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pent roof shedNowadays there are several types of sheds available to you, but you may have already decided that a pent/single sloping roof shed will be the best for your needs.

Now that you are aware of this, it is time for you to get out there and figure out where will be the best place to purchase your new pent roof shed from. City Centre Sheds Liverpool should be at the top of the very short list of suppliers you are considering.

If you would like to know why you should continue reading.


The first thing that sets this company apart from the rest is the fact that all of the timber used to make their pent sheds comes from sustainable sources.

This means that the wood used comes from a forest that has been responsibly maintained.

While this may not seem like a huge deal, there are many people out there that prefer businesses that use sustainable products.

It is all new Tongue and Groove ( not seconds or rejects some suppliers use nowadays) No Chip Board or OSB flakeboard that falls apart in a few years. 

You may find that there are other companies that charge less for their pent sheds, but this does not mean that they are of better quality.

We are proud not to be the cheapest!

If you have ever heard the saying about getting what you pay for, that definitely applies here.

Cheaper products normally mean that those suppliers are using materials that are not of the same quality, most are using seconds grade timbers or rejects to get their cost down and make it appear you are getting a better deal.

In the long term, this all means that you may have to replace your shed a lot sooner than you may have expected. 

All our prices include

You must have a SOLID level base ready before we arrive. Check out our base advice 


The business has been around for 35 years. In this day and age where businesses go belly-up all of the time, this shows that the products offered are generally good value for money and customers know that.

There are lots of businesses that open up each year and sell sheds online, by the time people realise that what they are offering is not worth it the business is already long gone.

City Centre Sheds is well respected for its excellent value for money products, so they will still be here for years to come.

Don’t cut corners, it will cost you more money in the long term. 

Unless a Pent Roof shed is made correctly with enough support and the correct slope/angle on the roof – This building will be nothing but trouble in the long term. For every 500 sheds, we sell we only sell 1 pent roof shed!

Why, well why does your house have a pointed roof and not a Pent Roof? Does that not tell you anything? 

If you live in certain areas, you can get your delivery for free. Considering the price and size of the items that are offered, this is a great deal. You can take a look at the handy map on our website to see if your area is covered, but even if it is not, the prices we charge are only to cover fule cost.

There are many businesses that will try their best to overcharge on shipping in order to milk the entire sales situation for what it is worth. The rates charged by this company reflect the work the delivery man puts into getting your shed to you safely and nothing more.

 The last thing that should show you that this supplier is a cut above the rest is the fact that they are willing to match any reasonable price quote on a like for like basis.

If you see the exact product you are looking for offered cheaper by another company, you should contact them right away.

Send in a copy of that quote that shows proof of the lower price and we will try our best to match it. This is not something that every company offers, but the staff at City Centre Sheds want to keep the customer happy so they continue to do business and recommend them in the future. 


As you can probably tell, this company is more about giving you the right building for your needs rather than just making money. This is what distinguishes them from other businesses that sell pent roof sheds in the UK. If you are in the market for a shed and you have not yet decided where to go, you should definitely contact us. All of the information provided to you above should be more than enough to persuade you.

All our Buildings are Fully pressured-treated  and will require additional regular treating to prolong its life and we recommend a Quilty Spirit NOT a water-based product, yes more expensive but it will last much longer and require longer periods in between coats

We use the 50mm x 50mm Framework much stronger than any other suppliers locally

You have a selection of Door and Window Positions in the Pent Roof Range of Sheds.

The rear Height will range from 5ft 8in to 6ft 4in depending on building size  and the Front will range from 6ft 6in for the narrow buildings up to 7ft 6in for the wider pent Roof Sheds which will give a better slope and stop water from holding on the Roof.

The angle on the roof is critical to keeping a pent, single sloping roof shed dry.

It is possible to have a perfectly level flat roof on these buildings at an extra charge and will require the use of a product called Rubber Based EPDM, which is one continuous sheet with no joints. Thus no chance of leaking.

