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Gardening Trends

As summer is already knocking on your door, it’s about time you start thinking of paying some special attention to your garden.

The latter is a natural extension of your home as a well-kept garden is the easiest way to make a good impression on guests, neighbours and passers-by alike. If you want to experience outdoor living in a way that maintains a sense of home and familiarity but still reflects your individuality, consider giving the latest 2016 gardening trends a try. Feel free to experiment and let your imagination run wild!

Succulent Gardens

Succulent plants are the latest trend in gardening and have plenty of advantages to offer, especially to green thumbs, living in a dryer climate. Planting succulents like cacti, aloe, hens and chicks, and crown of thorns is an excellent idea if you are looking for easy-care choices for your garden. There’s a common misconception among less experienced gardeners that all succulents are cacti. This couldn’t be further from the truth as succulents come in a variety of shapes and colours, lending your garden a modern, motley feel that will certainly attract attention.

These low maintenance plants are exceptionally drought-resistant – the perfect option if you lack the time and energy to deal with your garden on a daily basis. Or you could grow them in a Grow Shed

Edible Gardens

In 2016, the number of gardeners who make a shift from aesthetics to practicality tends to be growing, and at a very fast pace too! Mixing edibles with ornamental plants is indeed an excellent idea. One great way to incorporate edibles into your garden is to use them as foundation shrubs.

For instance, instead of planting a Nandina shrub, also known as sacred bamboo, practical gardeners opt for substituting it with blueberry bushes. Others choose edibles such as collards, kale, beets and other root vegetables.

Growing yourself a herb garden with favourites like basil, peppermint, oregano or thyme is also an option. 

Specialty Garden Lighting

This trend provided by Hedge Trimming London is especially prominent in Australia where there is an impressive surge of interest in experimenting with outdoor lighting.

There is no need to worry over excessive electricity bills as solar LED bulbs enable gardeners to illuminate key specimens of flowers, lay stress on the effect of climbing vines, and uplight trees using nothing but the sun’s energy.

What furthers your convenience is the fact some of these LED lighting systems are actually controlled by special mobile apps. 

Darker Colour Schemes

Experimenting with more risky nuances is an amazing way to transform your garden and bring more colour in your life.

This effect can best be achieved by painting your fence, arbour or flower containers in daring, less standard colours to help reflect your individuality and make a bold statement. It will also enable you to create a more dramatic backdrop for the plants and flowers themselves.

The origins of this trend can be traced back to Europe where daring green thumbs opt for painting their fences in dark blue or dark green shades instead of going with traditional options like beige, light brown, or white. Darker nuances tend to absorb more light, allowing dazzling plants in the foreground to radiate their colour.

Trendy Shapes

Shapes are definitely in this year as far as gardening is concerned. Many gardeners let their imagination run wild and experiment with sheared topiary, but without question, when it comes to flower beds, geometric shapes are key.

The choices are practically endless here. There’s the option to plant succulents in your flower beds, choosing an asymmetric shape or good old-fashioned circles. Many opt for planting concentric circles of flowers of a different colour to create a mind-blowing effect and a sharper contrast. 

The most important thing to remember is that you should not follow blindly the latest trends in gardening or in anything else for that matter. Be a trendsetter yourself, even if you opt for incorporating any of the above-listed ideas in your garden. Experiment with these ideas to lend your garden a unique look that represents you and your personality. 

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