Placing an Order1.1. By placing an order on this web site , our associated web sites or in person at our factory show site or agents you are consenting to the following Terms and Conditions.If you are in doubt in any way with any part of the details below – please do NOT place an order with ourselves or our agents until have made your self totally comfit-able and full understand our terms. You are welcome to phone – email citysheds@gmail.com to make an appointment so a member of staff can explain and elaborate any part of our conditions of sale you do not 100% understand

1.2. Our acceptance of your order brings into existence a legally binding contract. Seek legal advise if you are unsure and do not order until you are happy to do so. 

1.3. Legal ownership of any goods will not pass to you until full payment has been received. By placing an order with ourselves you agree to this and will allow us full un obstructed access on to your property to allow us to remove our goods you have not paid for or there is any dispute regarding workmanship . You will do this without any let or hindrance what so ever during the hours of 8am to 6pm – 7 days a week . It will not be a matter of us trespassing on your property simply us entering your property as you have confirmed under this agreement.As such you agree not to call the Police and waste public time and money by claiming we are trespassing when you are fully aware we are NOT Trespassing only retrieving our goods you have not paid for and for which you have agreed to allow us to collect due to none payment or dispute. This is a civil matter and not a Police ( criminal )matter

1.4. Should you obtain goods prior to full order payment, you accept that we retain the right to demand and receive immediate settlement of outstanding payment prior to transfer of ownership or grant us unrestricted access to reclaim the goods. At this point a cancellation process shall be instigated.


1.0 Full payment is expected before the building leaves our factory .

In the even we have made special arrangements with you which will be done via dated and timed email .  On some of our larger jobs over £10,000 we will allow you to pay a deposit of say 50% on order the 40% on the day before delivery the final 10% payable when the job has been completed. We do NOT offer credit , buy now pay later , send goods on approval or pay for it when it suites you type of arrangements.In the case of any workmanship / material dispute we will allow you to hold back that 10% until we return to fix any issues but retain the right to remove our goods and offer a refund.

This does NOT entitle you with hold payment other than the 10 % mentioned above . We will charge a minimum £50 per week interest on outstanding amounts under £5000 £75 per week for £5001 to £8000 and £100 per week on £8001 plus 

1.1 Credit Card Payments will attract an additional 4% surcharge if you have not ordered directly from the web site using its pre set pricing features . This is important as on the larger more expensive bespoke buildings and cabins this fee may start adding up to a sizable amount.This surcharge is a fee we are charged by the credit card companies for handling the transaction we do not make any money from this . The only way around this is to make a direct bank transfer ( details will be provided upon request ) We always recommend you by either card or bank transfer rather than cash , but this is ultimately the clients discretion . 

2.1 Collecting of out standing dets – in the case of dispute and or outstanding payments we may use the services of an external dept collecting service to recover our monies . Any fees charged by these collection services will be added to your bill , so it is strongly advised you take legal advise before letting this issue get out of hand . By paying a deposit confirms your willingness to agree to all terms and conditions stated . 

2.2. This site is a portal to not only buildings City Centre Sheds supply but also to other suppliers and retailers . So as such all prices shown on our websites or price lists are in (£) Pounds Sterling, and include any duty applicable that may need to be charged by that supplier. Because of the complex VAT laws some smaller suppliers are not VAT resisted or Zero rated because they do not claim back VAT on their purchases. All prices are current at the time ordered and rate, errors and omission excepted. 2.3. Free delivery is included in the price in the Merseyside / Wirral / Manchester Area unless stated otherwise, and an additional charge is applicable depending upon the delivery area and goods/services are required .

2.4. You shall be notified prior to acceptance of the order if there is an amendment or alteration to the price of the goods or services.2.5. The manufacturers reserve the right to change the specification of their products at any time which is mainly due to Tech / Structural alterations that will eventually lead to a better product . If the price has been amended or altered, you will be entitled to cancel the order and receive a full refund where applicable. 

2.6. Non refundable deposit of at least 10% for goods or services must be made at the time of order. Please take your time and DO NOT place an order until you have made what ever arrangements you feel you need to ensure you have your site ready for this new building . Do not commit your self to a delivery date when placing an order unless you have all your ground work and clear access to the site ready ..Delivery: 

2.6.1 None payment of goods on day of delivery – if you have not pre paid for your product and have opted to pay on the day of delivery – “Cash on delivery” . We expect payment before the lads leave the job or the building will be dismantled and removed Our profits are very tight now days and we do NOT offer credit or extended payment terms . Cash on delivery means CASH – NOT Cheque or credit card . 

