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Pressure Treated Sheds one thing that many people can agree on is the fact that buying a shed is not a simple job nowadays.

It is important that you weigh all of your options and make a purchase that you will not regret later.

Our selection of Tanalised sheds at City Centre Sheds may be exactly what you need, but you may not know for sure until you read the information below.

Most important fact most suppliers will not tell is you WILL still need to treat the building to make it waterproof .

A Tanalised building is NOT WATERPROOF!

The first thing I should do is explain to you exactly what tanalised sheds are. These are structures that are made of wood that has been treated under pressure .

This is when chemicals are forced into the wood to protect it and preserve it for many years to come.

The wood is placed into a cylinder and vacuum pressure is applied to force the preservatives into it.

This will protect it from things like insects ,fungal and general decay. But not bad weather entering it !

Very import note nearly every supplier of tanalised sheds forget to inform you of this fact  – They are NOT water proof at this stage .

The treatment is for decay protection and NOT weather proofing .

It WILL require a good coat of spirit based water repellant to stop water getting in. 

When you buy a tanalised shed from City Centre Sheds, it will deliver and erect it free within 30 miles of Liverpool.

Out side this area there will be an additional delivery charge.

One reason people buy tanalised sheds is to reduce the amount of effort they have to put into maintenance, having someone else put it together for you is an added bonus.

This means that from the minute the tanalised shed is erected in your backyard, there will be minimal work or maintenance that you have to do.

Different Quality Tanalised Sheds

There is also a major difference in the way and the amount of time the timbers are pressure treated.

Now days we see so many discounted pressure treated buildings on line , that effectively have on had a cats lick ( if that ) in the pressure chamber .

Time is money as we all know , so by cutting corners and allowing timber to stay in treatment chamber for only a few mines will massively save money .

But by law – yes it has been pressure treated . But not properly ! You work it out !

The type you choose should depend on what you plan to use your tanalised shed for.

If you are looking to use it strictly for storage them the apex or pent roof shed would work just fine.

If you would like to use it as your own personal work space, you should consider getting one of our heavy duty tanalised garden workshops.

There are many companies out there that offer pre-built tanalised sheds and at first looks appear to be a bit cheaper than what is offered at City Centre Sheds.

Do not allow price and convenience to be the thing that sways you into making the wrong decision.

Since not all sheds and certainly tanalised sheds are built in the same way.

As was discussed earlier in this article, it is a great idea to get a tanalised shed because they can go a long time with minimum maintenance.

In fact, you can have them for 15-20 years before you will have to repair or replace them.

Can you imagine not having to worry about your structure for such a long time?

Meaning that you will be able to focus on more important things like what to put in your shed and what you can do to keep your yard well-maintained.

But there is an alternative ! By simply buying the normal shed or workshop and ensuring it is raised of the ground to allow air to ventilate and keep it dry .

Once it has had a few coats of a quality spirit based treatment it will effectively last just as long if not longer.

There has long been a fallacy that having a shed pressure treated is the best choice when in fact the pressure treating system was designed for fencing post and panels.

They do not required to be kept dry ?

Have you ever been told that before ?

You will find a lot of tanalised shed suppliers who line the insides of their buildings with a bitumen building paper .

This is usually to hide the fact that unless fully dried the timber is likely to spit and move much more than that of a normal shed.

Due to the vast amount of moisture impregnated into that timber during the treating process.

If you are still not convinced that you should get a tanalised shed from City Centre Sheds, maybe you should read this again. There are many pros and cons  to this type of shed.

Even if you decide that you would like another type of shed, you should still make it a point to buy it from City Centre Sheds.

Low Quality Tanalised Sheds

With the growth of the internet we are now finding a lot of adverts for so called cheap tanalised sheds appearing on sites like Ebay.

They do appear much cheaper so we ended up buy one to see how it was made up.

When we had it analysed it worked out that they where using not only seconds grade timber but the timber itself was not being correctly tanalised.

Ending up with a  very pale light green , blotchy effect all over the building.

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