used sheds


We offer the above service at an extra charge should you require it as a service to assit you – We make NO money out of this process what so ever

Below we have a basic Drop Down List which states the nearst sized shed or building and a price that will include .

This is a service only avalable to people who are buying a new building from us . We are will NOT remove a building unless a offical order is placed with us .

The simple facts are dismantiling and removing old timber buildings is a messy and time consuming job and getting rid of the building then requires us bring it back to factory , unload and  cut it up to smaller peices , remove any roofing felt then reload and take it to the approved waste diposeel site and pay a fee.

So as you can see it is very labour intensive

  • Our Lads will fully Dismantle / Removing Roofing Felt / Glass and All Timbers involved in the Sheds Construction.
  • Remove the Building on to our truck and tip it in an approved waste transfer site.

Your other option is to do it your self and either chop it up into small bitts and take it to tip your self as you will not have to pay due to it being your own personal waste.

Or you could order a skip and dispose of it that way .

Transport is NOT cheap now days along with labour cost. We have a minium charge of £125 to remove the smallest of buildings and the price will increase up on size

What We Do Not Do in the Price

  • Remove ANY Electrics
  • Remove ANY Plumbing / Water Supplies
  • Remove ANY Asbestos type materials
  • Remove ANY Fencing / Structures or Out Building that may be attached to your Shed.
  • Remove ANY Trees / Shrubs / Foliage
  • Remove ANY Rubble / Concrete / Soild or the Likes .


Any or all of the above my need the services af a legaily quailifed tradesmen such as an electrictioan . .

Asbestos type materials can only be removed by a Local Authority licensed contractor – We are NOT licensed so can NOT assist you

The extra materials / weight that are involved in the removal of solid / rubble massively increase our tipping charges and we highly recommend you arrange the likes of a Skip for this sort of Rubbish . but we still remind you if you provide the skip the loading of that skip is NOT included in our basic price.

How ever our lads can arrange for all or any of the additional work to be carried out and is something you will need to arrange prices with Directly – NOT our office as we are not on site and can ot see the amount of work involved. You wil pay the Self Employed Lads Directly for this extra work .

If you can not see you size Shed that you want removing on the drop down list just select the nearest building up so if you have a 7 x 7 shed you want removing select 8 x 6 . if you are not sure just pick up the phone and we can talk through it with us.

If possible send an image or photo of the building so we are completely clear as to what is involved as in the past we have found structures bolted to the main house structure, fencing and walls being attached to the old shed and when removed have caused those structures to colapse. 

We will NOT remove any building that is attached to another structure due to insurance reasons and fales claims that we may have damaged that structure. The simple facts are a certain small element of people now days are just looking for a scam / reason to make an insurance claim .

Usauly our self employed team will photo the structure before removing as evedance it was not attached to any other structure .

Remove Old Sheds