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Garden Sheds Supplied and Fitted in London , even though  we are based up North in Liverpool , you will find us very competitive  when we supply and fit Garden Sheds and Summer Houses. Basicaly because our overheads up here in North- Liverpool tend to be much lower than that of the London Area we are able to pass on those saving to shed and summer hosue buyers in the London and surounding Areas. Some of the small basic Garden Sheds we will be unable to supply for pure economical reasons , nowadays there is such a very small margin with the cheaper end of the market place – around 10% selling a £300 shed to London would simply not stack up with us only making £30 the fuel in our truck to london and back would be £180 alone. So it does not take a rocket scientist to work that out ? For that reason stated above you may well be better buying your budget / cheaper garden  shed from a more local supplier even thought it may appear more expensive in the first instance.

Heavy Duty Sheds London

Where you will find us most competitive is in this area , strong traditionally made heavy duty buildings .Not just words on a web site like some suppliers , but true heavy weight buildings and structures . So many times nowadys we see online adverts for heavy duty sheds or workshops , which once you spend thetime to look into what it is constructed form simply ends up being a normal light weight garden shed and no more . But by giving it a title of  “Workshop” just makes it appear to be so much more . Do not be fooled , there are specialist writers out there nowadays who’s soul purpose is to tell you what you what too hear and not always the truth . The simple truth is to make a building cheaper you have to take something away from it ! Not rocket science , just common sence . A trude strong Workshop Shed will have atleast 75 x 50mm framing ( not 38mm ) and cladding atleast 22mm or even 28 mm ( not 10 or 12mm )
  • Are the hinges galvanised cast british made or cheap pressed electro plated things ?
  • What grade of roofing felt is being used ?

Bespoke Sheds in London

Although you will find a great range of Timber Garden Sheds / Summer House / Cabins and Studios that we deliver to the London area we also offer Custom / Bespoke service , which means you can have the building made to your exact requirements ( at extra cost of course) The biggest problem we encounter with delivering sheds and timber buildings to London is getting access , especially to Mews or Town houses which London is renowned for . If you have restricted access and the building will need to carried through your house then this can become and issue especially with buildings over 10ft x 6ft . So you need to give this some consideration before placing an order Because of our flexible and friendly approach to these issues we have gained a great reputation in the London Area . As you may be well aware a lot of suppliers are simply not flexable and a bit stuck in their old ways and not prepared to put them selves out to offer you this service . We are here to help , we will tell you straight if it can or can not be done with your budget. When we say budget , what you have to spend does play a major roll now days. Buying a mass-produced items on the likes of ebay and having them posted to you is not the same as have a large bulky and in some cases extremely heavy item delivered No matter what your problem is timber building wise , we are sure to have an answer for you and if we have not we will certainly advise you the best way to approach it . But eventually it all boils down to money . If you have the money and the will to buy then we can provide it . But as everything in life you only get what you pay for. No such thing as a free meal , it must be paid for at some time and some where! You are only limited by your budget and your imagination – whey not check out some of our summerhouses     Contact Us