Timber Shepherds Huts

The shepherd’s hut was a very common structure, as the 15th century began and well into the early part of the twentieth century, being used by shepherds most commonly in the United Kingdom and France, mainly for sheep raising and lambing.

Sheep huts usually had either corrugated metal roofs or flat metal floors. Sometimes, however, the sides of these structures were made of corrugated metal.

For some time, the term “glamping” arose to describe a new form of lodging developed by some British sheep farmers. Rather than a traditional tent, these farmers built glamping structures in pastures or fields outside of their homes.

These glamps could be constructed using wood from the local area, or purchased from nearby businesses.

They were often decorated with straw, hay, straw bales, and other items that the local people around them would burn for fuel. These so-called glamping structures became a temporary place to sleep for sheep or lambs.

Glamping has continued to grow in popularity in Europe and is now catching on in North America.

A group of North American shepherds and herding groups are now starting to use the glamping concept to organize trips and events to areas of the world where it is possible to spend time with sheep without having to make hotel reservations. Some North American shepherds have taken to calling their glamping “staying in the doghouse.” (But if you prefer to call it camping, it’s OK to do.)

Still, the shepherds are not against the idea of using modern technology to create more convenient ways to travel and to better manage their environments while they are away from home.

The first idea that might come to mind regarding the idea of sheep shepherds’ huts in Europe is probably the type you’ve seen: the wooden versions that resemble cottages, only these are constructed in a more modern style.

The glamping structure can be made from any number of materials including straw, hay, cedar, or pine. A wide variety of natural and man-made furnishings are used to dress the walls, floors, and various structures.

The floor can be tiled, covered with a carpet, or covered with linoleum. The glamping cabin can be set up almost anywhere on the owner’s property.

Glamping presents a unique opportunity to combine herding with modern conveniences. When a flock of sheep needs to be moved from one location to another, traditional means of travel just don’t work.

Many rural sheep farmers in Europe have been forced to develop new methods of sheep farming in order to provide their flocks with the freedom to roam. Traveling by car or bus is impractical for large herds, and commercial transportation services just aren’t available everywhere.

That means that a flock of sheep has to be taken on foot – often on bareback, which presents several risks to the animals.

That’s where the idea of sheep shepherds huts comes into play. A flock of sheep can easily be carried more than 100 miles in good condition with the help of an efficient shepherd’s hut. Shepherds can take the flock to a new location by using a specially built ramp, and they can even cook their food and sleep inside the hut itself.

The hut keeps the flock safe, warm, and comfortable, allowing the sheep to graze about freely without fear of attack from predators.

If it rains, the shepherds can quickly change out of their shepherds’ clothing and pack up their equipment and set off in search of grass. They can even cook their food in the great outdoors all year long, allowing the sheep to be healthy and happy.

While many people think of shepherds as working dogs, there are some that simply want to enjoy the experience of being in the outdoors. In these situations, shepherd’s huts come in very handy.

Sheepdogs can spend hours outside, doing things like hiking, running, and going for a walk. There are even some shepherds that like to build their own little homes in the middle of grasslands and fields, and raise their own sheep, usually for their own personal consumption.

This can be a very rewarding and relaxing pastime for the right shepherd.

The benefits of having a shepherd’s hut are plenty. Not only do they keep sheep safe and warm, but they also allow you to pursue an active outdoor lifestyle while saving the time and money required by other forms of livestock accommodation.

They can be a great investment, both for your own pleasure and the enjoyment of those that you care about.

Whether you’re looking to get a shepherd for your own personal enjoyment, or are looking for a great way to raise livestock for profit, owning a few sheep shoes and a couple of shepherds’ huts is a great idea.

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Shepherds Huts

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