The Joy of Organic Gardening

Organic-gardening is the art and science of growing organic vegetables, fruits, flowers, or other ornamental plants in harmony with the natural environment, traditional gardening methods, and effective pest control, soil building, and heirloom extension.

In an age dominated by synthetic materials, pesticides, hormones, and harmful chemicals, natural gardening methods help people grow healthy, delicious food. By growing a garden organically, you can avoid all the health problems associated with eating unhealthy, synthetic foods. Organic gardening not only makes a healthier diet, but it also saves money on grocery bills. Some of the benefits of organic gardening include:

A healthier environment. Growing organic vegetables and fruits will provide an environmentally healthy surrounding. When food is grown in an organic garden, there is less chance of herbicide or pesticide residue contaminating the surrounding soil and water.

Produce tastes better. While traditional farming methods may use chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers to increase production, these additives do not always improve the taste of produce.

Organic gardening allows farmers to use natural and organic growing aids like compost, manure, organic acids (like potassium humate), edible greens (sweet potatoes and alfalfa) and flowers to improve taste and texture.

In the same way that organic food is tastier than non-organic, organic vegetables are often better for you. In addition to improving crop yields, this type of gardening also creates fewer toxic chemical residues.

If you’re a beginner in organic gardening, begin with the easiest plants and work your way up to more difficult species.

Organic farmers do not use chemical fertilizers on their gardens, so your food will be safer from harmful substances. In addition, organic farmers do not burn off crops before harvesting, so organic food is higher in nutritional value than food that has had to travel long distances through the food chain.

If you have a beautiful garden, organic produce maybe just for you. Organic produce is not only safe and healthy, it also makes great gifts. It’s a better option for the environment and may even help to reverse some of the effects of modern farming practices.

Give organic gardening a chance – you just might find that it’s something you’ll love.

Organic Gardening

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