3.1. We will arrange delivery of the goods at the earliest opportunity and can not be held responsible for any time you may or may not have take of work and do not cover any money or financial loss you may have at this or any time . 

3.2. All delivery dates or lead times stated are approximate only and are given by ‘The SUPPLIERS’ in good faith for indication purposes only. We cannot guarantee specific delivery dates or times, and cannot be held responsible for delays which are out of our direct control, including (but not limited to) manufacturing problems and third party contracted companies. 

3.3. We shall not be responsible for any delays caused due to incorrect or incomplete information being submitted by the Customer or their agents . 

3.4. Delivery only – any products that are marked for delivery only shall be made to the curbside/ roadside only and it shall be at the discretion of the delivery driver to move the goods to an alternative point at the delivery property. Unless you have paid for the erecting service or are making use of our Free erecting service , only one man will arrive with the building and can not be expected to lift heavy sections through your house or down drive ways on his own and if you feel you will not be able to assist then we need to know in advance. 

3.5. It is your responsibility to provide suitable clear / clean of Dog Muck access for delivery, and notify us of any concerns, in writing, at the point of order. In this instance, you will be liable for any failed or return delivery charges. Within our standard quote we have only allowed for a two man delivery team who will deliver and instal the building with 30 meters of the point where the truck can park. As some our sections especially on our heavy duty workshops are extremely large , heavy and bulky . If when our team arrive and you have not informed us in advance they have limited access or walks of over 30 meters over a flat solid , level unobstructed surface. 

3.6. A valid signature from you or your representative is required upon delivery, at which point you bear all responsibility and risk. Failure to provide or you not be available to sign we will take it that you will agree that you are happy with the goods and services we have supplied unless you inform us via email – info@citycentresheds.co.uk of you concerns with 24 hours of that original delivery. 

3.6.1. If you are not available to sign for the goods upon delivery, then either prior written acceptance of responsibility must be authorized by us allowing the goods to be left unattended. If written acceptance of responsibility is not received prior to delivery, you will be liable for the failed and/or return delivery charges. By making payment more than 24 hours after delivery has taken place it will be taken as confirmation you are happy with the product or services we have supplied and have no grounds for refund or re call. 

3.7. Goods must be examined within a reasonable time of delivery ( 24 hours) and all damages or shortages or concerns must be reported as soon as possible firstly by telephone to 0151 345 6649 as we now record all phone conversations and thereafter via email info@citycentresheds.co.uk as it is dated and times so there is no confusion. The Company will not accept any telephone claims which are not backed up immediately in writing via email. The simple facts are people tell lies and twist citations to suite them selves – dated emails do not. 

3.7.1. No responsibility for transit damage will be accepted after 24hrs from time of delivery. 

3.7.2. If damage has occurred to sectional goods during transit, each section will be classed as an individual item. We reserve the right to replace only the damaged sections, and can decline any replacement when damage has been caused by the customer through misuse, neglect, self-assembly, works carried out by others or incorrect storage. Minor superficial damage caused during transit will not be accepted as grounds for rejection or request for refund.

Timber sections tend to be large, bulky and heavy and if you have any concern about any damage these sections may cause to any part of your property or out buildings , whilst being transferred to its site then you are at-lib to carry them through to site your self personally then the fitters can erect once you have the building in place .

We will not deliver buildings to Premises where our staff consider it to be dangerous or the building may be of a historical nature or the client has not made clear unobstructed access to the site. 

3.8. You should not begin installation, or arrange any third-party installation until the product has been fully inspected for damage , missing parts or has been made to the specification you have agreed on. We shall not be liable for any costs incurred by ‘The Customer’, should they fail to inspect and satisfy themselves that the product is sound and complete prior to self-assembly or continuation of any other works.

4.1. Some of our products are sold and supplied for self-assembly only so please check individual product’s and pricing structures.  

4.2. If an installation service is available, and has been requested, The Customer must ensure that a flat, level and square base, capable of carrying considerable weight, has been provided before we arrive on site any delays while waiting for this base to be completed will be charged to you at a minimum charge of £50 per hour or any part of . 

4.2.1. The site should be clear of overhanging branches or obstructions, and have sufficient unobstructed access (minimum 600mm) around the site for the safe erecting and maintenance of the building. If the base does not meet the required standards, when our fitter arrive  you will be liable for the aborted labour costs minimum £60 ( sheds ) £200 ( Workshops ) £500 ( Log Cabins )  or  (a minimum 10% of the product price , whichever is greater), and the product will be left for self-assembly. Up on receipt of the aborted labour fee we will then make separate arrangements to return and complete the job. 

