Size & Specifications

All sizes quoted on this web site for building are based up on approximate roof sizes and NOT Floor sizes 

If you are in doubt in any way do NOT order your building or lay a base until you have checked out these dimensions.

Timber Sizes


All timber sizes are quote are only ever approximate and can vary by a few millimetres , some of this is due to the fact timber swells and contracts as part of its natural process . Other reasons is they way the Timber industry has historically sold timber .

It is quite leagal to sell say a piece of T+G at say 16 x 125mm .This means it is 16mm Thick and 125 mm wide . BUT this is Nominal and before machining so that finished size could be any thing from 11mm to 13mm x 120mm to 122mm .

Same with any timber size realy, our 22mm is sold to us at  26 x 125 so we could legaly advertise it at 26mm thick cladding when in fact in real life it will be any thing from 24mm to 20mm. We have no way of telling as the main saw mills are in Norway / Sweden , it is not until it arrives at our door do we actually know the finsihed sizes .

So to make things a simple as possible we always try to show are prices at the nearst size AFTER it has been machined – ie 12mm ( may be 11 or 13mm ) and same with all other thicknesses , so please expect variations of a few mill either way .

If this is not acceptable to you and you want a very specific size or thickness , this is possible but at a premium. You will need to inform us via email at the time of order other wise it will be taken for granted you are happy with our our prices and sizes provided as standard .

DO NOT Place an order on our site of with our agents if you can not accept these Timber industry facts . We do not make wood we only buy it in and assemble it

The Framing

We have a selection of framing thickness depending on the product your purchase .

Apart from the odd budget shed we occasionally offer all our famwork will be 2 x 2 ( 50 x 50mm ) or 3 x 2 ( 75 x 50mm ) for workshops and heavy duty sheds

If you look at the main category section and not just the product it self it will usually have a more detailed spec within that page .

Our standard Apex Sheds all come with. 

  1. 50 x 50mm framing –
  2. The sides ( eves) are 69 inch tall ( 14 standard T+G boards high ) this is one board taller than most of our competitors .

The hight at the top of the apex will change depending on the width of the apex section , the narrower the building  the lower that apex will be , but on the widest section it will never be any more than permited planning height which is 2.5m . because of the angle ( 15 degrees ) this max heigh will drastically reduce on the smaller narrow sheds under 6ft wide .

If you are looking for lots of head room then you will need to buy a wider apex shed or invest more money and purchase a heavy duty shed or workshop

Our Heavy Duty Sheds all come with .

  1. 75 x 50mm framing
  2. The sides ( eves) 76 inch tall  ( 17 standard T+G boards hight ) This extra heigh enables the door to be positioned any where around the building .

Virtually no internal hight isues with these building a 6ft 3in pearson can easily walk any where in these buildings once inside.

Once again because the roof angle ( 15 degrees)  the hight at the centre will change depending on width of Apex but with buildings up to 12ft wide they will comply with local planning regs 

Floors / Roofs On Garden Buildings

We only use Soild T+G on all our floors and roofs on our whole range of timber garden buildings . We DO NOT use chip board or low grade OSB.

The floor T+G timbers will usually be the same thickness as the cladding apart from our Workshop range where no matter what thickness cladding the floors are allways 22mm . This is beuase of the size and weight become simply to heavy to handle .

A 12mm Shed will have a 12mm Thick Floor 

A 22mm Shed / Workshop  will have a 22mm Thick Floor 

A 28mm Shed / Workshop  will have a 22mm Thick Floor 

Our Floor Bearers will ALWAYS run the length of the building – The longest way UNLESS you request other wise in writing / email . We wil NOT accept request for changes via phone as there will be no evidence of that request in the case of dispute on these matters.

Increasingly we are getting to site to erect a building where the client starts taking advise from the nabours / friends / family on the best way to do things ! They where told to put floor beares down this or that way ? without them having any idea and certainly without consulting us.

There is always some “ex Joiner ” or “know it all” who appears after the event giving his or her advise. DO NOT take advise from these people it is our job we do it every day , every year we will advise you FREE OF CHARGE . Most of the time these  “Joiner Experts”  ” Family Memebers” simple do not know what they are talikng about and cause  both you and us problems , they walk away – we have to deal with the problems they leave behind.

Important Note

It is vital you have a solid and level base , NOT sloping in any direction for you to take avantage of our FREE erecting service. If we get to site and you base is not suitable solid and level we reserve the right to drop of the building and will require full payment of any out standing monies.

We can offer you a call back service to erect that building. This call back fee will be a minimum of £50 depending on where you are , if you are any more than than 20 Miles we will need to nagosiate a price for this service.

If the base you have provided requires extra timbers or support , this will all be at an extra charge depending oin the materials involved. We do not carry these extra timber with us so it may well involve you paying not only for those extra timber but our call back service fees as well.

Having two staff sat in a truck traveling to you with the cost of / fuel and expenses are NOT cheap now days. We can not be expected to cover these costs our selves if it was you the client who has caused the problem.

As you where NOT charged for the erecting service in the first place, it causes us great expense and inconvenience having to return to a job because of a situation you the client has caused by not seeking or using our advise provided throught our web site or over the phone. A 5 min call or quick email is all it takes.

Roofing Felt

We only use new idustry approved tar based roof felt, but as with any product it is avalable in diffrent grades.

Roofing felt is supplied and sold by weight and length.

Most popular is the standard 20KG  10m or 20m rolls this basic felt is used on all our standard apex and pent roof sheds and is overlaped and fixed using galvanised staples.

Next we have our heavy duty 40KG agin in 10m or 20m rolls , this is as it looks double the thickness compared to the basic felt so obviously a much longer lasting produt . This 20KG felt is used on all our heavy duty sheds and garden wokshops as standard