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Although our factory is based in Liverpool , mainly for logistical timber supply reasons . City Centre Sheds can offer by far the very best overall deal on New Timber Garden Sheds In Cheshire .

As Cheshire generally is only 45 minites from Liverpool City Centre , basicaly the same as Manchester is away from us , we find it very easy to make regular Shed deliveries to Chesire .

We regularly supply and even install garden sheds, garden workshops, wooden garages, summer houses & log cabins  throughout Cheshire including … Chester, Congleton, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Great Sankey, Halton, Macclesfield, Northwich, Norton, Runcorn, Warrington, Widnes, Wilmslow & Winsford areas


10 x 6 Apex Shed

Small Cheap Sheds Cheshire

Unfortunately if it is a small cheap shed you are looking for ? You have found the Wrong Suppliers .

We simply do not get involved in the cheap and nasty end of the Garden Shed Business. There are lots of online dealers and traders who can offer cheap basic sheds and you are welcome to try them out . The simple thing is , there is NO money to be made in Cheap Sheds especially with the large amount of complaints that are received due to their low quaility .

For these reasons alone it is simply not worth the time and effort to sell such products.

Sheds Cheshire – Value For Money

This is what we are about, offering you the best overall value for money pound for pound on Quality Garden Sheds . Some people do realise the profit margins in a small shed are now down to £15 to £20 per shed . So, if we break a window glass or miss something off the truck and we are losing money . This is why you will see very bad customer reviews on a lot of these Budget Shed Sales Web SItes. They simply want to do as much turnover as possable and have no after sale service whatsoever, knowing that most people will simply not pay to return a bulky item like a Shed or Summerhouse.

For us, It is not just about money,, but about happy customers, who are prepared to recommend us to other clients , as this is by far the best and most cost effective way of doing busines.

Our Factory show site is open 6 days a week for you to call in,  view, touch and feel the products for yourself. Something you can not do with these discount online sales sites .

Sheds Cheshire – Heavy Duty

This is the area in which we specialize – Stong Sheds & Workshops . Not your run of the mill Basic Sheds or Summer Houses .

The Heavy Duty Sheds we Supply in Cheshire are made from 12mm Thick Cladding on 75mm x 50mm (3″ x 2″)  framework , nearly double that of your basic shed suppliers so you will be getting a proper traditionally built shed or workshop . All made by hand – No automatic machines just good old fashioned hard work by local tradesmen who have done this type of work most of their lives.

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Base Laying Services from Sheds Cheshire

As part of our comprehensive service we can provide you with a selection of bases suitable for your new shed , summer house or log cabin .

It is vital that any garden structure has a good solid level area for it to be sited on , other wise you will encount problems in the long term . This  fact alone is the biggest cause of isues we have with clients . The simple fact is all our sections are made in jigs ona flat level styeel bench so we know it is perfectly square when it leaves the factory , when when we get to site and the base is sloping this can and will cause isues like the door not closing correctly .

This is fact is beyound our control and we can  only work with the base you have supplied , so if you are in any way unsure please contact us for advise , it is totaly free and with over 35 year sof jhands on expericnce we know what we are talking about .

From basic 3×3 timber bearers , pressure treated timer frame bases , flagged or solid concrete, we can sort the whole process out for you at on fixed price – base price quides 

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