Delivery Times

Shed Delivery Times

Arranging a Date and Time For Your New Garden Building.

After you have placed your order either online or over the phone. We will need a few days to process that order. Please, DO NOT contact us straight away as we need time to see if the building is in stock or if it needs to be made.

If it needs to be made, we need to fit it into our manufacturing she-dual, now depending on if it is a bog-standard small shed or a more complex summerhouse or workshop will vary the time it takes to produce.

Then have to work out which areas we are going to on any selected day? We always try our best to accommodate you, but it is not always possible to please everyone.

Do You Have Clear Access to the Site – Yes or NO?

Delivery Times are only given as a Very Approximate Guide and are given at that time considering the issues we may or may not have at that particular time. The actual delivery can be up to many hours difference due to many reasons nearly always 95% beyond our control.

We, therefore, can not be held responsible for any losses that this may cause you. It is just a fact you have to accept when having large, heavy, bulky items delivered.

There may very well be cases where your building may NOT get delivered on the suggested day and this is simply something you have to accept due to the nature of our Business. Traffic! Brake Downs! Access issues! Problems with Previous clients and much more

Large Bulky Items like Timber Buildings are not something DHL can just through in the back of a van and leave on your doorstep so please do not expect the same type of service.

If you are of such a temperament that you need to come on the phone screaming, shouting expecting us to perform tasks which we have no control over then you should arrange to collect the building your self or pay an extra fee for individual delivery.

What we suggest is.

We suggest you call 0151 345 6649 the evening before your expected consignment date or on the morning of due delivery date and we can provide you with the driver‘s phone number.

That way you will be dealing directly with the delivery team who can inform you of any delays they may have encountered during that day.

Trying to arrange handing over of any product is always a problem. Our products are not some small parcel you just ordered from Argos that the driver can throw into your porch or letterbox. The main thing is every single person nowadays thinks they are more important than the next person and everything should be dropped just for them no matter what size or price the building it is.

Unfortunately, the real-world business has to make money to pay the bills and the staff. The work with the most profit will always have priority, and that’s the way it is. This does not mean that anyone is any more important than another, just the way it is in this day and age, simple economics and common sense must rule.

We are running a Business NOT a charity. The days are long gone when a customer was always right unfortunately nowadays it is not black or white we have grey as well! Employees have rights as well, the right not be abused and threatened by costumers. ( on the increase  )

When you first order you’re Building, we try our best and pre-arrange some sort of Delivery Date. For example, we generally deliver to the Wirral Areas of Liverpool on a Friday so that has now become our delivery date for most Wirral Shed and Summer House Deliveries. It is not hard and fast but finds it the most popular day generally.

Times and Dates

Any Dates/Times given can only be taken as our Best estimate Only and can not be taken as guaranteed in any way what so ever. We can NOT guarantee a shipment time unless you pay extra for a single bespoke delivery with prices starting at £100 this can be arranged to have an individual wagon bring your delivery.

We can only offer you a Guest-amate and only ever a very rough guide. Not a Date we can ever be held to.

When we say guess/estimate we mean having taken all the factors we have to hand into account at that moment in time with things like

Road Accident
Flat Tyre
Bad Weather
Bad access
Previous delivery/erecting issues causing delays
Previous clients aren’t having a base ready or suitable for that size building.
All the above is totally beyond our control but WILL cause delays in deliveries.

Problems with Clients

Now believe it or not nearly 80% of any problems that cause delays are implemented by You the Client ( not everyone of course)? Yes, it is a simple fact that a lot of people now days are simply very inconsiderate and are only think about their own little world and sod anyone else who comes after. We see this outside fast food places where there are bins yet people just throw rubbish out the windows. Simply Lazy and Inconsiderate.

Well, this very same selfishness is happening everywhere. It may not seem like much but the list of incidents below either singularly or as a group relay does cause long term knock-on effects for deliveries.

We get to the site and no one is in!
We get to the site, and the base is not set out correctly — Our Floor beams always run the longest Direction — Check Out our Base Page.
We get to the site and get a note saying ( Just took kids to School – back in 45 mins) It cost us money paying staff sat waiting who is paying for that time?
We turn up an can not get the building in because you thought it would go through the House!
We get the building through to your back and NO BASE ready, We get met with comments like, (my husband will be back with some wood soon or he will sort it when he gets back – just wait)!
Bad weather!
Just lift it over the Garage or Go down 5 houses and take it over the fences!
When we get to erect the Building, the Base is NOT SOLID and LEVEL (so we can not erect it)!
Access to the site is covered in Dog Muck/Rubble/Rubbish/Overhanging Trees or the likes!
The shed has been set up, and we are Told – The wife does not like it there move it to other side or you are not getting paid!
We have completed the building, and waiting for payment (COD Only jobs) the customer goes missing and we have to wait to be paid!
Our Truck is blocked in by bad neighbours or simply dozy people who don’t realize a Truck need more space than a Car!
And the list goes on, I could spend all day list some of the totally unreasonable requests we get from People nowadays, it would make a full time You have been Framed Show a lot of it is simply funny and you can only but laugh. But any or all of the above can cause delays to the next waiting client, which maybe you!