4.2.2. Should The Customer require a return installation service it will be carried out at time convenient to both parties involved and will not be dictated by the client. 4.3. The Customer must ensure that the installers vehicle can be parked as close as possible to the installation site. If a parking area cannot be located nearby the site, the installation may be abandoned and a return charge (as defined in 4.2.1. And  4.2.2.)The Customer will be liable for any costs incurred by the installation team (metered parking etc.) during the installation period. Or any Parking fines caused due to the client not providing safe of road parking. 

4.4 The Customer must provide reasonable access to toilet facilities if we are on site for more than 2 hours. Failure to provide these facilities may require the lads to leave site to use other facilities near by . This extra time will be changed to you as quoted above at a minimum charge of £50 for lost time and inconvenience you have caused by not providing such facilities. 

4.5 You the customer wili be responsible for the removal of all rubble / materials /packing cases / covering sheets once the fitters have finished the job of erecting your building . We have made No provision of Skips / Wagons or the likes to remove any waste as this will become your liability unless you have recieved a dated and time email quote for such services and paid the relevant fee. Cancellations: 

5.1. If the goods have not been delivered, you can cancel the contract at anytime from the day the contract is made until the expiry of 14 days following the day after receipt of the goods ( Log Cabins Excluded )(except as defined in 5.2.). Cancellations must be made in writing either by fax or email. Letters are no longer classed as being reliable means of delivery 

5.1.1. An additional charge may be made if the order is cancelled after delivery has been scheduled by a third party. 

5.2. The Customer has no right to cancel at any time if the order includes special order items, non-standard options, adaptations, or personalized preferences. Buildings ordered for delivery direct to the customer from overseas (e.g. Log cabins) are non-returnable, and cannot be cancelled once shipping has commenced. 

5.3. Minor cosmetic damage, and natural variances in timber buildings such as knots, natural cracks and shakes are not classed as imperfections or flaws, and not classed as faulty goods as they are naturally occurring factors you must accept when buying a soft wood timber building . 

5.4. We will not accept any return or cancellation if the goods have been altered, assembled, painted or customized in any way.Liability: 

6.1. We will not accept liability for any product which does not meet The Customers required dimensions, unless the exact dimensions have been obtained in writing from us, prior to order . All sizes shown are quoted as approximate roof sizes and NOT floor sizes , and may be changed at any time.

This is especially important when you are ordering a custom / bespoke building.Unless you provide us with detailed drawings setting out heights of windows / doors and any other features that are of concern to you then will provide what we consider to be our nearest thing too ! By this we mean using standard stock materials that meet and match up as they are placed on the bench during manufacture . 

6.1.a. The biggest single problem we encounter is on larger buildings the sections are very heavy and bulky and these need to be made in a number of smaller parts . So as such due to timber shrinkage and movent it mat be the case where these sections do not line up when fitted on site . This is something you will simply have to accept unless you are paying for a premium upgrade where we need to buy longer and more expensive timbers .

Once again any concerns you have over these facts will need to be put in writing with you full buildings requirements. 

6.2. The Customer should check before ordering that the building will be suitable for it’s intended purpose and that it meets any planning regulations , local or national that may be in force for that type or size building . We can not offer any form of refund part or full due to your neglect in ensuring the building you have ordered meets local planning regulations for height or size . 

6.3.The Supplier will not accept liability for any issues caused by the installation of any product by a third party. 

6.4. If you do not receive goods ordered within 30 days of the date ordered (unless a longer delivery time had been agreed), we shall have no liability to you unless notified in writing at our contact address of the problem within 40 days of the date on which you ordered the goods. 

6.4. If we (or our suppliers) are unable to supply your order, we will refund you in full as soon as possible. We will not be obliged to pay any compensation for disappointment or inconvenience or the likes. 

6.5. We will not be liable( a) for losses that were unforeseeable to both parties when the order was made,( b) for losses that were not caused by any breach on behalf. Timber Shrinkage or Damage 

7.0 Timber is a natural grown product and as such it totally beyond our control and in the hands of nature . Although we hand select the timber the best we can , unfortunately we can be held responsible for any Shrinkage / Warping or Shakes what so ever as it is a naturally occurring event . 

