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Garden Shed Bases

Having a suitable Solid Level Base ready prior to erecting your new Garden Shed / Summer House or Log Cabin is very important.

We can supply and fit a base to suit any size or shape garden building- Free quotes

Treat it like the foundations of your House! If the Foundations are not strong and solid you can not expect the building to stand up correctly.

It is simply not good enough to expect a Timber Building to sit directly on to Soil or Grass.

As soon as it starts raining all that wet will be soaked up directly into the Timber of Your Shed or Summer House, it will then dry out. When this starts happening on a regular basis it starts dry rot in the Timbers.

Shed Bases – Very Important Note – Floor Bearer Direction

The floor Bearers on all our Buildings run the Length and NOT the Width of the building unless we have informed you or you request them to run the other direction in writing via a dated email if we need to return to the site because of your mistake – there will be an additional charge.

There will be a full drop-down option on every product page on this site where you can either select this service or not.

You have a number of options to select from

  • Flagged Base

     – Used reconditioned used paving flags

  • Timber Framed Base

     – Made using pressure treated Timbers for small sheds

  • Heavy Duty Timber Framed Base – Made using stronger, thicker pressure treated timbers to take weigh of Interlocking Cabins
  • Gravel Base

     – Ideal for a Grassed area where turf can be removed and replaced with Gravel

  • Solid Concrete Base

     – The most expensive option requiring a lot more work and preparation.

Our prices quoted are only “Guest-a-metes” and may vary depending on your ground conditions, the prices quoted are for you have a reasonable level and solid area by this we mean with 25mm (1-inch ) Any more than this will require extra work and as such will increase the price.

There will be a minimum charge of £20 extra or 20% whichever is the greater, on top of the basic quote for any such additional work and simply depending upon how much extra leveling, moving of obstacles, what the ground conditions are this fee will need to negotiate directly with the lads on-site as they are self-employed and we are stuck in the office here and they are on the ground so we can not assist from here!

Shed Bases

If you are NOT SURE to send us a picture by email so we can get a better idea and offer you some advice. This will then be passed on to the fitters who will try wherever possible to give you a price for that extra work over the phone.

But it really does come down to then getting on-site and assessing the work involved.

 Solid Concrete Bases  

concrete bases

Basic Timber Frame Base 

Large Flagged Base 

flagged base

Gravel Base

Heavy Duty Raised Timber Base 

Log Cabin Bases – Larger Buildings

Now you must realise generally Log Cabins / Garden Offices /Workshops are much heavier structures compared with a general Garden Shed or Summer House. So as such, the supporting structure must be treated in a totally different way.

The sheer weight of any building with cladding 22mm and over will cause a normal lightweight base to possibly move slightly under its weight. In most cases, this is not really a major issue and will simply have to be accepted under the conditions.

Without spending expensive time and materials on ensuring the sub-base has been fully compacted before the fitting of any paving flags there may well be a likelihood of some movement/heaving/ slipping or the likes, no of which will do any major harm to the building.

The  weight of the paving flags is usually enough to compact the ground below it

It inevitably all boils down to how much effort and money you are prepared to put into your base. In this day and age where so many people are price-oriented, prices and such quality are being forced down. the only true way to save money on service or structure is to take something away from it.

In the case of a base, these usually means spending less time preparing the ground to take the base.

If you are looking for a 100% perfect job then you will need to fork out the money, it can not be done on the cheap.

We can offer you as much advise as you need if you intend to do this work your self and can offer you again a selection of options to suit your budget and the building concerned. 

Please take our advice it is FREE even if you do not use our services and you intend to do the base your self.

Don’t listen to the lads in Pub or Nabours or Ex Joiners who talk a good story but do not really know or have never actually provided a base for this sort of structure.

You will pay the price in the end if it collapses or sinks!


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