Shed Roof Re-felting

Shed Roof Re-felting

A Shed is only as good as its roof covering


All our shed, summer houses, workshops and cabins come with either basic lightweight or heavy duty green mineral type roof covering depending on what price range it is.

As with any product it comes in different qualities or gauges or as it is known on the trade the Kg. 20Kg for your basic lightweight or heavy Duty 40KG.

The Kg basically means the weight of that roll of felt so the heavier thicker 40Kg will obviously last longer than the thinner lighter 20KG as there is more tar in it.

Up Grade Your New Shed Roof Covering

Polyester Torch On roofing felt

The next step up is more commercial grade which is lined with a polyester membrane and fixed by using a blow torch. This is a truly long-lasting and durable roof covering with a general life span in excess of 20 years.

Any building can be upgraded to this superior covering at an extra cost and is a real long term investment. Check out our upgrade charges


Has your garden shed roof become damaged in the high winds?

Then we have the solution for you .

We can offer you a complete service whereby we come to your house and recover your old garden shed or summerhouse roof.

The price will obviously depend on the amount of work involved and how badly the roof has been affected? At this stage, we can only offer you a very rough estimate which you can get from our product prices below.

The price guide below is based on an average job with NO repair to any timbers or replacing fascia boards or the likes. Once you provide us with some photos/images we will be able to provide a much better and more accurate quote


You will need to provide us with some basic details of the shed or summerhouse you need re-felting.

The size of the shed or summerhouse

The shape of the shed roof that needs re-felting – Apex or Pent ( flat Roof)

Your Full address and postcode as depending on where you are will increase the cost.

Shed Roofing Felt Qualities

We need to make you aware there are three basic grades of roofing felt suitable for sheds and summerhouses. Now as with anything in life you only get what you pay for you will agree? It all simply boils down to what you are prepared to pay for your timber shed/summer house/building to be recovered.

  • The most basic is the 20kg ( the 20Kg is basically the weight of the material ) so the heavier the thicker it will be and the more Tar it will contain. Then we have the Heavy Duty 40 Kg as we use on our Heavy Duty Workshops and Stronger buildings

Polyester Torch on which is heat seals to the timber, a proper long lasting ( 25 years usually ) As you can see it will be your call, yes we are all limited by our spending power but do a cheap job and you may need to do it again much sooner than you think, especially with the UK weather lately .


Some times if you have left the roof for too long without repairing the problem the boards or support framework may have become damaged or even rotten is certain conditions.

Our basic prices we quote DO NOT include the repair of any timbers or supporting structures and this will need to be priced on an individual basis.

You will need to either send us some images via email or provide us with your full contact details so our self-employed fitters can call around during their travels to give you an individual quote.

This work is NOT carried out by City Centre Sheds but directly with the contractors themselves, we are only acting as agents with this service passing on inquiries for this and other Shed and Garden based work.

To Give Us an idea of Traveling Time and Transport Costs Outside Our Free Delivery And Fitting Area
Leave a brief description of what you are looking for if it is not a standard building