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As manufacturers of a wide range of timber garden buildings and studios, timber playhouses have always been part of our range on offer.Now days things have changed so much, long gone are the days of a basic little square box shoved into the corner of your garden.

These modern kids demand more, they what two-story buildings with ladders, balconies and much more.

In fact, these buildings can grow with your kids. When the are young, they may use them to store their toys and have adventures and secret kid’s clubs. When your kids get older, they may decide to use these play areas as an extra quiet place to study or work on projects.

When your kids grow up and leave home, you might even decide to take over their quality building with your own work, hobbies, or storage needs! 

How To Buy A Wooden Play House

You can select a standard sized building or customize if to your own needs for a small extra cost . A quick visit to the website or showroom will show you some existing models.

Because they are manufactured locally, you can ask for changes to the standard design too. Once you order timber playhouses, you can sit back and relax because the company can handle everything for you.  Buildings include sturdy doors and windows.

These windows even open and close, and they include plexiglass panels and screens to keep out insects. Your kids can enjoy lots of natural light during the day. Of course, they can even invite their friends for a backyard sleepover at night. 

The Advantages Of Timber As A Building Material

 Did you know that timber is a great insulating material? This means that these quality building are actually quite ecologically friendly. They are constructed from sustainable materials too.

If you choose, you can even add utilities to these playhouses. This makes them very functional and versatile buildings that will provide a sensible solution when you need some extra space added to your own home property.  In fact, you may have considered adding extra space to your own home.

Building onto an existing building is expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient. You might have to apply for building permits. Worse yet, you will have to put up with having workmen on your property for weeks while the building is completed.

The addition of a new room to your existing house is a major disruption and expense.  

Harrys Play House

Timber Play House Can Be A Great Investment In Your Property

 Adding timber play houses is a very affordable option because they are mostly manufactured in a factory and then delivered and installed on your own property.  You can actually purchase one of these buildings for a low price, but still realize an increase in your property value because you have added an extra building. 

If you ever want to sell your house, other families will be sure to find this additional building attractive. It might help you sell your home for more money. It will surely help you sell your house faster.

This is one thing that you can buy for your kids that will actually pay you back over time. Of course, your kids will appreciate having their own little house to play in. But you can also appreciate the fact that you made a great investment ! 

Do you realy need a Timber Play House ?

Is it a small timber playhouse you really need. Or would it not be more practical to use a garden shed or summerhouse that you could paint up or alter to become your children playhouse, then once they grow out of it or get fed up. At least you will have a shed or summerhouse you can use your self ?

Preparing  For The Installation Of A Timber Play House Some people have concerns about getting their own base ready for the installation of one of these wooden buildings. City Sheds can give you complete instructions if you would like to handle the job of getting your site cleared and leveled.   Once your property is prepared according to instructions, you can expect your building to be delivered and installed very quickly.

Even though this is a surprisingly quick task, you will be happy with the results for years in the future. You should know that the company will not be satisfied with the installation of any timber play houses until each customer is satisfied.

You can count on the manufacturers of these quality buildings to make sure that you are happy with this sensible purchase before they consider any sale concluded.  

Why Not Select A Timber Building Today For Your Kids To Play In?  You should be happy because you have ordered a very high-quality timber wooden building that should last for many decades.

Play Houses are so much better

Your kids should be excited because they will have their own play area. In fact, since your kids will be able to make noise outside of the house, you might even be happier because you will have an opportunity to enjoy more peace and quiet inside of the house.  

You can view various models on the timber building website. If you would rather see models in real life, then drive/walk or simply get your self to our local showroom in, Liverpool where you can actually view full-sized models. This real way you can see the value for money we offer over our competitors is to come down to show site and have a look for your self.  

Speak with our knowledgeable hands-on staff to order your new Timber Play Houses. In no time at all, your kids can have a fantastic play room right on your property. You can enjoy a lovely and valuable addition to your home too.

The time is right to order one of these wooden playhouses for your home. All our buildings are Solid T+G No Chip Board or other low grade sheet materials used .

The Framework on our Play Houses are extra strong 2×2 double that most Play House Suppliers us nowadays, so all in all buying a Timber Play House from City Centre Sheds could be the best all-round investment . Please do not come looking for cheap low grade playhouses as we do not get involved with the Cheap and problematic end of the Market.

There are plenty of suppliers of discounted low grade, cheap playhouses on the likes of Ebay.

This is required so we can quote for delivery included in our price.
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