Lean to Sheds

Lean To Garden Sheds

As manufactures and suppliers for over 30 years wee re able to provide you with any size or shape of lean to shed

We always recommend you have a complete structure, by this, we mean a complete lean-to building including a back wall section.

The issues

If you need a lean-to timber structure the main issues will be how to seal of any water from getting inside!

To keep the lean-to as a complete sealed structure like a traditional shed is straight forward.

But if you are trying to save money by not having a back in the shed. How are you going to seal it along the roof and sides?

The only way is to drill and bolt the structure to the wall, chase out the brickwork and insert so type of flashing.

Now, this is very time consuming and will cost you a lot more than the back section for sure.

What seems a simple job is NOT.

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