7.1 Your new building will have received a base coat of water based treatment as standard practise , how ever it is vital that ANY new timber be treated within its first 14 days with a high quality “spirt based” timber preservative . We will need to be informed via email with evidence of this process and include pictures so we can compare the before and after . Failure to do this very important process will immediately null and void your Guarantee   

7.2.Your Timber Building must be treated on at least an annual basis is with a good quality “Spirit Based” preservative to ensure it stays waterproof . For our 10 year warrantee to be withheld you  will need document evidence of this fact that this process has been carried out correctly . We do offer an optional annual retreating service if required at an extra charge . 

7.3 If you are not prepared to accept the facts stated above, we suggest you do not order a timber building and buy a man made . Plastic or metal alternative. 10 Year Warrantee  

8.1. Our 10 year warrantee cover all our timber garden buildings and is subject to strict terms and conditions. 

8.2 The building must be treated at the very least every 12 months using one of our approved quality Timber Care Products . We must  see photo evidence of this work before and after work by sending us dated photos of that work . 

8.3 Only a quality spirit based time preserve must be used. Cheaper water based treatments are NOT recommended Our Prices9.0 All our Prices are fixed at the very best possible Discount . We do not enter into bartering or haggling over prices . 

9.1 All buildings must be pre paid in full before leaving our factory unless an agreement to pay Cash on Delivery has been made in writing via email. 9.2 We do NOT take Cheques or Credit Cards on delivery these forms of payment must be cleared before delivery 

9.3 We do NOT offer credit terms 9.4 Our prices include FREE delivery and erecting in the Merseyside or within 30 miles from L10AH only – out side that area you will be expect to pay an additional delivery charge to cover the extra fuel which will be pre arranged . 

9.5 Our prices quoted is standard drop down price does NOT include the any alterations – the adding of extra none standard windows – moving of door positions fall under our custom build prices . Whoever we are flexible on certain items but can NOT be held responsible if your requests are not carried out unless you pay extra .

Our offer of alterations “free of charge”  are always subject to work load and what stock sections we have available at hat time and this offer may be with drawn at any time . Complaints and Repairs 

10 In the event there is a problem with your new garden shed , summer house or cabin we will where ever possible get out to evaluate the problem or complaint within 3 weeks . Once our staff have been out and made their assessment we will deal with the issue in a timely manor which will normally be with 21 days of that VIST . 

10.1 If after our staff have made a return visit to your building and carried out repairs / replaced parts and you are still not happy then it will be a case that you contact trading standards for their advise .

10.2 If you have made any alterations , cut holes , apertures or altered the building in any way we reserve the right to no deal with any issues these alterations may have caused  

10.3 If you have fitted electric’s , water or any other out side services to that building without informing in writing and via email we reserve the right not to work on that building until those services are removed .10.4 All correspondence must be due via a dated and timed email so there can never be any dispute about what has or has not been agreed . We DO NOT or will not make agreements over the telephone . 

Timber Budlings – Roofs 11. Certain timber buildings such as Pent single sloping roof sheds if not positioned in your garden correctly can be prone to prevailing winds , which cause water to be forced under the overlapping joint on the roofing felt . We must make it clear that if you intend to fit electric’s or any valuable items in to any sort of Pent single sloping roof shed you MUST pay for an upgrade to polyester torch on roofing felt .

11.1 We will NOT guarantee any PENT ROOF shed unless you upgrade the roof covering, as we erect our building FREE of charge you have NOT paid a FEE of any sort so we can NOT be held responsible for any losses or damaged caused. If in any doubt what so ever please take legal advise and  do not buy the building until you have done so .

11.2 Failure to comply with the above request will not entitle you to any form of refund be it partial or in full due to water ingression into that building unless it has been covered with the upgraded torch on roofing felt 

 Fitting of Electric’s in Timber Buildings. 

12 It is now a legal requirement to have ANY electrical work carried out by an approved contractor be it in your home or your garden .This is especially important in timber , should an electrical short circuit occur because of the nature of timber it could become a instant fire hazard .

12.1 We have seen an increase in the amount of insurance claims being made due to fire and as part of an agreement with our insurers that any client who installs electric’s into a building we supply MUST inform us in writing and via email – info@citycentresheds.co.uk with document evidence that a fully qualified electrician has installed that service to the current regulations.

12.2 We as a business DO NOT instal electric’s or remove electric’s  as we have not got the correct legal qualifications to do so. However we can advise you to a list of local contractors who are legally able to do such work at an extra cost.

