Preparing the Garden

Preparing the Garden for Spring Planting

Spring is here. The sun is gradually rising higher every day and its warmth is becoming more and more intense. Even though March can sometimes prove to be tough, with its cold winds and chilly weather, it is also the time when you should start preparing your garden for spring planting. It will not be long before you eat your dinner before it gets dark, and if you want to have fresh vegetables from your own garden, it is important to get your tools and seed bags ready early.

The list of things to do before you start planting is not a small one. As you probably know, it pays to be prepared early and for this reason, you should make sure you get ready for spring planting. Here is a list of tasks that you should consider.

Garden clearance – before you do anything else, you have to make sure your garden is clean of all leaves and other debris that the winter season might have left in there. Of course garden clearance includes much more than that. You should also cut the dead growth of perennials and grass. Do consider that what you consider as waste can actually become a nice compost. Waste clearance is one thing, but you can make use of this resource. Once you are done with this task, you will view your garden in new light – like an empty canvass ready to be filled.

Fix the fence and other areas of your garden

sometimes garden clearance reveals damage to fences, trellis and gates that are not always visible. If you have experienced heavy blizzards during the winter, chances are you will have to do some repairs, the need of which will become evident after a proper waste removal.

Cover with compost

if you want a more productive year, you should build fertility and loosen the soil. Few weeks before you plant, you should cover the ground with a layer of compost, which will provide a mix of nutrient-rich organic matter to improve the soil.

Cultivate the soil

the soil can compact heavily because of the absorbed water from snow and rain, which is why you should loosen it. Turn the soil with a fork and break it up. That way roots will be able to penetrate it more easily.

Get ready with spring plants

spring is the time to go green, literally as you will soon notice the stalls at your local farmers’ market. It pays to know which plants are suitable for spring. Here are few examples that make an excellent addition to any spring garden: asparagus, lettuce, scallions, spinach, radishes, artichokes, peas. Get any of those and you will be able to reap the benefits sooner than you think if you do enough to prepare your garden for growing them.

If you truly wish to be effective in your spring gardening, you should consider all of the outlined tasks. You want to reap a good harvest as soon as possible and make sure you prepare your garden will enable that.

Preparing the Garden

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