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8x8 dutch barn shed

8×8 Premium Dutch Barn Shed


Direct from manufacture City Centre Sheds offer a range of Standard and Heavy Duty Dutch Style Barn Sheds and Barn Workshops with double doors or standard single.

We are not competing with lightweight, Budget Dutch Barn Sheds market you see advertised on the likes of eBay and other low grades online websites.

Dutch Barn Sheds Built to last

Each building is individually made to your requirements from a basic shell to which you can alter by adding windows and so on.

So you can effectively have a semi custom made building for a similar price as a stock building.

Standard Dutch Barns 12mm Cladding 

Our standard timber barn style sheds come clad with high quality12mm thick T+G as used in our popular shed range along with the thicker 2×2 ( 50 x 50mm ) framework pressure treated

Very popular garden building and pleasing to the eye.

  • All fully planning compliant with a max height of 2.5m as standard.
  • install service

If you intend to site your new Barn type workshop within 2 meters of any boundary on your property 2.5m is the max height you can have before applying for planning permission.

For the reasons stated above, you will find the eves ( sides ) of the barn-style building to be much lower than that of our Timber Garden Workshops so it is not possible to have doors fitted in the sides so can only be fitted in the narrow shaped section of the building.

Tall Barn Sheds 

Available in taller versions at around 10% increase in price,

We will increase the side walls to 6ft 4in compared with standard 5ft 4inch and this increased height will then allow the door to be sited anywhere on that Barn Building.

Heavy Duty Dutch Barn Workshops 

22 or 28mm cladding 

This range has extra strong 3×2 Framing and 22mm or 28mmThick T+G Cladding compares with our heavy-duty garden workshop range.

So we are sure to have Timber Barn Style Building to suit your Pockets!

Ultimately price does play a big part in your selection

With standard sizes starting from 8ft x 6ft and going up to 30ft x 12ft we are sure to have a building to suit your needs.

Much larger buildings are available but will need pricing on an individual basis.

We can also offer you a fully custom made Dutch Barns, virtually any size in a selection of Timber Thickness from 12mm to 44mm.

Custom Made Dutch Barns 

It is NOT possible just to give a quote over the phone for a bespoke barn building as we would only be guessing.

There are many factures we would need to know about and things we will need to make you aware of.

We strongly suggest you send us an email and include the following information

  • Your Post Code – So we can quote an all-inclusive price delivered or delivered and erected.
  • A picture of the site to give us a better idea of your needs.
  • If possible a sketch or drawing of your ideas along with any other details you think will assist us in getting you the best quote.

dutch barn sheds

Do you have any planning issues – height restrictions and so on?

You need to be aware of some basic Local Planning Regulations which restrict the overall size, height.

Unless you are replacing likes for like size building ( it can be smaller than old building no problems – but not bigger )

You can only have buildings a certain hight and size before the need to apply for planning permission.

If you google search for planing portal or planning permissions – http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/ this will give you a much better idea of what you can and can not have.

The overall size of the new Barn you are enquiring about will make a vast difference in its eventual price. Once you start looking at buildings over 12ft in width you are into a whole different building altogether.

We can make timber buildings up to about 35 ft wide but the prices are considerably more than the stock sizes as they are not mass-produced each building will need to be made and measured out on a one-off basis.

One factor people tend to overlook is the amount of snow weight you are going to expect this building to hold during a bad winter? It could end being many tons depending on the size of the roof.

So as you can see the wider the building is the more work it will involve, for this reason, unless we sit down and work out all the factors involved you way as well just pluck a figure out thin air!

But for impatient ones among you here is a very rough price guide – £14 to £22 per sq foot so as you can see there can be a 50% difference, for example, a 20ft x 20ft could cost £5600 to £8800 depending on many factors.

Roof Coverings

All dutch barns we supply are covered with a green mineral roofing felt, the standard Barn has standard grade felt and the heavy-duty barn obviously has a heavy-duty mineral felt.

Either of these can be upgraded to polyester torch on felt or felt shingles.

These are priced on an individual basis depending on the size of the building.

Our Prices include *FREE Delivery and FREE Erecting* in our local area, outside this free area there will be an additional charge to cover fuel and extra labor time, we would need your postcode.

so we can quote you for this service. You are of course welcome to call and collect the building your self

Check out our 3 basic ranges of Dutch Barns using the products listed below. This list is only as a guide with the most popular sizes listed and is no means the total of our range.

If you can not see the size dutch barn you require, simply contact us on 0151 345 6649 or email info@citycentresheds.co.uk 

Check out our timer building images 

12mm Thick Dutch Barn Cladding

12mm Dutch Barns

Length Feet6 Foot Wide8 Foot Wide10 Foot Wide12 Foot Wide
6ft Long
8ft Long
10ft Long£1037£1378£1613£1923
12ft Long£1258£1549£1923£2302
14ft Long£1360£1802£2238£2612
16ft Long£1543£2055£2555£3062
18ft Long£1732£2308£2878£3456
20ft Long£1923£2561£3193£3840
22ft Long£2112£2808£3503£4224
24ft Long£2304£3072£3840£4608
26ft Long£2496£3328£4160£4992
28ft Long£2688£3584£4480£5376
30ft Long£2880£3840£4800£5760
12mm Cladding on Dutch Barn Style Workshop Sheds

22mm Thick Timber Cladding Timber Barns

22mm Dutch Barns

Length Feet6 Foot Wide8 Foot Wide10 Foot Wide12 Foot Wide
6ft Long
8ft Long
10ft Long£1320£1760£2200£2640
12ft Long£1584£2112£2640£3168
14ft Long£1848£2464£3080£3696
16ft Long£2112£2816£3520£4224
18ft Long£2376£3168£3960£4752
20ft Long£2640£3520£4400£5280
22ft Long£2904£3872£4840£5808
24ft Long£3168£4224£5280£6336
26ft Long£3432£4576£5720£6864
28ft Long£3696£4928£6160£7392
30ft Long£3960£5280£6600£7920
22mm Cladding on Dutch Barn Style Workshop Sheds https://youtu.be/aGlNk83NWQIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEayGP5Z9RA&feature=youtu.be
To Give Us an idea of Traveling Time and Transport Costs Outside Our Free Delivery And Fitting Area
Leave a brief description of what you are looking for if it is not a standard building