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We are simply old fashioned garden shed makers that evolved with the timber garden building industry. At City Sheds Liverpool we listen to our clients needs and will be honest and up front in what advise and we offer. If we think we can not supply or your expectations are above your budget we will not mess you around – we will tell you the way it is. We are proud not to be the cheapest but proud to offer the best value for money buildings pound for pound.

We Specialise in the manufacture of Good Quality Garden Workshops, Strong Sheds Interlocking Log Cabins that offer real value for money pound for pound.Not all garden sheds are the same. There are massive differences in Framing, Timber Thicknesses and the way the building is constructed. Check out our Videos on the product pages for better information.


How Will Your Garden Building Be Installed?

As the leading garden shed suppliers in Liverpool City sheds use special screw bolts when erecting our range of garden sheds . Simply try comparing these bolts with smashing a few small nails or at the best the odd small screw through the front boards and hope they will hold up your new building. How long do you think your new garden shed will stand up to a bit of bad weather, held together in that way? … We can assure you that it will not be for long.

There are lots of little tricks being used by local garden shed suppliers in Liverpool and nationwide, who make out you are getting a better deal. Well in most cases you are not, in real terms you are only getting what you pay for.

Which is a low grade cheap shed that has been built to a price and not a standard, it is your hard earned money we are talking about here so unless you can afford just to throw it away then consider just some of the points above, otherwise you will be replacing your garden shed a lot quicker than you expected.

We always suggest if you are looking for a new garden shed or workshop you find time and make an effort to see our manufacturing facility in Liverpool, then we can easily demonstrate the variations in quality and design we have to offer. Not all sheds are the same, may be similar in size may be but certainly NOT the quality. We ask you this question – is every 4 door car the same ? No so why would a shed !

City Centre Sheds Liverpool manufacture genuine, traditional, good value for money Garden Sheds, Summer Houses, Workshops and Log Cabins using local tradesmen.

Our Range Of Garden Sheds We Manufacture Are Limitless…

City Centre Sheds Liverpool are ready and equipped to manufacture and supply you, garden sheds log cabins appropriate for your individual needs and budget. Additionally we can supply you a custom / bespoke made timber garden shed or summer house producing the perfect garden building that matches your gardens needs.

10 Year Anti Rot Warranty On All Buildings

We now offer a 10 year anti rot warranty (subject to T+C) on the whole of our Garden Buildings range. If you follow our clear instructions on a suitable base and treat your building regularly. (you should never need to use this warranty )

We Manufacture All Types Of Timber Buildings

Large Shed OR Small Shed Bike Shed Mower Sheds Potting Shed OR Corner Sheds Tool Shed & Security Sheds Pent Roofed Shed OR Apex Roofed Shed Heavy Duty Garden Workshops Small Dog Kennels Dog Kennel & Run From : Garden Sheds To Garden Offices Timber Workshops To Timber Houses Summer Houses To Log Cabins Bird Aviaries To Timber Dog KennelsPlanning Complaint Log Cabins You Name It – We’ll Build It in Timber ! If we dont build it we can get it from one of our associated suppliers

Any Size or Shape

Nothing frightens us , if you think it is posible and it looks practical , you have the money to pay for it . Then lets make it happen. No matter what shape or size shed, workshop, summerhouse or log cabin you are looking for, we will have a building to suit your needs!

Our buildings are all built to a quality and not a price.

In this fast moving age of the Internet it is a well know fact nowadays that there are a number of types of Product buyers. Sheds Liverpool.

Price Driven Buyers

There are those driven by price alone, simply looking for the a shed or summerhouse at the cheapest possible price and do not care what the quality or value for money it offers. They have not taken the time to compare the specifications or the way it is constructed, or the amount of materials used overall. NOT all sheds are the same , it would be the same as saying all mobile phones the same or that all cars are the same. They are not – nor are sheds.

Then we get a phone call asking “how much is your cheapest shed Lad “How do you answer that question? Would get on the phone when buying say – a car and ask ” how much is your cheapest car Lad ? “What is a cheap shed we ask ? Is it a low quality one !

There is a simple rule and that is something can only be made cheaper by using cheap materials or less of it, no rocket science involved. You buy cheap , you usually end up buying twice ! Its your money. Yes we are aware most people have a budget to work to and that is all well and good. But you can not have wine if you only got the money for water.

Sensible Buyers

The customers who have spent their time comparing cost to product, they will end up with the best overall value and with a building they will not have to replace in a year or so. This group represents 20% of enquiries we receive and is the back bone of our business.

Day Dreamers / Time Wasters

Every business gets it share day dreamers who simply drift through life believing all they see online on Face Book and Twitter. The see the price only without even bothering to look what it includes or the spec. Then we get the know it all’s, the ex joiners who can make what ever we sell cheaper. Why do they even bother coming down if they know they can make their shed cheaper? We all know the sort dont we! Some people simply get their kicks out of wasting other peoples time. But it is all in a days work and every business has its share of day dreamers.

I want a Log Cabin To Live In

Don’t we all ? For example, we get enquiries from people looking for Residential Log Cabins who have the idea of going on line seeing some nice pretty images and think they can click a button on their lap top or phone and they can buy a new home to live in ! Not even bothering themselves to check out if any sort of planning permission is required for such a building or do not even have a plot of land to put it on !

The simple facts are as follows. If you intent to use any building to sleep in even on the odd occasion, the Law requires you to obtain planning permission from your Local Council. It does NOT matter how much land you have or where it is rules still apply.

They may vary from area to area but are basically still the same . That simple, yes you can just bash on and sod them telling you what you can and can not do but it is at your risk. A lot of suppliers will not tell you about this fact just to make a sale . You have been informed.A bit like buying a car without a driving licence.

You can drive your car very well without one, but if you get caught there are consequences to pay of course we are aware people need help or assistance and we will assist when ever possible with our many years of experience. If for example you live in an Area of Out Standing Natural Beauty, then you have next to NO chance of obtaining planning consent without some very good reasons and deep pockets to fight your case.

So Much More Than Just Sheds

This much is true although we are called city centre sheds, we do in fact manufacture and offer you much more than just sheds. Over our 35 plus years in this line of business we have developed a reputation as one of the UKs leading suppliers of traditional heavy duty workshops, summerhouses and bespoke garden buildings.

We simply make one of the strongest and well made timber workshops available in this country at sensible prices. If you have money to burn and pay a joiner a few weeks wages and fork out a few thousand pounds on hard wood timbers, then may be you will get a better building. But at what price? We challenge any one to come to our factory and try and lift one of our famous Bulldog Workshops.

Unless you have been going to the gym for a while and are built like a Russian shot putter you have no chance.However we have managed to genetically engineer our lads so that they have these qualities, yet still look quite normal!

So Lets Get To The Point

If you want to buy a proper traditional well built timber building with no chipboard and not some mass produced piece of junk! then you have found the right place , please contact us with any concerns by either emailing or by phone 0151 345 6649.

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