Small Sheds

Small Sheds

Sheds To Fit Small Spaces

We get lots of inquiries for small sheds every week.

We will shortly be offering a range of basic sizes less than a 4×4 which is presently our smallest shed.

Small Shed Issues

The biggest issue we have is explaining to clients who much space is actually available inside a small shed

As we use 2×2 ( 50x50mm ) Framing and min  1/2 inch (12mm ) cladding automatically you will lose around 125mm or 5 inches.

Then you need to consider the roof overhang of at least 50mm ( 2inch )

We are now up to 7 inches ( 175mm )

So with this in mind, if you only wanted a 3ft wide shed  ( 1000mm ) you will only have 29inch ( 825mm)

Only just about sufficient space for a brush and spade!

Keep an eye on this page for future updates and pricing once we go into production.