City Centre Sheds Anti-Rot Guarantee

All our Timber Garden Buildings are covered by our Basic 6 month Guarantee.

This DOES NOT include Storm Damage of any sort – You MUST insure your building against such events. If your building becomes damaged by storms or the likes we will not get involved with insurance companies as such. Official Insurance quotes will need to be paid for in advance and will be refunded of any subsequent purchase

This guarantee covers every aspect of your product including.

  • Roofing felt
  • Glazing
  • Ironmongery

In the very rare event a problem arises within 6 months of Shed or Summer House being erected you will be required to contact us

  • Via Phone and More importantly Via Email so we have a dated and time record of your complaint / concern.
  • We will also require photographic evidence on dated photo to assist us in rectifying the problem correctly.

The guarantee does NOT include shrinking / twisting / warping / Knot holes / Shakes or Splits in the timber as timber it self is a naturally curing product  and even after man made adjustments and machining it always will be a natural product that is beyond any human control .

How ever there are a lot of modern fillers and sealers available to us now days and as a gesture of good will we will always Endeavour to try and fix these issues that have occurred naturally and which are beyond our control . By this we mean our fitters will make a site visit when in your area , asses any issues and try and deal with them whilst they are with you . If not we will make a mutually agreeable date for them to return and make what repairs they can using what materials they consider suitable for that particular issue . It may be glue / or some form of expandable mixture depending on the conditions .

This is being done completely FREE of change as a good will gesture and no more.

Storm Damage

You will be required to have your building named on your House insurance as we do NOT cover Storm Damage as part of our Limited Guarantee.

Storm Damage is an act of Nature and totally beyond our Control and we can NOT be expected any way to be help responsible for any damage / loss what so ever if the Weather is so bad it up roots Trees / Power Lines and the likes , What chance does a Relatively Light Garden Building Stand. We will not come out to repair or replace any component or part of the building until we have received written instructions from your Insurance company that they will pay us for our repairs.

This includes Roofing Felt that may have been damaged or completely Torn of due to high winds and flying debere. It is NOT our responsibility in any way shape or form.

Although we are very sympathetic when these things happen , we are running a business not a charity and like your self require paying for our Time and overheads.

We will always try to assist the best we can , when we can and can usually quote your for repairs for which you will pre pay then possibly claim of your insurance company.

General Timber Information

As we all know Wood is a natural occurring product and as such is subject to environmental changes that are beyond any human control . Extreme changes in Temperature and bad weather conditions may well cause a reaction within the naturally occurring Timbers Structure.

Signs of boards shrinking or expanding may well occur and are perfectly natural and does NOT form part of any guarantee . Rough Sawn Timbers and machined / planed Timbers may well show signs shrinkage , expand or even split. This can NOT be controlled in any way and something you will just have to accept with the general timer grades now days. If you are looking of a none shrinking or boards that do not have any of these features you will need to be looking at buying a Cedar Wood or Hardwood shed which are many , many times the price you pay for a soft wood building .

If you are looking for or are expecting a building that does not have any of these potential defects we suggest you buy a plastic or steel building and do not order a timber building from either our selves or other suppliers as you will not get what you are expecting due to timbers naturally occurring features.

Any further advise on this issue please email and we will be more than pleased to help if we can.

None of the above will affect the overall structural strength of the Garden Building or the products general guarantee.

It is simply something you will have to except as being a Naturally occurring Process beyond Human Control . We obviously select the best timbers at the time of manufacture but if these events occur it will be due to Natural Reasons and no reflection on our Workmanship or Products.

The above issues will not constitute the need for any refunds in full or partial as they naturally occurring events beyond the manufactures or suppliers control. No refunds will be issued or replacements buildings provided against the above .  Please do not buy a timber building if you can not accept this facts and select a man made product instead .

City Centre Sheds 10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee
City Centre Sheds now offer a 10 year Limited guarantee against rot to all or Timber Garden Buildings Purchased after May 2015

This Anti Rot Guarantee does not cover:-

  • movement, warping or splitting of timber as this is a Naturally Occurring Process 
  • Roofing Felt / Roof Coverings 
  • Ironmongery or other fittings and fixtures 
  • Glass
  • Base Work

Terms of City Centre Sheds Limited Anti Rot Guarantee
You will  be required to registered your New Shed / Summer House or Workshop directly with City Centre Sheds Liverpool  within the first 30 days of installation or delivery of your Timber Building.

To be covered by this Limited Anti Rot Guarantee you will need to meet a number of conditions . It is NOT a Totally unlimited / Unconditional Guarantee and is offered completely FREE of Charge

  1. The Building must be installed on a suitable solid level base situated a reasonable distance away from walls / fences / hedges to allow for the air to pass freely around and enable you to treat the building as required on a regular basis 
  2. The agreement will be void If any part or sections of the timbers are cut, notched or drilled without being fully re treated with a quality Spirit based Preserve 
  3. .A quality Spirit Based ( Not Water Based ) timber treatment MUST be applied to the whole of the Building within 6 months of the original installation / delivery and then applied regularly at least every 12 months to maintain the general overall appearance of the timber and to comply with our conditions.

The Out Come

 Should at any time during the first 10 Years of your New Building Life any of the Timber are be found to have rotted prematurely and providing all the qualifying conditions  have been followed . City Centre Sheds will supply New Timbers for you to Replace the affected Timber only.

The guarantee will become void and  invalid if any of the below items come into effect

If You:

  • customized or modified in any way with out our approval.
  • You are NOT original purchaser of the building.
  • It is moved from its original Location our erectors fitted.
  • You have not  been treating the building regularly – You will need to provide evidence each year that this has been completed by emailing us and include photos 
  • You have not used the recommend quality Timber Treatment
  • You did not erect the building on a solid / Firm  base or raised from the ground in some way to allow for ventilation.
  • you have allowed any external walls / structures /  trees / shrubs /foliage allowing moisture or water to penetrate 
  • Your base is Not solid and Level all over
  • The roof covering may have become damaged by storms and the likes and not been correctly repaired / replaced by our selves or an approved contractor .

Installing Your New Garden Building

It is vital above all else that your New Building is erected on a suitable Solid and Level Base that will allow a free flow of Air under and around the Building so as it dries out any Timbers after a wet period . This is the biggest cause of rot in Garden Building we know of and we can not be held responsible for any complaints about a building if these simple rules have not been followed.

It not only effects the Timbers life span but the general day to day use of you’re building , Doors and Windows will not close correctly without a Solid Level well prepared base. Any issues with any of these component’s will not be covered due to bad base conditions

If you are not sure at any stage simply contact us for useful advise.