granny annex

Garden Granny Annex

Made from sectional fully insulated Timber Eco Friendly Sections .

With a vast selection of sizes and qualities to suit all pockets and situations, in conjunction with has by far the widest selection of Timber Granny Annexes 

granny annex

Custom Made Granny Annexe

Our range includes the more traditional looking Cabin Style Buildings like the image above

Or the Tudor Style  and Vertical Boarded Larch clad.

With Prices starting from around £18,000  to over £50,000 fully fitted – bespoke Custom Made to your requirements as an optional extra

please contact us by email  –  or phone 0151 528 8838

Planning Permission

Before you make any further inquiries you WILL NEED Planing permission for any building you intend to live in either your self or any other person.

There some very large fines if you just erect a building and live in it without getting all the relevant permissions . It does not just stop at obtaining planing consent as you will need to comply fully with Building Control . They tell you to what standard you have to build the Annexe Too !

Things like Fire proofing / Plumbing / Electric Supplies all these things have to meet a certain standard for it to be past by Building Control .

We are here to help just contact us –

This is required so we can quote for delivery included in our price.
Granny Annex

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