Payments Made

The fact you may well have paid for your building does not give you the right to threaten or abuse our staff! As with most sales/purchases nowadays especial when using Credit/Debit Cards you will be expected to pay in full when placing the order.

So the fact your building has been delayed or in the odd case not delivered on the day we suggested does not mean we are in breach of any contract.

If a delivery problem has occurred, it will be rearranged in a timely manner. We can NOT and Will NOT be dictated to as and when a re-delivery date can be arranged, as many other people may have been affected by the issue that caused your delay.

With so many individual factors need taking into account. No one client is any more important than another client and we will make the call as to what is the best course of action as we know all the facts – You DO NOT!

Increase in Bad Attitudes

For some reason, we are finding a certain section of people increasingly becomes aggressive and very bad mannered especially over the phone.

A lot of this now days is down to excessive Drinking and or Illegal Substance.

Recently in our office and out on site some of our staff have been subjected to threats of violence in relation to buildings not being delivered on time.

We are simply NOT prepared to tolerate this sort of behaviour and will immediately cancel any order if any member of staff receives threats of any nature.

Free Delivery 

If you live in our FREE area then you are NOT actually paying for this service it is totally FREE so what is your problem we ask? We do try our best but for some people, it is never enough.

Unfortunately, this is No Longer a Joke and is becoming an ever-increasing problem in society generally as we are aware of.

We are NOT here to be abused and will put the phone down on anyone who raises their voice or becomes aggressive in any way.

Talk to us the way you would like to be spoken to your self.

We expect you to approach us in the same manner that you would like to be approached, yes we are aware it may well be very frustrating not having you‘re building delivered at the expected time – but problems do happen.

By screaming, shouting or the likes will not change it.

Unfortunately, we can NOT control outside forces – no one can, it is that simple.

Collect Building Yourself. 

You can always come and pick the building up your self– We do not charge for delivery or erecting locally.

We have people Demanding compensation and telling us what else you could have been doing that day again will not change anything. It has happened for a reason and again 95% of the time, beyond our control.

Problems Will Happen

On the occasion that delays are caused, it is simply going to be a case of putting up with it, as we have explained above due to it being beyond our control 90% of the time.

There is NO point getting on the phone trying to tell us you have taken the time off work or how much money you are losing.

We can do nothing to change the fact over the phone repeating what we already know. Frustrating yes but is has happened and nothing any human being can do about it. Screaming and shouting down the phone will NOT change anything.

All Calls Recorded 

All our calls are recorded for security reasons. Our staff are NOT here to be abused by anyone no matter how big you think the problem is, if the staff feel you are being abusive or threatening they will put the phone down and only deal with you via email when you have clammed down/sobered up or come down of whatever has caused you to get in that abusive state.

Unfortunately, this aggressive manner is becoming ever increasing in life generally.

The days are long gone of the customer is always right. Nowadays it is a compromise we have rights to be treated with an amount of respect and the fact you have bought a shed does not give you the right to abuse our staff in any way no matter how much you think you have paid.

Approx Delivery Time 

When we give an approx. Distribution time it is given in good faith and must NOT be held as a SET TIME – we CAN NOT give exact times, it is only an educated guess based upon the conditions at the time when it was given, so if those conditions change so will the delivery Times and there is very little anyone can do about it .

We can NOT be held responsible for any Time you may have taken from work or the other project.

We can NOT be held accountable for any Loss of Money due to delays in other work you may be carrying out that itself is delayed due to our service.

We can NOT be held responsible for any form of loss be it financial or otherwise due to our late or none delivery.

If we arrive on-site and your base is NOT suitable then you will have to reschedule a new delivery day. The drivers can not arrange this. It may take a good week or so even longer at busy times.

It is a simple fact that our items are large and bulky and take time to deliver, they are not small parcels from that can just be left in the porch!

If you feel our basic delivery service will not meet your requirements for a Minimum extra £100 we can send your consignment out at a set date and time to suit both parties.