southport sheds


 City Centre Sheds is Based in Dunnings Bridge Road Liverpool.

We also have small selection of our buildings on show at Forsaw Timber Suppliers ,Guildford Road ,Southport.PR8 4JU

We presently have a 10 x 8 heavy duty workshop and a heavy-duty summerhouse on display but this will increase over the coming months.

southport sheds

We are hoping to have a larger summerhouse and an interlocking 44mm log cabin on show within the next few months.

Originally had Two show sites in Southport many years ago, now with the age of the Internet, we found not many people where actually bothering to come out and look .

The cost of staffing , rent , rates and other overheads were driving up the Prices .

So it was a simple decision to close down these sites and work from our Main Factory . Southport has always been a good area for us for the higher quality timber buildings. 

At the end of the day, a shed is a shed so if you just looking for cheap storage shed there are plenty of suppliers who can provide you with a low-grade building online nowadays.

It is when you are looking for a better quality shed or timber garden workshop/log cabin is where you will appreciate our services.


With over 35 years in this business there is very little we have not come across. Our bespoke service allows you to have a timber building , shed , cabin or store made to your exact specifications Garden Rooms , Home Offices , Children’s Play Cabins.More an more People are spending their spare time in the Garden now days and the selection of Building is mind-blowing from the most basic to the most outrageous it is simply down to how much money you are prepared to spend on your Project. 


We have by far the best selection of reasonably price timber garden buildings in the Southport area by far. Try visiting any of the large garden centers in your area like Dobbies to get an idea, some of the prices they are quoting will leave you out of breath .

One of the Major Garden Centre chains Dobbies has a massive show site in Southport with over 40 full-sized buildings set up , but you may need to remortgage to buy one !It is just down the road from the main hospital and opens 7 days a week, call in pick up some ideas and give us a call and we will guarantee to beat their prices likes for likes.


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