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Strong Timber Garages

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If you need a building to shelter your valuable vehicles, store extra things you have around the house, or even use as a guest house, you might consider the many advantages of log cabin garages. These buildings can be very affordable, take little time to construct, and be a sensible choice for a number of very good reasons. They also look nice, and should complement the rest of your property. Choose various sizes of timber buildings so you can find one to fit your needs and budget. 

When you hear "log cabin," you might associate it with a very primitive or rustic building. Actually, these new buildings are very modern and sensible. You might also consider that your ancestors knew what they were doing when these choose wood for a building material. Finally, you can expect these buildings to made out of very high-quality and uniform logs. Rather than looking primitive, they actually look very stylish. If you take the time to find some photos of these timber buildings on the Internet, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised by what you find. 

How To Get Log Cabin Garages 
There are actually a few different ways to acquire a timber building. Consider some popular options. 
Manufactured Buildings
Most people simply visit a company that manufactures these garages. They might actually manufacturer more of the parts of the garage in a factory, and then deliver the parts to your property for installation. They employ trained workmen in the factory in the factory and in the field. This way you know you are getting a lot of advantages of having manufactured buildings made for you. 
-- The factory is efficient and quick 
-- Since the factory makes standard parts, installation should go quickly
-- Expect to have a building that is well made , simple to erect
These manufacturers will have a selection of models to choose from. They usually include standard options, like doors and windows, in a package. You may also be able to customize your order for your needs. 
Onsite Construction 
You might also use a company that constructs the entire building on your property. This is more like traditional construction, though it is probably done to a standard plan, and with very standard parts. It might take longer than getting a manufactured building erected. You might decide to go this route if you have very unique and custom needs, or there is not a convenient manufacturer in your local area. 
Do-It-Yourself Log Cabin Garages 
Finally, you may choose to use log cabin garage kits or plans to do most of the job yourself. This is a good project for an experienced builder. If you do not have a lot of experience constructing entire buildings, you might want to simply engage the trained craftsmen who are employed by a manufacturing company. 
On the other hand, a log cabin kit can help you develop your construction skills. If you can find a good kit that has clear instructions and support, it might be worth a shot. In the worst case, you can probably find a crew who will complete the job for you if it is too frustrating. They might even let you watch, so you can gain skills for your next building projects. 
Benefits Of Using Interlocking Logs 
Consider some of the benefits of using logs as a main building material. Did you know that timber is actually a very good insulator. That means your building should stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter time. The pioneers actually made a smart choice when they decided to use logs to build their homes. 
Another advantage is that these logs can be from a sustainable source. This means that the logs you used will be replaced for the needs of future generations. Choosing timber can be a very green decision. 
Are Log Cabins Modern Buildings? 
Even though you are choosing to use one of the world's oldest building materials, your own garage can be very contemporary and convenient. Your own building can be constructed with modern doors and windows that will provide security, insulation, and convenience. Pioneers did not have double paned glass, modern sealing materials and remote controlled door openers, but you certainly can! 
You Can Customize Your Log Garages
In fact, you can customize your garage to your needs. Most people erect these buildings to protect their vehicles. But they can also be constructed as extra storage space. Instead of paying rent to a storage company, you can use your money to increase your property value. This is actually a very frugal and sensible financial choice. 
Get Log Garages, Offices, and even Homes! 
You might even use these log cabins as homes or offices. Imagine the luxury of being able to commute to work by stepping outside of your home's back door. Again, rather than spending a lot of money to commute and pay office rent, you can use your money to add more area to your home. 
These buildings can also be erected as stand-alone summer homes on your country property too. They can be outfitted with water, electricity, and even modern appliances. These wooden buildings are an energy-efficient, attractive, sensible, and affordable choice for many types of buildings. 
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How Large Are Wooden Garages? 
Most timber buildings you will find are fairly small. A two car garage type of log building might be under a thousand square feet. However, you can find much larger and elaborate models too. You can even find models that have have multiple stories. Imagine standing on the balcony of the second floor of your own timber building. Your cars can be securely stored below, but you can keep a tidy office on the floor above them. It all boils down to ho wmuch money you have to spend on your Project !
If you need a new garage, you should consider the advantages of log buildings. These buildings are a sensible, affordable, and frugal choice. Since they are made out of good timber, they are also likely to complement your property.


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