennels are available for sale – please email us or post a sketch of your requirements and we will quote you by return.

If you see a timber dog kennel on any other site that you would like, please copy and paste the link to us and we will give you a quote for a similar kennel but in our Heavy Duty Timbers – What do you have to lose?

You can even ask us about our Ex-Display Wooden Kennels as we do sell these off at a Reduced price every few months to keep the show site looking fresh and to present any alterations we may have made to a particular model.

Deluxe Wooden Dog Kennels

Love Your Dog With A Timber Dog Kennel Made By City Centre Sheds If you need to house one puppy or an entire pack of dogs, our wooden dog kennels for sale can provide you with the versatile, functional, and affordable solution that you need.

These very high-quality timber buildings are manufactured by the same proud tradesmen who make many other types of wooden buildings. These other types of buildings include wooden sheds, garages, and even homes for people. You might love your kennel so much that you will want to order a larger one for yourself later! The Advantages Of Timber Dog Kennels These are quality buildings that will last for many decades.

They are aesthetically pleasing, so they should complement the look of almost any garden or country property. Since they are such good quality buildings, they can even add to the value of your home. If you ever decide to sell your house, any dog lovers will be much more eager to bid on a property that already has a good home set up for their pets. This small investment can help you get more money for your home, and you can even expect to sell your home faster. Meanwhile, you are providing a good shelter for your valuable four-legged friends.

This is one purchase that can make both animals and people happy. Wooden Dog Kennels Are A Green Choice! Many animal lovers are also concerned about the natural environment.

Did you know that timber buildings are a very environmentally friendly choice? — Wood is a very good insulating material. That means that these kennels should stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Of course, you will have to use your common sense about the temperature extremes your own animals will be comfortable in. But you can expect these buildings to stay comfortable better than buildings made out of other types of materials. —

This timber is also gathered from sustainable sources. Make a purchase that you will be proud of because it uses materials that can be harvest and regrown for future generations too. — Each one of these wooden dog kennels is made from high-quality timber, and they are never made from scraps or cut off pieces of timber left over from manufacturing a shed or other garden building. You can select a small dog house.

You can also order larger kennels that can house multiple pooches in comfort and style. There are standard-sized models that you might order, or you can also choose to ask if yours could be customized to your exact specifications. In some cases, you can have the larger kennels divided so each dog can have a private space. Who

Buy Wooden Dog Kennels

A variety of different types of dog lovers purchase these wooden kennels. Some types of customers include: — Families who want to provide outdoor shelter for their pets. — Dog breeders who need functional and flexible space for their dogs. — People who show dogs, and want to make certain that their valued animals are protected. — Kennel businesses who offer to keep dogs when owners are on vacation find these kennels make a great way to house dogs securely while they are being boarded. Wooden kennels are not just for dogs! Note that you can also order a larger model for different sized animals. You can order larger models for goats, cows, or even horses.

Our business provides a variety of different sizes and types of timber animal shelters that can meet the needs of pet owners, farmers, ranchers, and more. Find building sizes that range from a small dog house to a fairly large barn. Once you begin to research these buildings, you will probably be surprised by how versatile they can be.

How To Prepare Your Property For A Wood Kennel These timber buildings must be installed on flat and cleared land.

We can give you instructions and tips. A simple foundation can also increase the building’s lifespan. It might also be more comfortable for your animals. We also provide land preparation as an extra service. If you choose, you can also decide to do the work yourself or get another contractor to do the work for you.

Either way, you will be pleasantly surprised because erecting these types of wooden kennels is very quick. Even though you can expect to get your wooden dog kennels quickly, you should know that we will never cut corners. Expect to be as happy with your wooden dog shelter in several years as you are the first day it has been installed on your property. Small wooden dog kennels for sale.

What To Consider When Ordering Wooden Animal Shelters You might want to consider your present and future needs. Some of these kennels can be used to shelter pets now.


Later, if you no longer need the building for this use, you might use it for outside storage. If you order one of the larger models, you can even convert it into a workroom, studio, or office for yourself.

Nobody needs to know that you are working in a building that was meant for dogs. That is because the company makes each building to the same high quality standards that they commit to for each and every type of building they produce.

Order Your Timber Dog House Or Kennel Today You can choose to find a local showroom so you can experience the beauty and quality of these buildings for yourself. Alternatively, you might simply decide to browse the photos that have been posted on the website.

Either way, you can speak with a professional customer service representative to ask questions, gather details, or even make an order. Why wait when you can provide quality shelter for your animals right away? These wooden dog kennels for sale can be erected to protect your dogs or other types of animals. Shelter your pets, protect your investment, and add a valuable building to your property as soon as you can.

Ask about our display timber dog kennels Please feel free to inquire if we have any ex show timber dog kennels, as every few months we change our display site to keep it looking fresh and update any new ideas or changes we may have made to our timber dog kennel range timber kennel with steel bars small timber dog kennels medium sized timber dog kennels large back yard dog kennels


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