Lean To Timber Structures

“Lean-To” and “leaf-pack” gardens are not just for backyard gardens anymore. There is a growing segment of the landscaping world that calls itself “lean” or “green”. This group of professional gardeners generally prefer architecturally sound but environmentally friendly structures that do as little waste as possible.

Lean construction focuses on creating structures that are capable of facilitating the maximum efficiency in the utilization of space while minimizing the need for additional, costly additions. A “lean” garden can look like a pile of rocks with a fence running through it, or it can be a gently sloping lawn with a series of carefully planned plant beds and planters.

The best parts of a lean-too structure are usually the walkways and pathways, which are built in such a way as to allow for easy access. It may have steep stairs, but the angles should be just wide enough for a person to easily navigate from one step to the next.

Most lean-too structures also offer pergolas or trellises along the sides, which will provide a place for climbing plants or flowers to grow. When planned properly, a “lean-to” garden can actually help save money, since it is much more economical to plant and maintain a smaller variety of flowers and plants.

Although a lean-too structure does not require a lot of skill, it is advisable to hire a professional landscaper or architect if you are not familiar with building and planning.

These experts can create a convincing facade that will make the structure look as if it was really added yesterday. To create the illusion of a larger, older home, homeowners should use brick on the facades and other architectural details, rather than vinyl.

Even the paving or pavers used on the sides of the structure should match the color scheme used throughout the house.

There are many advantages to using a lean-too garden. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of the design, it can make a structure look more energy efficient. Lean-tos are also known for reducing the amount of noise that is created by lawn equipment or other types of outdoor equipment.

For instance, instead of having noisy blowers make noise to push around heavy bags, the structure can actually serve as a mulching system, greatly reducing the noise that these objects generate. Many gardeners enjoy the added effect of a well-designed lean-too, because they can increase the overall aesthetic value of the garden.

Although a properly designed and built structure will provide a greater sense of security for the homeowner, it should be surrounded by other attractive features.

For example, if the garden has a gazebo, the structure should surround it in a rounded shape. The gazebo can also be made of decorative stone or other material so that it compliments the design. This allows the gazebo to really become an extension of the home.

The most important thing to remember when considering any type of design is that the purpose is the most important aspect. If there is no purpose for the structure, then it is pointless.

For instance, if someone is building a shed, they generally do not put flowers or small trees on it. Instead, the shed would be better used for storing garden tools and other items.

If a homeowner wishes to have a lean-to built near his house, he will first have to determine what he wants the structure to do. If he wants the structure to create privacy, then he will need to block out some of the sun that comes through his windows.

If he wants the structure to make his yard look bigger, he can add plants to the backyard area. Once he has determined what he wants to accomplish with the lean-too, he can contact a landscape designer who can make the design plan.

Landscape designers can also help gardeners create a more aesthetically pleasing layout.

They can help to determine what materials will look best in the area. They can also select a color scheme and select plants that complement that color scheme.

This can be very helpful if a homeowner does not know how to design his own garden. A landscape designer can also ensure that the layout matches the current landscape around him.

Lean To Structures

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