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Having a suitable Soild Level Base reday prior to erecting you new Gardn Shed / Summer House or Log Cabin is very important .

Treat it like the foundations of your House ! If the Foundations are not strong and solid you can not expect the building to stand up correctly .

It is simply not good enought to expect a Timber Building to sit directly on to Soil or Grass . As soon as it starts raining all that wet will be soaked up directly in to the Timber of Your Shed or Summer House , it will then dry out . When this starts happening on a regular basis it starts dry rot in the Timbers.

There will a be a full drop down option on every product page on this site where you can either select  this service or not .

You have a number of options to select from

  • Flagged Base – Used reconditioned used paving flags
  • Timber Framed Base – Made using pressure treated Timbers
  • Gravel Base – Ideal for a Grassed area where turf can be removed and replaced with Gravel
  • Solid Concrete Base – The most expensive option requiring a lot more work and preparation.

Our prices quoted are only “Guest-a-metes” and may vary depending on your ground conditions, the prices quoted are for you have a reasonable level and solid area by this we mean with 25mm (1-inch ) Any more that this will require extra work and as such will increase the price.

There will be a minimum charge of £20 extra on top of the basic quote for any such additional work and simply depending up on how much extra leveling, moving of obstacles, what the ground conditions are this fee will need to negotiate directly with the lads on-site as they are self-employed and we are suck in the office here and they are on the ground so to speak it is they who know how much extra work will be involved in that particular job. We can NOT assist from the office unfortunitly 

If you are NOT SURE send us a picture by email so we can get a better idea and offer you some advice. This will then be passed on to the fitters who will try where ever possible to give you a price for that extra work over the phone. But it really does come down to then getting on-site and assessing the work involved .

Garden Shed Removal

When you order a new shed form us we offer an optional extra service  to dismantle and remove your old shed within a 30 Mile radius of Liverpool L10AH . All done on the same day your new shed arrives – no mess clean and efficient. With prices starting from £80 it is good value for money   Please phone or send an email with your requirments –

NOTE we do NOT remove asbestos style buildings or Garages due to Health and Safety Isues 

The price does NOT include the removal of Electrics / Water / Gas or the Likes .

Nor any Internal Items stored in The shed. It is for the Dismantling and Removal of a Timber Shed With Sheds up to 8×6 £80 to dismantle and remove from your Garden Sheds over 8×6 unto 10×8 £100 to dismantle and remove from your Garden Sheds over 10×8 unto 14×10 £130 to dismantle and remove from your Garden 

The prices quoted are for single-story timber structures with felt roofs.

Corrugated steel or any other types of materials will need to be priced for as a bespoke job, you will need to send us a photo so we can assess the cost of disposing of that material Please note the Law changed recently in connection to carrying Trade waste. You as an individual are allowed to use your local Tip Free of charge for Domestic and Garden Waste as long as you bring it in a Car – even if you own your own Van you will need to apply for a Tip Pass.

It is a Criminal Offence to move Commercial Waste without a proper Licence / Fly Tip or Dump in any other way than in an acredited Waste Transfer Station.

 We as a Business and are required to have a Department of The Environment Licence. Then pay a fee depending upon the weight of the wast we take to the Tip.

On average it costs around £120 for a Ford Transit Pick up Truck Full – Approx. 2 Large sheds, so as you can see we effectively don’t make any money on this service and only do it to help our customers clear their old buildings to make way for a new replacement.

Sheds and other buildings larger than 14 x 10 Price on Request subject to site visit or emailed photos. if you not sure simply take some digital photos and email them to us – and include your full address/postcode and contact phone number and we will get our team of self-employed erectors/removers to quote you Please

Do NOT expect us to dismantle and move your shed or garden building without first booking that job in with us in advance is NOT included in the Basic Price of any of our buildings and is an optional extra that will require payment.

 For full detailed prices to remove your old shed

Log Cabin Bases

Now you must realise generally Log Cabins are a much heavier structure compared with a Garden Shed or Summer House. So as such the supporting structure must be treated in a totally different way

We can offer you as much advice as you need if you intend to do this work yourself and can offer you again a selection of options to suit your budget and the building concerned

This is required so we can quote for delivery included in our price.

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