Fencing – Landscaping

Fencing – Landscaping

Here at City Centre Sheds in Liverpool we can provide you a selection of Self Employed Contractors who can offer you a complete supply and Fix Price for a range of Timber Fencing Panels, with either Timber or Concrete Post and Base Panels.

As with any product you buy now days price is always a concern .

They are not into the low grade, cut corners type of products some suppliers are using to make out you are getting a better deal and will only supply good strong durable Timber Fencing Panels from our own sources.

Fencing supplied and fitted in Liverpool

We only Supply and fit

Yes, there always will be someone capable of doing a job cheaper – or so it may seam! but it is not until you get the next strong set of wind and gales will you find out they may have not set the post in the ground deep enough. This and many, many other tricks are used by some of the cowboys you will come up against nowadays.

At the end of the day it is your hard earned money we are talking of here . If you can afford just to throw it away then more fool you.

custom garden fencing



There are a number of basic things you need to consider for your new Fence

  • Overall Heights
  • Concrete or Timber Post
  • Conceret or Timber Base Panel
  • Flat or Arched Panels
  • Singel Side or Duble SIded Fencing Panels

The biggest problem that is encountered on site when erecting Fencing is Dualing Between Nabours. Who pays for what!

If you both go half who gets the good side of the panels by not going for double sides fencing panels.

We have seen it come to feisty cuffs on some occasions over this sort of thing and it can get very nasty, so we recommend you talk with your Nabours and get something in writing from the start so you both know where you stand.

As we all know our House in our Castle and people will defend their Ground.

The normal procedure will be for a quick site survey by the lads who will photo and video the area encase of any disputes later, once they have provided you with a quote you will be required to pay a 75% deposit and the balance payable on completion.

They will not get involved in disputes about getting next doors half of the payment?

They will only deal with the person who made the inquiry and will expect payment from that individual alone.

It will be up to you the payment? parties to sort out your differences and not us. We are sorry to have to bring this up but it is becoming an increasing problem nowadays.

Other Garden Services 

The Fence Erecting Lads also offer a wide range of other Garden Services including …

  • Timber Decking
  • Gates 
  • Turffing 
  • Lanscaping
  • Shed Bases
  • Removal of Old Garden Buildings
  • General Construction Work

Please send your enquiry and we wil pass it on to the Contractors concerned .

Installing Garden Fencing 

When planting a garden, it is wise to consider some type of garden fencing for various reasons. Some people may think that keeping an open garden without fencing will look more attractive, and they may be correct, but there are some definite reasons for having a fence around some areas of your garden, if not completely around it. 

If you are growing vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, and such, once the plants begin to mature, the vegetables will attract critters, and if you want anything left for you to eat, it is wise to place a barrier between your garden and the animals.

Garden fences

can come in a wire configuration, which is easy to install around the perimeter of your garden. Inexpensive metal posts can serve as anchors, and the wire mesh can be placed around the garden very attractively in this manner.

It is also easy to install a gate for easy entrance and exit. In recent years, the vinyl fence has become popular, due to its strong construction aspect and the fact that it will last a long time.

It requires no maintenance and is very strong in protecting the garden from any pest or animal that may have its designs on your vegetables.

The vinyl fences are treated with a coating that will withstand the longstanding effect that the sun can have on things.  The vinyl fencing comes in all kinds of styles and varieties to give you a wide choice of the kind of look you will want.

They come in all sizes, from semi-private, lattice fences, and picket fencing. The popularity stems from the ability to get fencing that will complement the rest of the landscaping of the property as a whole. 

If you have deer in the area in which you live, there is special fencing that can be erected in order to keep them out, so your entire crop doesnít evaporate in one nighttime feeding. 

Smaller fencing can be used to cordon off different sections of your garden, simply to give an orderly division between plants.

These fences typically are of low height and can be made of any material that is attractive and will suit your taste. Wooden fencing adds a distinctive style to any garden fencing arrangement, and it can be purchased at nearly every garden and outdoor store.

The wood is usually treated at the factory against rotting and damage by pests.

This will ensure its longevity and lasting qualities. Wooden fencing is a very attractive way to accent the garden and give a stylish look that can blend well with the rest of the landscape. 

Regardless of the fencing style that you may choose, there are practical reasons for fencing and there are reasons for landscaping style.

Both reasons can be blended and both purposes can be achieved with a little planning. Get out and about and do some window-shopping to determine what fencing styles abound in your area, just to get an idea of what is available.

There is nothing like seeing, and then you can begin planning your garden fencing in earnest.