Custom Made Pent Roof Sheds

We can make you any size or shape pent – single sloping roof shed in a wide selection of timber thickness and types, just send your sizes and an image of where you intend to site this new bespoke pent shed.

Roof Covering Options on Pent Roof Shed

All our pent Roof sheds are covered with a standard green mineral roofing felt.

They are designed to cope with average weather conditions in sheltered locations and not subject to exposed high winds and rain.

Depending on the location you intend to site this new single sloping roof shed, it will need to give some thought. Due to the fact, the roof felt simply overlaps and is NOT sealed and depends on the angle of the roof to allow the rainwater to run off.

If the building is placed in a position where it is constantly going to be subjected to the prevailing winds in your area you will need to consider a different roof covering.

The standard covering will NOT cope with those conditions. As we erect and felt these pent roof building FREE of Charge we can not be held responsible for any leaks or damage that may be caused due to bad location and adverse weather conditions.

As we have NO WAY of knowing the above facts it will be your responsibility to make us aware of this potential problem.

We can NOT be held responsible for any leaks or water damage on a Pent Roof – Single Sloping Roof if it is found the building has been subjected to prevailing winds and rain which WILL force water under the roofing felt.

It is highly recommended a pent roof shed is upgraded to a polyester grade torch on roof covering – this is fully heat sealed to the roof with a blow torch is of a commercial quality check out our roofing felt upgrade page here

Important note

DO NOT fit any sort of electric, water or another power source into a Pent Roof shed without giving us prior notice in writing and via email, so we can make a note of this fact on your file.

We ask this as it is strongly advised that you pay to upgrade the standard roofing felt to the polyester torch on grade., which is a much more robust and longer-lasting covering.

The problem is that our basic pent roof sheds come with the lightweight overlapping green mineral felt.

As a Pent roof only has a small slope compared to that of and Apex Shed, in certain situations depending on where you locate your new single sloping roof shed!

it is possible due to prevailing winds that are beyond our control, water may be forced under the overlapping layers of felt.

As we have NO way of knowing the wind direction or prevailing weather conditions in your area it will be your responsibility to inform us of any potential problems.

If you are in any doup what so ever you must pay to upgrade to the commercial torch on roofing felt which is fully heat-sealed on all joints.

The roofing felt on a standard pent roof shed is only overlapped and NOT sealed and relies upon the slope of the roof and the overlapping of the roofing felt to keep the building dry.

These roofs are NOT designed to cope with prevailing winds and rain that may be forced under overlapping felt layers.

Pent roof sheds tend to be more problematic overall!

That is why you do not see many Pent Roof Houses!

Special note on your base

Please do not be tempted to put a small slope on your base, this alone is the biggest complaint we get with this sort of building.

When i client has decided to say put a small slope of say 1 or 2inch to assist any rain that may fall on their new shed base.

What actually happens is that this slope effectively cancels out the slope we have put on our building, causing the roof to be nearly flat and as described previously, our roof is NOT designed to cope unless the roofing felt has a suitable overlap and angle for the rain to be removed quickly.

If you are are not sure in any way just call and ask so can offer advice and will always have a solution to the problem

*  Useful delivery information 

To Give Us an idea of Traveling Time and Transport Costs Outside Our Free Delivery And Fitting Area
Leave a brief description of what you are looking for if it is not a standard building

12mm Pressure Treated Pent - Flat Roof Sheds

Length Feet4 Foot Wide6 Foot Wide8 Foot Wide10 Foot Wide12 Foot Wide
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10ft Long£605£689£822£1290£1465
12ft Long£796£885£1113£1465£1625
14ft Long£872£1037£1272£1594£1941
16ft Long£1024£1118£1328£1808£2172
18ft Long£1152£1257£1523£1960£2484
20ft Long£1280£1411£1758£2156£2760
22ft Long£1408£1552£1923£2505£3036
24ft Long£1536£1728£2112£276033312
26ft Long£1664£1872£2288£2990£3588
28ft Long£1792£2016£2464£3220£3864
30ft Long£1920£2160£2640£3450£4140
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