Supermodel Linda Evangelista once said

” I can do anything you want me to do … as long as I don’t have to speak . ”

Putting that stamens to one side – This could be Mans Ideal Relationship . Yet it is a quote that is applicable to sheds !

A Shed cn be Anything you want it to be and will never say a word.

Further Investigations

Have shown that sheds are mysterious places with may different activities taking place with inside its walls . A whole different Universe in some cases .

The first documentation of the men in shed phenomenon was documented by and Aussie called Mark Thompson. he wrote the book Blokes in Sheds back in 1995.

followed by shed stories in 1999.

Ausie Men Self Help Group

Most of the groups that sprung up around this phenomenon have formed local self help groups. in the UK the are know as “Men in Sheds ”

Basically like minded men and woman getting together as and when in their local shed .

The Joy Of Sheds

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