Wooden Garages

Wooden Garages- Reasons To Consider Timber

Wooden Garages

If you are considering building a new garage, then you may want to consider wooden garages. They are a lot more affordable than brick ones, and are far easier to construct. Built from solid wood, they can withstand all the British weather can throw at them. With various sizes available, they are not only big enough for vehicles, but also a lot of storage as well. The flexibility of timber garages means that they can be placed anywhere, and best of all, they look a lot more expensive than they actually are.

There are three main type of wooden garages, all have their own pros and cons, and it is recommended that you go through them in detail to ensure you get the one which fits your needs the best. If you are not totally sure what size you want, then plan for the future and buy bigger than what you think you need.

Sectional Wooden Garages

16x8 Wooden Garage  22x8 Wooden Garage
These are by far the easiest to construct and are the biggest sellers in the UK. The wood is available in three thicknesses; 12mm, 22mm and 28mm. You need to decide what and when you will be using the garage for when deciding on the thickness of the wood. If it is something that you will just be parking the car in, then the 12mm will usually do. However, if you will be working in the garage over the colder months, then 28mm will help keep in the heat.
You also need to take into account what you will be using it for. If you are likely to be installing electrics, and having all kinds of shelving on the walls, then the sturdier 28mm is much better, and safer. The only downside to these garages is that they come without a base, so that is something you must take into consideration.
You can also have the option of insulated timber walls, which may be a better option for people who are intending on spending a lot of time in the garage during the colder months. As mentioned earlier, you need to make sure what you want the garage for. If it is not for parking a car in, then a timber workshop may be the best option. Sectional wooden garages are also the easiest if you wish to make any alterations, this is another reason that makes them so popular.

Interlocking And Bespoke Wooden Garages

Interlocking Garage Sections      Antigua Timber Log Cabin Garage
Unlike the sectional kind, these are constructed in a different way, and it is difficult to make alterations to them, but not impossible. Interlocking garages can take some time to build, and if you struggle with normal DIY, then these are not for you, unless you are hiring someone to do it for you, and most suppliers can provide this service. These garages include a separate room, and in some cases, it can be upstairs, as this allows for a double garage below.

Bespoke Wooden Garages

Bespoke garages are built to order, although it is advised that the design is similar to models available in order to keep costs down. In most cases, the additional cost will be no more than 25%, and this a good option for people who want an additional door added, or maybe the cabin part split in two.
These wooden garages, also come with the option of steel doors, as well as manual or electric doors. Different roofing products, such as felt, rubbed sheeting and tiles are also options available.
Wooden garages are probably the quickest, and most cost efficient way of having somewhere to store your car, and the bonus is that many insurance companies will decrease the cost of the policy if the vehicle is secured. So over a number of years, the garage will be saving money.
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