Hi Pex Sheds

Hi Pex Sheds

Taller Apex Sheds 

This range of Apex Sheds are taller than the popular Apex Sheds 

The sides – Eves are 6ft 2in 

This allows for a much better selection of door and window positions .

A traditional Apex Shed would have the door sited in the end or a better description – The Pointed End .

Because the side walls are lower it would not be possible to site the door in the sides!

So the alternative is the Higher Apex – Hi Pex 

HiPex Shed Cladding 

As with our regular range, all buildings in this range are clad using 16 x 125 Pressure Treated Tongue and Groove.

Nailed on to 50mm x 50mm Pressure Treated framing .

Always compare the specifaction of the building you intend to buy.

There are many discount online shed sellers nowadays most of whom are middle men, putting the slice on the product.

The only way a lot of these suppliers can make money now days is by reducing the quality or thickness of the materials to make money .

A bit like going into your shop or supermarket and seeing multi-pack sweets. They simply reduce the physical size of the product, yet you still think you are getting 4 full-sized cocky bars!


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Leave a brief description of what you are looking for if it is not a standard building