12.3 It is vitally important that you do NOT instal and form of electrical , insulation or lining in any building we supply until you have firstly inspected that building and are happy with its construction and any others services we may have provided .If we do not receive a dated email from you detailing your concerns and you continue with any form of work we can only conceder you are prepared to accept the condition we have left the building in by continuing with such work.

In the rare case we may have to remove the building and make a refund we will not be make be making any allowances  or refunding you for work you your self may have done on or in that building . By this we mean supping and fitting power or lights , lining and insulating and part of that build , as this was done totally at your risk as clearly stated above  

Timber Playhouses

13.0 As explained above and within our site – Timber is a natural product and as such beyond human control , it does and will develop , splinters , cracks and other natural defects due to its it natural processes .

13.1 We highly recommend as with any product you intend your children to use .

You the buyer / parent  fully inspect the building before letting any child use it . If you feel it is NOT safe in any way DO NOT allow any one to use that building until the issues of concern are dealt with either by your self in the case of naturally occurring problems or in the case of more major issues by our selves .

13.2  . DO NOT buy a timber based product of this nature unless you prepared to accept this fact . Buy a plastic or other man made material that can be stabilized . 

Timber Treatments 

14. Most of our sectional buildings receive a base coat of water based treatment , this is provided free of charge . It is vital you re treat you new building with the first few days  of it being exposed to the elements . It must be treated with a good quality branded spirited based and NOT a water based treatment .

Failure to provide this vital coat of treatment will automatically null and void your warrantee with the suppliers ( see section 10) 

 Refunds 15.We offer a full refund on any product we supply within 21 days of its original delivery to your site , but only on the grounds of disputed workmanship or generally quality of the product .

15.1. This refund is subject to the building being in as near to the original state it was delivered in

15.2 Any damage you may have caused by drilling into the buildings structure , any additional timbers you may have added at your expense will need to be assessed and a suitable deduction made for the damage you may have caused to that product .

You must understand that building will need to be sold on again and by you drilling holes , painting it the color of your choice leave the building in a much less valuable condition . If this is the case we will take photos of the work you have carried out so as this can be used in our favour to show as evidence of the damage / alterations you have caused that building incase of any legal case that may be taken by either partie .

15.3 no matter how you may have paid in the first instance we will only ever refund via credit card system or Bank transfer or cheque , so as we have clear documented evidence that you have been correctly refunded . We do NOT refund by CASH even if you paid by CASH. 

See payment Information Page for full refund information  

Interlocking Log Cabins 

16. These building generally tend to be much heaver construction compared to most other timber buildings and as such do not come under our normal conditions of sale relating to delivery . Because of their size and weight.

In most cases our prices includes FREE with 100 miles of Liverpool but an individual price will be quoted based upon the post code you provide , plus the size and weight of the building.

16.1 Interlocking buildings do NOT fall into our Free erecting service . A separate individual price will be quoted for each and very building . The erecting price we quote of the web is  only a price guide and may NOT be the final price .

As there are so many factors we need to consider such as access , ground conditions and much more , until you provide us with full details it must be taken that our price on this web site is only a guide . Once you have supplied more in depth information which will be passed on to the fitting teams you will then be provided with an emailed quote for that service .

16.2 A minimum 50% will be required for us to actually place and order with the Mill where the buildings are being manufactured . Once this deposit is cleared with 5 to 10 days you will be provided with a set of drawing via email .

You will need to fully inspect those drawings and take into account any items or alterations you may have requested . At this point the building will not have gone into production . If you are not happy with or need any alterations then this is the time to do it , you will need to clearly mark on the plans and detail as best you can in writing and changes you may require . This will then be sent back to the mill where a fresh set of plans will be provided , again this new set of plans will be emailed to you for your approval .

The longer you delay or keep changing things the longer your delivery will take . NO building will be put into production until singed plans have been emailed to us . We cannot be blamed for delivery delays due to your change of plans .

16.3. No refund will be given what so ever once the building has gone into production as you will have had may days if not weeks to change your mind and this building will be being made solely for you as per the drawings we have provided . 

Changes To T+Cs in This contently changing times we live in we reserve the right to adjust and amend our T+Cs on a regular basis .We strongly advise you look over these conditions before you place an order .There is nothing sinister or underhanded within our terms , but what is happening generally with consumers is a certain element are trying to use loop holes and clauses or the shortage of them to obtain refunds , alterations or make false a malaises claims of promises or the likes