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Treating Your Timber Garden Buildings

Maintaining Your Timber Building

Most timber garden building supplied in the Uk nowadays are made from Northern European Softwoods and not hard woods .

This is simply down to cost, you can start talking 3 to 4 times the price if you wanted same building is a long lasting hardwood.

All is not lost!

With the fast moving world we live in new inventions are appearing all the time ! So timber treatments are no different.

No matter what size / shape or thinckness cladding your garden building has . It WILL need to receive some regular coats of a quality Spirit Based Wood Treatment.

What we treatment do we recommend

We only recomend using a quaity spirt or silicon based treatment and NOT a cheaper less effective water based version .

Try using Brands like

Cuprinol Spirit Based Treatment , available in clear or a range of basic colours all of which will go over the base coat of treatment we first applied to your new building

Secondly and just as effective is Thompsons Water Seal - As seen on TV it stops water getting into Bricks and Timber . Only available in clear.

Best Ways to Apply

If possible we recomend using a spray ( cheap now in most lareg DIY stores ) Remember to clean it out to use again next year.

You can have most buildings fully treated in a few mins with this meathode , by almeans give it a try with a brush but you wont last long . Be very liberal and give it plenty - Dont be shy!

If possable treat inside and out ( keeps the Spider away ) it may mean you taking your STUFF out but worth it long term. If that is not possable or more likely you cannot be bothered no big shakes, it is the out side that needs the real attention.

With using the natural ( clear ) versions you will keep the same appearance, so it is not like you have to take your time worrying about brush strokes.

How Offten Do is Need to Do It

As offten as you want ! But certainly with in the first few weeks of having your building erected We recomend at least once a year if possable , although in the real world most people do not do this. 

All our buildings are delivered to you with at least one base coat of a water / wax based treatment applied by soaking it in a dipping tank so it gets in to every part of the building .Thisis only a BASE coat and does not fully protect and waterproof your building 

However when you see the buildings looking a little sad, the colour looking a little dull, that is the time to take action.

Presure Treated / Tanalised Sheds

Even thought this range of buildigs have a presure tretated and in theory they are supposed to last longer ! there are still some down sides.

The Tanalith Treatment that is applied under preseure is simply not the same stuff as it was years back ( safer now but no were near as good ) in the old days of Creosote this and Tanalith had Acids and Carsionogenic toxins that killed any bactiria that anywhere near . You never see an old wooden telphone pole rotted do you?

So with the new H+S rules and regs this hamrfull ( but the wored ) chemicals have been removed and replaced with less harmfull ( less efective ) versions.

With this in mind it is clear to any one with common-sense that you can not expect the same degree of protection ! This is why you WILL still need to treat your pressure treated shed or summerhouse against water penetration. Yes thats a shock and most suppliers will not tell you and put it in the small print.

Common Cense

That is all you need to do is use a bit of it , when ever possable give your loverly store shed or summerhouse a new lease of life by plashing her with some spirt or silicon based timber treatment.

Timber Building Maintenance

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