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Available with Apex (pointed Roof) or Pent ( small sloping roof ) check out the product prices below 


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Made from Solid T+G NOT cheap fencing overlap boards or low grade OSB Boarding most suppliers are dumping on the market place now days to give you the impression your getting a good deal , well your not you are just buying a cheaper low grade building .

Most people seam to be obsessed with Price now days , but what is the point in buying something you are going to need to replace in 12 months when for not a lot more money you can have a much steadier Bike Store.

Our framework is 2×2 (50mm x 50mm ) double that  most suppliers use now days.

We have 6 basic sizes and offer a full bespoke made to measure service should you need it.

Check out the individual products below that are priced including delivery and erecting in the Merseyside / Wirral and Southport areas only due to the very low product value  and margins .


If you rely on your bike for transportation on a daily basis, you need to be able to keep it safe. Investing in a dedicated bike shed on your property can pay off over the long run, but you must know how to build a shed that will keep your bike safe from thieves, vandals, and the likes . A stout shed will also protect your bike from rain, wind, and other dangers. Use the following tips to learn how to keep bike sheds safe and secure.

Before constructing a bike shed, or any other structure, on your property, you need to make sure that you are in compliance with any local regulations governing such construction. You might need to apply for a permit before you can start work. Discovering after the fact that you have violated a regulation can be costly, both in terms of money and time.You should also figure out exactly how you want to use your shed before you start doing any work on it. 

For example, is the shed just going to be a place to keep your bike, or do you want to be able to store other things in it as well? How long do you envision using the shed Knowing the purpose of your bike store will help you decide which materials are needed. 

A more permanent structure may need a poured foundation, for example, while bike sheds that are more temporary may simply require a timber base. Of course, you must take your budget into consideration, as well. Investing in a solid foundation will be more expensive, but it is often worth it. Since the site of the shed must be cleared and levelled anyway,a solid foundation is a lot more work. A shed with a solid foundation will have greater stability and provide more security for your bike. Animals frequently seek shelter in sheds and other structures, and a solid foundation makes it harder for them to gain entry. ( unless you would like them using your bike ? ) 

 The ideal place to build a shed is in the flattest part of your property. This way, you do not have to do as much work leveling the ground. However, once you have chosen a site, you should check to make sure that there is nothing underground, such as a gas line or electric cable. If these are located where you want your shed to be, you will need to choose another site. Take some other issues into consideration when deciding where to place your bike shed. For example, if your shed is not easily visible from the street, any potential thieves will be less likely to spot it and be inspired to try and break in. Passers-by on the street should not be able to easily see that you have a bike shed. 

On the other hand, sheds should not be so out of the way that no one would notice if someone did break in. If you have trustworthy neighbors, tell them about your shed. They can serve as extra eyes and ears looking out for intruders. Another good way to protect your bike shed is to install an alarm system on it. This can be connected to the door and windows, or it can be hooked up to a motion sensor. If anyone comes near the shed or tries to break in, the alarm will be triggered.   


The material used to build the shed is another important choice that you will have to make. The most popular types of building material are wood, metal, and plastic. Consider the pros and cons of each before deciding, as well as how much you can afford to spend on your bike shed. Wood is often the cheapest material, and it meshes easily with the rest of your landscape. 

Choose pressure treated wood and use a water sealant to protect your shed from the elements so that it does not rot. Wood gives you a lot of flexibility in constructing your shed, so it is a good choice for smaller properties. Doubling up your bike storage with bespoke made building can be of great advantage , check out the sample below which shows a decent sized covered bike store plus some dog kenneling .This need not be kennels it could just be for cats or other animals or even simple  covered storage for that matter 


A bike shed made from metal may last longer than a wooden shed, and they are less likely to catch on fire. Cheaper metal sheds, however, are prone to rust and corrosion, particularly in rainy or snowy areas. Many metal sheds also have thin walls that provide little insulation from the heat or cold.

You also need to think how you will install a steel bike shed as most come pre welded and not is sections which will make it difficult to place unless you have a lot of access.

They are usually much more expensive than the equivalent sized timber version .

City Centre Sheds do NOT deal in metal or steel bike sheds or stores , you will need to do  a google search for metal bike sheds  to find a supplier , we are not aware of any local suppliers in the Merseyside Area so it will have to be an online purchase .


 Plastic and vinyl sheds are also available. These are a lot easier to maintain and take care of than either metal or wooden sheds. They are often not as sturdy as other sheds, however, which can make your bike more vulnerable to theft. 

Windows can make the interior of a shed more pleasant by letting in natural light and air. However, if your shed is basically a place to keep your bike, you may want to avoid windows. A window is just another potential point of entry for a bike thief.  

Be sure to choose strong, secure windows if your shed has them. Frosting the glass on the windows or using window coverings will also make it harder for people to see into your shed. You do not want passers-by to be able to glance in and see your expensive bike. 

A good set of hinges on the door will help to deter thieves. Many sheds come with cheaper hinges, so replace them if necessary. Adding some glue to the hinges will prevent thieves from being able to simply remove them and take off the door. 


A strong lock is another important security measure for your bike shed. A cheap padlock does little to deter a determined thief. Instead, use a strong padlock that is difficult to break. However, be aware that using multiple locks on the shed makes it obvious that it contains something of value. Putting a bike rack in your shed and locking your bike to it will also help keep your bike safe. 

This way, even if a thief gets into the shed, he can’t just walk off with your bike. Strong, secure bike sheds are a great way to keep your bike safe. Use these tips to make sure that your shed is as secure as possible.

Why not store your bike in one of our Heavy Duity Workshop Sheds 

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